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Military Men 3: Showing the flag

O.K. so I was not on leave but at least I was off base for once and on assignment. I guess that this was the lieutenant’s way of saying Bravo Zulu for all of the hard work that Corporal Williams and I had accomplished in the past several weeks. The fact that the company under lieutenant’s command had raised its efficiency rating to the highest on base in such a short time may have something to do with it. The lieutenant could have taken credit for the feat but he had passed it on to us, then he recommended us for this assignment and the base commander agreed.

The assignment was at a carrier fair for high school graduates at a near-by city to the base. So for four days Williams and I would spend the days handing out materials on Army enlistment to one of the several thousand that attended the fair and to a fair number of them were women to my astonishment and pride. The one thing that was just a little strange was that most of the women wanted to have their picture taken with Williams and myself flanking them, usually at parade rest or saluting. Then there was the occasional man that wanted the same treatment and I had a feeling that they wanted to experience something to the training that I had been giving to Williams since his joining the company.

We were on day two when things really started to happen during the day and the nights really got more intense than I would ever believe. As usual Williams and I were in well fitting arctic camouflage pants T-shirts and matching jackets with our highly polished garrison boots. We had worked out a good routine together, he handled the questions about the technical courses and I handled the questions about basic training. We both covered all the basic questions about length of service, the GI bill and general life on base or overseas in combat. I had been getting more boxes of the brochures that the base had supplied us with when Williams spotted him in the crowd of students; the lieutenant was here.

As I spread out more of the brochures on the table in front of us Williams whispered into my ear that he had spotted the lieutenant in the crowd and he appeared to be coming to see how we were doing. By the time that he had worked his way through the crowd to our table we were both deeply involved on different discussions with the interested graduates. When they left the booth he approached the booth “Well Sargent Archer, Corporal Williams I see that you are doing the Army proud.” At this we both snapped to attention and gave him a crisp salute. He returned the salute and told us to stand down.

I had to admit seeing the lieutenant was a little shocking but seeing him in full tight-fitting black biking leathers and a visitors badge clipped to the collar of the jacket was a true ball breaking turn on. I may have been at parade rest but my cock was at full inspection attention. It was Williams that brought up the issue of him being here.
“Oh that,” the lieutenant replied sourly, “my sister lives here and she is getting married latter in the week and I have to attend being best man and all.” I noticed that the lieutenant seemed nervous for some reason. As the lieutenant glanced at his watch and sighed he changed the subject. “Look, I don’t have much time before I have to attend another of the dammed rehearsals so I will make this quick I am inviting the two of you out for dinner tonight in appreciation of all your hard work here.” He reached into the inner pocket of his leather jacket and pulled out a business card and handed it to Williams. “The reservations are for 2030 hours and I think that you might want to wear your dress uniforms to this. It’s a rather formal place so don’t embarrass me,“ he said with a bit of a smirk. With that he saluted us and left the booth putting on his bike helmet as he went. I glanced at Williams then at the card and saw the name of the restaurant. Shit it was the most lavish and exclusive eatery that his city had to offer.

We both had little time to think this invitation over. As soon as the lieutenant disappeared then the crowd descended on us and it was forgotten till it was time for the carrier fair to close. Then it hit me we were going to dinner with our commander and I started to worry just a little. We quickly packed up the booth’s brochures and headed to our room in the hotel connected to the convention center were the fair was being held.

When we got there we found two boxes on the bed, one addressed to each of us. We open them and found formal uniform dress pants, red stripe and all, in leather wrapped in a dark tissue paper. On top of the pants were had written notes, mine read “For your training help” and the lieutenant’s initials I showed Paul my note and he laughed. He then handed me his note “For all the training you have received.” O.K. what was our glorious leader up to?

We showed up at the restaurant exactly on time and both in full formal dress uniforms with white gloves and hats. The only regulation exception was that we were both wearing the lieutenant’s gifts. The lieutenant met us just inside the door of the restaurant wearing his dress uniform but I noticed that the stripe on his pants was a light blue not the regulation red, odd.

Once we were seated at a secluded fully shadowed booth I glanced at Paul and raised an eyebrow questioningly. His reply was a very slight shake no and an almost imperceptible shrug. O.K. we would have to play along and see what was going to happen. After the wine had been ordered the lieutenant got right down to business.

He smiled at us and said, “Sergeant, Corporal I see that you both like your presents, it helps having access to your files to get exact measurements. “ He seemed to want to say more but the wine arrived before he had a chance. Silently we waited while the waiter poured the wine and took our orders from the lieutenant. Taking a sip of wine he continued.

“Right, from this point on this evening we are all equals and every man will have his say. Now I wanted to tell you a few things all of which is to strictly confidential and if I hear a single whisper of this from anyone your ass will be grass so fast that you will wish that the MPs get you.” He paused and waited for our nods of understanding. Oh god this started to sound like there was going to be another of those witch hunts that Security did every once in a while to root anyone that they thought were undesirables I thought and had to grab the wineglass to stop shaking. As I gathered my thoughts the lieutenant continued.

