Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Military Men 2: The New Recruit

It was Friday night and I was stuck on base. I had hoped that I would get weekend leave so that I could play with Ash and Bowesworth like we had during a past reconnaissance mission completed several weeks ago but no luck. I was stuck here and scheduled to train a new assistant for the squad. All I knew was the kid’s name and that he was fresh out of boot camp. Great, a newbie and probable still wet behind the ears.

The lieutenant had set up the meeting for tonight just after chow, I wondered why this could not wait till Monday but the lieutenant was being a hard ass and said it had to happen now so that the new kid could jump right in and start running things. Come to think of it, when the lieutenant showed me the kid’s file I did not see the standard picture that all personnel files always had. I knew that kid graduated at the top of his computer techs course, so he knew his stuff and would be a great asset to the unit, but the missing picture bothered me more that I wanted to admit. I barely touch the meal that I got and hoped that this would not take long so that I could have a few beers before hitting the rack.

As I mulled over my food I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. It was one of the new arrivals approaching my table with a pair of coffees in his hands. He looked totally by regulation; in fact he looked like he wrote the book. I did wonder how long it took him to iron his camouflage fatigues and nearly skin tight T-shirt though. I could see that his body had softened a little since he had left boot camp with but it was not bad to look. He took a seat across from me and slid one of the coffees my way before extending his hand. “Sergeant Steve Archer. I am Corporal Paul Williams, the lieutenant said that I might meet you here.” I shot a quick glance at the wall clock and saw that I was already late for the meeting. I realized that this was the kid I was to train. I shook his hand and noted the firm grip that he had and started to feel a tingle at the base of my balls as the kid turned on his searchlight strength smile. I could not help but smile back and wonder about the lieutenant’s motives.

As we talked about each other I saw that this corporal was not as green as I had suspected and started to think about what type of training he was looking for. I almost laughed out loud as I thought about the guts that the lieutenant had for assigning me this training mission. I did laugh at the evil grin I got when I told him that I was still single. By the time we finished telling each other an edited version of our life stories, the coffees were stone cold and he suggested that we start the tour of his assignment. That was O.K. by me I knew that the lieutenant had gotten us both clearance to enter all of the areas were the corporal would be seen and I knew that he needed first hand experience for function properly.

I let him usher me out of the mess hall after dumping the meal dished and our cups. Dam, if the tingling did not get stronger as I got a really good look at this corporal’s ass. The fatigues seem to show every contour and I knew that I really wanted to do a recognizance on those tight looking cheeks. By the time we reached the lieutenant’s office my cock was standing at full attention. Luckily the darkness allowed me to readjust my fly so my hard one was not so noticeable. With the lights on, I showed him his “base of operation”. His desk was cleared except for the new flat screen monitor and the docking port for the laptop that he would be using. I noticed that the lieutenant’s previous assistant’s old machine was still there, probably so that some of the data could be transferred. Paul noticed it to and started to complain that he would have to work with a piece of junk. I may not have been a computer tech but I knew from experience that it was a piece of junk; it seemed to crash every time someone sneezed nearby it. But the computer always worked the day after the lieutenant had fuck the vain assistant. I let him ramble for a minute before telling him that his laptop was still with security getting EMP tested and the new encryption chips installed before it would be released to him. I had seen the spec sheet on the lieutenant’s desk during my meeting and guided my charge into his office to show him the specs for himself. I knew, even with limited knowledge of computers that Paul was in for a real treat. I heard him give a low whistle as he scanned the spec sheet and knew he liked what he saw. As we left the offices, I told him that the lieutenant had pulled a few strings so that his new assistant got the best. I smirked when he said that he would have to express his gratitude for this favor to the lieutenant and wondered how he planned to do that.

I continued the tour of all of the sites where he might be expected to oversee ending in the cavernous storage depot. Only half of the depot’s lights were on filling the vast room in half shadow. As we stopped near the spot where the squad’s camouflage nets were stored Paul broke the silence, “So is this the end of your training?”

I was then on full alert. I was not sure if it had been the tone of his husky voice or if it was his grin but I could tell that something was about to happen. I told him in a quiet voice that I would be with him during the transition period to make sure that he knew all the ropes.

“Oh good,” he said with the evil grin of his. “Sergeant, how would like me to thank you for this tour?”

He came closer to me and I could feel the heat coming off his body and started to pick up the hot scent of his sweat mixed with a spicy after-shave. Not knowing the full story about this corporal I suggested that if he wanted we could head back to the base club and lift a few beers together. He looked at me nodding but said, “I have a better idea and this is the perfect spot.” With that he gave me a shove onto the camouflage nets. The nets absorbed most of the fall but left me on my ass with my legs spread with a full view of his tightly packed crotch.

