Saturday, June 30, 2012

Surprise inspection

The one thing that I really hated doing were inspections especially for the newly billeted recruits in the bachelor quarters. Most of the time I walked in to find the place a mess with porn on the walls. Luckily the task rotated through the senior ranks which meant none of us were stuck doing inspections. As it turned out, I only had two to do during my week. The first was worse than I expected and I gave him 48 hours to clean up his disaster or be on report then I added that I might have the Captain do the followup just to get my point across. I just hoped that Private Domitri's was going to be better.

I waited until after mess call to surprise the Private since they had a habit of being the most unprepared at that point. I knew he was home, i could hear music being played. There was a brief pause after i knocked before he open the door. “Yes Sergeant what can I do for you?” Damn this Private was very good looking in his tight T-shirt and skivvies and I could feel my dick stiffening in my fatigues. I was here to inspect his quarters not a very personal one, the Captain frowned upon that this early on their billeting. It took a couple of seconds before i got things under control before i could inform him about my inspection.
 He flashed me a smile before starting to laugh softly. “I was wondering when you would you get around to me. I saw Wilson hauling out his trash just before mess call today with a look of fear on his face. I guess that he does not need yet another note in his jacket about his living conditions.” As we talked I looked around the room and found it in immaculate shape with a few personal touches like a photo of him on vacation in mountainous region and a statue of Julius Caesar. This inspection was a breeze, the only exception I found was a drink that smelled like a single malt whiskey which was not exactly by the books but it was almost never reported unless the MP's got called for repeated drunkenness.

I was about to leave when my right leg gave out again and I had to quickly sit down. I had to pull a muscle on the obstacle course last week and it still bothered me. Private Domitri gave me a critical look. All he said was “Right calf muscle” and headed into his bathroom before returning with a large drink of scotch and a bottle of baby oil. As he handed me the drink saying” I think you need this, on duty or not.” he sat on the couch next to me before he continued, “Before i signed up Sir I was training as a massage therapist and that kink need to be worked out before it really gets bad.” The pain was lessening as i took a drink and noticed that he was pulling out a rolled mat out of his closet then unrolling it in the centre of the room. “Now Sergeant, drop the fatigues and let me get work on that leg.”

I certainly could not argue with that but would mean showing off the tent in my skivvies and i worked hard to remind my cock that this was not the right time to make an appearance as he helped me with removing my combat boots. I quickly let the fatigues drop and hurried to lay on my stomach while he was out of the room that way he would not see my rebellious cock.

He place my glass next to my head before he started massaging the right legs thigh muscles and i could feel them quickly loosen under his expert touch. I half expected him to say that i was done but he decided that i deserved a full rub down as he expanded his massage. I was glad that i was face down since he could not see my cocks reaction to his work on my ass was causing. I felt him straddle me so that he could work on my back and i almost blew a load right there, damn he was pulling all the right strings.

Then came the time i was unsure about, he asked me to flip onto my back so he could work on my chest. I was rock hard and my head was sticking above the waistband. He seemed not to notice my condition as he massaged my pecs before heading down to my abs. For most of this i had my eyes closed as i tried to relax but they flew open when i heard him remark “Well Sir, I see that you have something else that needs serious attention.” that was when i noticed that I was not the only one who was hard. He was bare chested and his cock was sticking out of the slit in his skivvies. I guess that it was the right time for a very personal and physical inspection.

After a large sip of scotch i looked up at him with a grin, “Well Private I guess that we need to have a gunnery drill of two to solve this.” with that he grinned. He gave me a crisp salute adding, “Yes Sir!” before dropping next to me to readjust my cock. As he cupped my balls in his oiled hands he reported, “ Target acquired, I am going in” then swallowed the entire length of my prick in one smooth operation. Well I was not the only one who needed a spit shine so i shifted slightly so i could inspect his cock and balls with my tongue before i started to slip his hard cock into my mouth.

As we serviced each others guns he got coated in the baby oil he used on me mixed with our sweat making things a little slick but we did not care. I guess that he knew that i was getting close to firing off a load when he asked “Permission to service your foxhole Sir?” Now there was an excellent suggestion if I had ever heard one. I lifted my hips so that he could slip my regulation undies off before i peeled off his that were not covered in oil, sweat, spit and pre-cum.

I slowly sucked his balls before i worked my way up his crack to his own hole and gave it all the loving attention that it deserved digging deep with my tongue as he explored mine in incredible detail and vigour. I was not sure where he wanted to go from here but I was willing to follow his lead on this exercise.

As we lie there he catching our breath he shifted so that we were face to face then asked, “Are you also a Drill Sergeant as well Sir? If so, I want to you turn my foxhole into an emplacement for your naked missile.”

between my spit and the baby oil i knew that he was lubed and ready for my armed assault as I slid my hard weapon home. I did not know if his foxhole was virgin territory or not so i took my time and allow him a chance to adjust to me inside him before I started to fuck his ass slowly in long strokes since neither of us we in a hurry. I cold not fuck him long, i was that close and with a final deep stroke i fired off several salvos deep inside him. As he both caught our breath with my weapon still in placed, we kissed tenderly and we both knew that this was the start of something special for both of us.

As we cleaned up and finished our drinks, I assured him that he passed inspection in more ways than just the regulations and if he was interested I could see the Captain to ensure all of his skills were put to good use. 

Note from the author: The images that I have included in this entry are of unknown origin and if they violate any copyright let me know and they will be removed. Also I would love to know who this stud is and if there an other photos that are part of this set. Definitely an inspiration for this tale.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Night at the {}icks (I mean flicks)

Recently I started to surf for more inspiration than just images and found numerous sites from which I can download the video clips using the Netvideo Hunter add-on for Firefox some of the site even even give me the coding to share my some of favorites. This edition has a Military flavor to the clips all of which are longer than being just a tease.

 You just have to love the Germans for their uniforms

 This by the way, is the complete film

 Not sure of the film this is from but I would love to see the rest of it

The final one for this time is a bit of vintage naval exercises