“Now I want to inform you unofficially that there will be a change of command at the base and I have been selected to take command of the entire base. This means of course that I will be picking an entire new management staff for during my tenure. This means, that effective of my taking command that; firstly, you will both be getting a promotion in rank; secondly, you two will be in charge of fixing the all of the problems on the base even if you both have to fuck every single man to do it.” At this he stopped and laughed at the vision that he had just created. We all laughed at the thought since we all knew several rough straight boys on the base that would look a strange with a hard cock stuffed up their tight virgin asses.

For most of the meal we talked about our respective families and possible plans for leave but we did not talk about the bombshell that the lieutenant, soon to be captain had dropped. Then it hit me, I would be a lieutenant and Paul would be knows as Sergeant Williams. As dinner wound down and desert was ordered I felt Paul’s right boot rubbing my crotch until I was hard, since I could not do the same for him I thought I would do the same for the lieutenant’s. I think that I should have timed it a little better since he was taking a sip of his wine when my boot made firm and powerful contact with his crotch. With a cough he shot me a look then smiled slightly. I could see that he was enjoying the massage and wondered if the after dinner drink was going to be his cream.

Unfortunately or fortunately for us he had other plans for the evening. For one thing, the lieutenant refused to have us contributing anything to the bill or tip. As we all got up I noticed the slight gritty area of the lieutenant’s crotch but then it looked like we all did. The look I got told me that I would soon have to clean the lieutenant’s crotch, fine by me I always wanted to see what type of small, or big, arms that he was packing in those tight pants. Before we parted he told us to think about whom we would like on our respective teams. The first people that I thought of were Ash and Bowesworth. The lieutenant saw my thoughts and told me bluntly “No. I already have plans for them, think of someone else and that is an order. “

With that he saluted us and got in a cab that he had flagged. We held our salutes until the cab pulled away and flagged one for ourselves. During the cab ride back to the hotel I could almost hear Paul’s thoughts and I knew that I felt the same. Back in the room I could tell that we were both restless and suggested a walk through a park near the waterfront. I saw that he liked the idea as he stripped out of the dress jacket, tie and dress shirt. I watched his well-defined pecs and knew that I would have to give them a full and complete licking. I was woken from my daydream by a smack on the ass to see that Paul had decided to keep on the leather dress pants and his garrison boots and had just slipped on a very tight T-shirt and his steel coloured flack jacket. Dam he looked hot I mean really hot. I followed his example and changed into a T-shirt and my blue flack jacket. At the front desk we asked directions to the park that we heard was near by. The manager gave us the directions and started to add that it might be dangerous for us to go there at night, then he noticed that we still had our combat boots on and figured that we knew what we were going. We may have been well oiled from the wine and the brandy but we did have our wits with us.

Outside the hotel the air was cool but not cold enough to stop us from taking a walk. Once we were out of earshot of anybody I heard him say in a low desperate voice “I want you Sergeant, I don’t care where but I have to have you and that hard tool of yours. I need it really bad.” I had to admit that I wanted him as badly as he wanted me. I started looking around for a place where we could get it on. To let him know that I felt the same way as him I pulled him into a shadowed doorway and gave him a long passionate kiss and to hell to anyone who might have seen it.

As we approached the park I started to scan the area with military precision for somewhere where I could help my comrade relieve some of the pressure. I noticed a well-shaded area under some trees that looked well hidden and gently steered him to the spot. Before we hit the ground our hand were all over each other and the heat we started to generate could have created a fog if it lasted very long. As we kissed I slowly opened his flack jacket and started to tease his nipples through his T-shirt. He arched his back and groaned in pleasure before rolling onto his back. I knew that he wanted more and was more than happy to comply.

With my crotch pressing into his I slowly pulled up his T-shirt until his whole chest was exposed. With a quick movement he pulled his head out of the T-shirt and laid back for me to see the splendid sight in the moonlight. I started giving him the bath I had thought about earlier. I nipped at his chin and worked my way down his chest slowly. I paid special attention to his now erect nipples before heading further down. From the amount of pleasure fill moaning that I was turning up the pressure. I could feel that he was rock hard as I approached his crotch.

I wanted this to last so I started to lick clean the gritty leather of his crotch. Suddenly I felt his hands on my head as he tried to force more of his crotch into my face. He really wanted me to suck him dry before I plowed his ass good and proper. By the time that I had cleaned all of the grit that the lieutenant’s boot had left he was begging me to suck on his straining tool. Before I had a chance to continue to tease him further we both heard a vehicle pull up loudly followed by a strong searchlight panning the shadows. Quickly we rolled deeper into the shadows and knew that was not the spot to continue.

We both zipped up our jackets and quietly found the nearest entrance to the park. We decided the if we went further into the park we might find a better spot. As casually as we could manage we walked along a well light path and discovered the source on the searchlight. It was a police motorcycle patrol. The policeman waved us over and inquired why we were in the park. Paul stayed quiet and let me do all the talking. I told the cop that we were exhibitors at the job fair, gave him our hotel room number and to drive the point home we both showed him our military Ids. He seemed satisfied with our explanation but warned us that there had been several reported muggings in the park this week. I told him that we would and said that once we had worked more of dinner off that we would be heading back to the hotel. He smiled at that, started his bike and drove off toward the far end of the park. I think that we both breathed a sigh of relief after the taillight of his bike disappeared into the gloom and started to look for another more secluded spot to continue playing.

