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Resistance fighters


The following tale is something different from some of my other writing since this is this is based on another persons ideas. In this case the setting is L.A. and takes place in the universe of the the TV series 'V' that was broadcast during the early 80's staring Marc Singer. To my knowledge Mr. Singer is gay and during the Series you always saw him in jeans that were so tight you could have known his religion. At the time of the series was broadcast, I was just encountering puberty and also seen Marc Singer in 'Beastmaster' so he made several great fantasies and the following is just one of them.

So with all that said here is Resistance fighters

We were both members of the resistance movement and we both knew that the information that we had discovered about the aliens had to reach the rest of the world. All we had to do first was get off the mother ship and reconnect with the other members of our cell. It seemed so easy getting here.

We had smuggled ourselves onto one of their transports to get up here but in our street clothes we both stood out among the flowing sea of red flight suits, black riding boots and silver helmets. It was Marc’s idea that we should find ourselves each a flight suit, boots and one of their helmets visitors that the vi so that we could move around the ship without having to try to hide behind cargo.

I guess that luck was with us that afternoon because Marc found several sets of their uniforms in a cargo box next to where we were hiding on board the transport. As the transport headed back to the mother ship we changed into the uniforms. That was when I got the first glimpse of his cock as he pealed out of his tight jeans. “Man” I thought, “what a piece. Sure would love to play with that” but now was not the time, nor the place for a bit of man on man action. In the semi-dark of the compartment we were in I silently changed all the while hiding my own raging piece and thought about how good Marc looked in the aliens uniform. I felt the shuttle touching down in the hanger bay as I struggled into my boots that were a shade too tight but we were all set to explore the mysteries that the mother ship contained.

We had found more than either of us had bargained for and now had to get away alive with the information. It seemed that the ship was now on some sort of alert and we were going to have to be very careful getting down. As we scanned the hanger bay I noticed a shuttle looking like it was getting to depart back to the city. I nudged Marc and pointed to the shuttle to which he nodded and we both slowly headed in its direction. We had timed it perfectly the shuttles door was slowly closing as we got next to it and ducked in quickly before they completely closed.

Marc was silent as the shuttle lifted off. It was then that I saw why, we had a lot of company. The shuttle had a shift change for the refinery below. Just a silently he headed for one of the empty seats and I followed suit we both knew that we had to act like we were part of the shift change or we were both dead. As the time went by the shuttle continued to drop back to earth and I started to feel more and more tense. Marc noticed it and just gave me a knowing look and gave me a barely noticeable smile and I started to relax.

The rest of the short trip was without incident and we quietly disembarked the shuttle with the rest of the crew and slowly drifted into the depths of the refinery before deciding on which gate to use to get away. The north gate looked like the best option since it was handling most of the traffic in and out of the refinery. That was where Marc spotted a long length of plastic conduit and motioned to it. As we both grabbed the pipe and started to head toward the gate one of the human foreman’s saw us and told us that the pipe was for a section of the intake pipe several blocks away. We just nodded and started to march out the gate and in the direction that the foreman had pointed. One thing that I was glad about was that Marc had taken the lead allowing me to watch his shapely ass in the tight confines of the flight suit. We delivered the pipe and drifted away from the site slowly before ducking into an abandoned building.

With a sigh of relief I removed my helmet and looked straight into Marc’s eyes and saw the light of lust starting to burn. He quietly walked over to me and slowly brushed his hand across my crotch before waling further into the gloom of the room. I certainly did not need a second hint for what he wanted and I followed him.

At last he stopped in what appeared to have been a stockroom before he turned to me with a big smile on his face and laughed quietly. It seems that Marc had been watching me as hard as I had been watching him but until now neither of us had an opportunity to follow through with the thoughts we both had been having. Without another thought I walked up to him and kissed his sensual lips as I pressed my body onto his. As we kissed I explored his fabric-covered body with my hands and felt his hard cock against my leg. We ended up against the wall of the storeroom before we ended the kiss.

I then took my time slowly lowering the zip on his flight suit as I explored the now exposed flesh. And just as slowly I tasted the sweet sweat on his chest and abdomen. By that time I was on my knees and Marc's steamy crotch and hard straining tool was right in front of me begging for release from the tight clinging cloth. Here I stopped. I wanted this to last and to enjoy every moment and settled instead for a quick sniff of his scent. Before returning to his lips.

Marc was not in the mood for a slow tease as he picked me up, pivoted and pressed me against the wall. Holding me I felt his tongue explore my mouth in a heated French kiss. As the kiss ended me worked the zip of my flight suit all the way down and quickly push the flight suit off my shoulders until it billowed around the top of the boots. He then shrugged off his own flight suit and peeled it off his hot body to stand before me wearing just the tall black boots. Seeing this I pulled the flight suit the rest of the way off and waited for him to make the next move.

He pressed me onto the wall as I felt his tongue start to explore my chest and nipples. He slowly sank to his knees and started to bath my balls with the tip of his tongue before swallowing my hard tool in one slow movement. I felt his nose in my crotch hair and that almost sent me over the edge but that could happen he retreated leaving me with the sense of how big the orgasms would be at the end.

Releasing my tool from the grips of his throat and mouth I joined him on the floor positioning myself so that we could take pleasure from each others attention. As we sucked I could tell that we were both close but were holding off release for as long a possible. His tool twitched before he released his explosion of seed sending me over the edge and into the most intense orgasm of my life. As I returned to earth I noticed that Marc and I were both covered in sweat and man juice but I felt that there could not have been a better reward for a task well done.

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