Sunday, July 14, 2013

CATANINA - PART THREE - first section

The one thing that I really dislike in the whole domination is an on-site inspection. Keith Igleson here. Newly semi-retired from the Technical Section of Directorate of War, Domination of the Draka. Service to the state. I have enough worries finishing the installations on my plantation of Caltong, the former islands of Catalina, to make the gods shiver in panic. Now they want me to inspect the work on the mass lifter on the big island of former Hawaii. Ah well what the Archon wants, the Archon gets. The directorate at least gave me a means to get back and forth from the islands.

The ship that they gave me for this was a sleek and a hundred meters long with luxurious accommodations onboard for more than a hundred people. It also had three holds, one for rudimentary sleeping quarters for several hundred serfs on two separate decks. The second I had them convert into a serfs’ kitchen and gym. The third hold was for all the technical materials we would need to inspect and possibly get the Loki driven mass driver. The ships propulsion system used magnetic hydro-dynamics, which meant no moving parts and almost no maintenance. Crewed by a dozen retired janissaries, the crossing would take two or three days depending on the weather. Fine by me, but I really needed to relax this trip since I knew the condition of the installation on Hawaii. I was going to take more than half of the engineering team that I had under my command and a hundred of the plantations planters for the replanting of the islands lush forest or other labours and my own personal staff and their personal serfs.

The engineering team really needed to see the state of the project with all of its cursed delays and cock-ups. The planters were going to see this as a vacation since they really did not have any real quotes to fill and only the very best of them had been selected for their good service to me and the Race.

I was looking forward to the crossing since I had plans for some enjoyment for myself during the crossings. I was going to supervise a wrestling competition of my serfs using their gym space and I would be getting to be able to ride a buck or two as either a reward or as a punishment for not competing hard enough. Either way I would get what was mine.

We were getting ready to leave when the Technical section threw a Thor sized hammer into the works, they wanted a larger planting crew. Since it was not wise to depopulate the island that meant that I was going to have to see what Security had collected from the ruins of California again. That would add to our travel time and mean a stop at the ruins of San Francisco this time to see what was available.

My suite of rooms on the ship had been furnished in similar fashion as the main house. A very large bed for multiple partners in the centre and an assortment of play equipment for riding my handsome and muscled bucks scattered around the sleeping cabin. I saw that Francis and his apprentice Michael had already been here to stow what I might desire to wear during the extended voyage and my uniforms for the inspection tour. I also decided to inspect the serfs quarters and mess to see that all was in readiness for the trip including a large view screen that I had installed. The techs thought that I was crazy but when I told him how I intended to use it they relented. Just the thought of seeing my bucks all oiled and wrestling and fucking on it caused my cock to twitch.

The mess area was large enough to accommodate everyone I was happy that the ship could carry all the planters without having to double bunk them. I was hoping to give the bucks a space to play on their own but with all of the new ones I would need the second deck would have to be for them until they learned their place in this world. Maybe on the way back I might allow the two groups to mix and allow them some play time.

Now it was time to get everyone on board and give them the news about our little side trip. Having the serfs see the ruins would also give them something to consider since they could still be among the rubble and starving instead of my property and cared for. I heard a few grumbling about the delay of the contest but they were short lived by the hard looks the foremen gave them and they boarded without another word.

As we sailed by the still smoking ruins of southern California I had the feed displayed on the serfs view screen just to drive home that they were much better off than other survivors and I heard that they were very quiet, some in tears, from the foremen and crew.

The former capital of the alliance had been hit using a kinetic launcher from space. The space rock had hit in the centre of the bay and most of the city had been just washed away by the giant wall of water the impact had created and the earthquake that followed days later. That is what you got when you hit an active fault with a very big rock.

It was nearly mid afternoon by the time we anchored in the bay and was met by a vessel from Security. I went ashore with just a few of the foremen and a couple of the technical crew just in case we might get lucky. We knew the odds were long but they still were finding military techs coming out of surviving deep bunkers.