It did not take us long to find the perfect spot. It appeared to be an unused building that had partially collapsed. We quickly scanned the area and saw no one in the area before we ducked into the ruin. The floor was partially covered with freshly fallen leaves that seemed to muffle our booted steps. In the near darkness I heard Paul ragged breaths under the sound of his jacket unzipping followed by the sound of his fly opening. I saw him standing partially in a shaft of moonlight, pants partially peeled back to show his raging hard on standing up and his low slung cum filled balls. I quietly unzipped my jacket and lifted my T-shirt over my head allowing the cool air to send sparks around my nipples. I then walked up to him and crouched before him and breathed several hot breaths into his wide-open crotch. I knew that he wanted release so I gave him all the attention that he had richly waited for tonight.

As a prelude to me starting I blew another hot breath at his crotch and pealed the now sweaty leather lower so that his ass was now completely exposed to the night air. It also allowed me to slowly play with his hot hole as I worked on his crotch. I then started to lick the full length of his hard fleshy pole as if I was spit polishing a pair of my parade boots. Every time that l licked his piss slit of his cock he seemed to get harder than before. Before I impaled my mouth on his hard cock I had to give his balls the same loving attention that his rod had received. Tenderly I licked and slurped on his ball sack tonguing his extra sensitive balls at every opportunity until his ball sack was completely soaked and every one of his crotch hairs glistened with my spit before I moved back to his cock.

He was leaking pre-cum in buckets when I got back to his dick. I wasted no time in slurping his drooling tool past my lips before he clamped his hand on my head and started fucking my mouth like he wanted to explode then and there. The pressure of his grip and the force of his pummeling of my face with lessened as an idea came to him. Silently he pulled me off his dick and raised me to eye level. Before kissing me on the chin he said that he wanted my dick up his ass and to fuck his load of cum right out of him.

With that he dropped to his knees and almost ripped my fly open in his hurry to release my cock from its leather confinement. As he slowly pulled the leather away from my crotch my hard dick swung free and hit my stomach with a sticky smack. He dove at my dick like a starving man and soon had it covered with his spit. I heard him unzip his shoulder pocket and pull out a packet of lube and a khaki coloured condom. With loving care he slipped the condom onto my shaft and lathered it with some of the lube before using the rest to grease his hot ass. Then he silently moved to the wall near us and stood in a slightly spread eagle position and wiggled his ass in my direction.

I approached him until we were touching and slowly rubbed my hard cock along his ass crack to his moaning delight. But I knew that he did not want to be teased any further so I closed the distance and slowly drove my cock home in his hot moist ass. I love to fuck Paul since it felt that my cock was made to custom fit his ass in every way. I know that he liked it even more that I did. Once I was fully in, I flexed my ass muscles several times to send an addition floods of blood into my cock making it even harder. Then I reach around to his chest and started to play with his hard nipples. The cool fabric of his flack jacket seemed to make my nipples even harder and it added to the energy of the moment.

He started to buck and groan in pleasure as I started to slowly fuck his ass with the full length of my hard man tool. I felt his clench his ass around my cock and that almost sent me over the edge and I think that we both knew that this fuck was not going to be the only one of the night. As I drew him closer to me I started to nuzzle the back of his neck and nibble on his left ear that made even hotter.

As my pace picked up, I slowly moved my hand down to his straining cock and slowly started to stroke it in time to my fuck. My breath started to get short and I knew that I was about to explode in his ass. I started to pull out when he looked over his shoulder and told me in no uncertain terms that I was not to pull out but to complete the mission that I had been assigned. I almost stopped breathing at the moment that I started to shoot shot after shot of my seed in his hot ass. At the same time I increased my stroke on his cock making him cum all over the wall in front of him.

I have to admit I was surprised when we both did not collapse onto the floor but I found that as I came back to earth I was still embedded in his ass. I reached into my jacket and pulled out a smoke and shared it with Paul as he came back to reality.

I know that we did not this moment to end but we had to be back at the carrier fair for day three and I knew that he would want round two back at the hotel. As we readjusted our selves to look like average citizens I told him that I thought that we could take a shower together back at the hotel. He grinned at that and told me that he was more that willing to drop the soap for me anytime I wanted. I had to laugh at that and told him something about grabbing a Corporal and a swimming snorkel in a pool of lather. With out warning he grabbed my crotch and said that I was in for the experience before starting to sprint back to the hotel. I think we got back to the hotel faster than a double time march. In the hotel lobby, the manager that gave us direction to the park said that he had a message for us from a constable Gibson. He handed me the note and wished us a good night. In the elevator I read the note to Paul as we headed to our room. It read:

“Observed military maneuvers in abandoned building at 2330 hours, would like to join your next operation deployment. Off duty tomorrow night at 2200 hours, your room or in the park”

It was signed PC Gibson and his police business card was attached to the note. Dam if he hadn’t turn around and seen us enter the building then watched the whole thing. Well if PC Gibson wanted some military training fine by us. But that is a whole other tale.

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