In a flash Paul was on his knees, kneeling between my legs and slowly massaging the straining crotch fabric of my fatigues. As he continued to explore my crotch and the insides of my thighs he told me that he hoped that I would offer any extra training that he might require and that the lieutenant had suggested that I was the perfect man for the job. A light came on at that instant in my head and I knew exactly why the lieutenant had scheduled every thing the way he had, well if those were my orders then fine by me.

Paul started to explore my crotch with his mouth and tongue as I relaxed and started to love the attention that this hot corporal was paying me. I felt his hot breath on my balls and knew that this boy was a natural. Before things got too far along I wanted to explore this corporal further. I pulled him onto me and gave him a long kiss full on the lips. I felt his teeth part allowing my tongue to explore this new territory.

As we continued to kiss we both explored each other’s bodies. I ran a hand lightly across his chest rubbing both of his nipples and got a groan of delight each time before heading lower to explore the firm mounds of his ass. We slowly rolled until we were side by side and came up for air. I looked directly into his eyes and saw acceptance for anything and everything that I could throw at him during his training.

With that, he swung around and planted his face directly into my crotch giving me a beautiful view of his crotch. The tent that his cock was making was almost the size of mine and smelled just as sweet as I started to work open his fly with my teeth. I wanted to start explore his tight ass but decided to wait and see what training material his crotch had to offer. I felt his strong hands starting to explore my ass as I heard my zipper being lowered and felt the first tentative touch of his tongue on the head of my straining cock.

I finally got his fly fully open and saw nested in a small thatch of dark hair a fair sized piece of hard man meat. Not quite as big or as long as mine but just as hard. I yanked his fatigues lower and his ball sack fell into view. I started to bath his ball sack in long slow strokes of my tongue as he started work on my tool. And moaned with each stroke of my tongue. When his ball sack glistened with spit, I started to work on the base of his cock and slowly covered its entire length with my tongue. While worked his tool over he covered my entire crotch with his loving tongue bath until the whole area had been explored.

As I reach the tip of his cock I slowly sucked it into my mouth paying special attention to the head and piss slit with my tongue. I then started to explore his tight ass through the fabric of his fatigues. As I sucked more of his hot hard cock into my mouth I felt him dive on my cock taking most of its length into his hot moist mouth. I had to get more of a feel for his ass so I shifted a little to get leverage before pulling his fatigues down to his knees and allowed the cool night air at his hot butt.

As I returned back to his ball sack to suck one then the other of its tender contents I heard him sucking and slurping his way to delight on my cock. With both of his balls in my mouth I ran a cool fingers along his ass crack until I found his tight pucker hole and started to tease it with one hand then the other. As I slowly teased his tight hole I could feel him increase his tempo on my cock and knew that I would have to have him slow down or I would give him my hot load of man seed before I was really ready too.

He seemed to sense my state of readiness and slowly drew himself off my straining cock. I let his balls slip out of my mouth as he flip back to face me and started to nibble on my chin. I knew where he wanted me to plant my fully armed missile before it exploded in a sticky mess and was ready to give him the ride that he wanted. He quietly stood and shook the hips causing his fatigues to fall to his ankles before settling back down on the camouflage nets on his hands and knees with his ass highlighted in one of the shafts of light from the ceiling.

I reached into my fatigues for a condom and some lube. He grabbed the condom and slowly, almost teasingly shrouded my hard cock in it. As he worked on me I slathered the lube along his shapely ass crack and his tight hole. I knelt behind him and started to slide my cock along his crack in slow strokes. But he was not in the mood for teasing. He looked over his shoulder and barked at me, “All right Sergeant, this corporal needs some training and not this pussy shit. Show me that you are a Drill Sergeant "

Well I knew when I had been given an order and grabbed his hips savagely and aimed for a direct hit. I entered his hole slowly so that he could get use to my surface to male missile before starting to pump him full of hard cock. With my cock buried to the hilt in his tight hot ass I reached for his hard nipples and played with them until I felt his ass muscles clenching around my hard cock like a steel trap and started to fuck him for all his worth.

What we lost on fineness we made up for in energy and I plowed his ass in long strokes. The harder I fucked him the harder and faster he wanted it until we both fell over the edge and I blasted a hot creamy load up and into his ass. He reared up until he was leaning back on me. And with my hard cock still in his tight ass he started to stroke his own straining dick. I could feel that he was close as his ass muscles flexed and released my still hard cock. With a scream, that could have woken half the base if it had not been hidden with the sound of a jet fighter taking off, he blew his hot creamy load into the air and all over the camouflage nets.

When his breathing settled back to near normal I slowly slipped out of his ass and whispered into his ear “Houston, the Eagle has landed.” I heard him laugh at that but I knew that I would be seeing a lot more of this corporal in the next few months and would enjoy every moment. We quietly left the storage depot and headed to the mess for those beers that I had suggested earlier.

And what did we do the rest of the weekend? Well that is our secret, you know: Don’t Ask, Don’t tell, and don’t pursue!

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