As I expected, most of the new ones were shell shocked starving civilians and in rough shape. With food and a firm hand they would adjust well. That added seventy four more men to my plantation even though they had said they wanted a hundred. You take what you are given. Along with the new bucks I was able to get some black security batons that had a side handle and holster belts that had been discovered in a police warehouse in the outskirts of the city. I could use them as rewards for the foremen and the boss boys making them in a way a status symbol.
As we finished up in the signing their ownership papers my eye was drawn to a video monitor displaying a sole male in a holding cell. He was wearing a camouflaged jumpsuit of some type, very interesting. I waved at the monitor and asked, “what about him, how much”

With a shrug the security officer replied, “Newly caught in the last hour, we were going to hold him till we had more to process. Clear of radiation or biological contamination. Want to have a look?” I nodded and we headed to the holding cell to inspect the really fresh meat.

As we approached the cell he looked up, in a way assessing the situation without nervousness or anger, very interesting indeed. I stood close to the bars with several of the guards close behind me but he did not move an inch.

“What’s your name meat?” I yelled at him and banged the bars with one of the new batons. I want to see if I could get a reaction.

His replay was crisp and without any emotion “Greg Kepler, Captain, CT20130715.” Well this was an Odin sized surprise, a British or Yank military officer. Now I could have fun training this one. It was obvious from the Security officer’s reaction that this was not something he was expecting since any military dirt side had been routinely sent to one of the destructive labour camps or if their speciality was need to one of Security's conditioning camps. Making him a very rare buck indeed.

Well I wanted to see what I had to work with and ordered him to strip. He paused and saw that one of the guards was getting ready to enter the cell to force him to comply before he drew the zip fully down and let the jumpsuit drop too his ankles. No underwear, interesting, just a chain probably from his dog tags. There was a lot of potential from what I saw. Time for a more physical inspection and I pulled out my leather gloves before the guards and I entered the cell.

He stood in the centre of the cell watching me and the two guards approach him but did not react. Good I like it when they are not totally broken. I got no reaction when I lifted the chain over his head putting it in pouch on my belt or when I looked him directly in the eye. He did react as I ran a gloved hand down his back and grabbed an ass cheek. I then gave his semi-hard cock and balls a good squeeze and really got a reaction but not one I was expecting he seemed to enjoy it.

I could see that the Security tech sneer at me, well Hel take him. It was time for you to make a choice fresh meat. “Well meat you have only two choices, the first is a long and painful death in a labour camp, the second is this.” At which point I unbuttoned my leather pants and pulled out my semi hard cock and balls. “Your choices, death or to serve me in any way I wish”. He took a few seconds before sinking to his knees in front of me, eyes down, hands behind his back and his mouth slightly open. I waved back the guards and stood directly in front of him close enough that I could feel his breath on my cock then the tip of his tongue on its head. Slowly almost if he was worshipping it he tongued my cock head till I was semi hard before sucking it into his mouth. The heat of his mouth drew me erect quickly and he started to lick its full length not missing a single spot. I could have grabbed his head and rammed it into his throat till I blew but I wanted to see how well he was willing to serve.

He seemed to know he was getting me close when he let my hard cock slip out of his mouth and started to bath and tease my balls with his tongue and mouth slowly sucking on one the then other. My hard cock left trails of saliva and pre cum on his cheeks.

When he returned to servicing my dick I saw that he had brought his hands forward and was starting to stroke his hard cock. I tapped the baton against my leg and told him, “Not yet meat” and he pulled his arms back quickly. As much as I wanted this to last I had to get back to the ship I would give him a ride or two later on. With my dick now covered in his spit again I let it slip from his mouth and began stroking it furiously.

The first part of my load landed on his face and chest, the rest landed on his hard cock and balls. His cock was straining and I gave him permission to relieve the pressure. He quickly grabbed his balls and started stroking his cock rapidly. Till his large load was mixed with mine on his chest.

As he regained his breath I left the cell and told the Security tech, “I'll take him as well.” I could see him start to protest this but I added “who knows I could use him on this project. If not, I'll feed him to the sharks.” That at least got a grin from him. As one of the guards led him away to be cleaned up and processed I told the other one to stuff him back into the jumpsuit when they were done. He looked at me wondering why. “Simple,” I told him, “easier target acquisition” and we all laughed at that.