Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I have to reblog this

Normally I am not one to re-post items from other blogs but I have to tell you that I fell really hard for two recent posts from my reading list. There posts got my attention in all the right ways. I have included links to each post so that you can see all of the images but I have included just a few that I really had to adjust for.

First there was:
(Thank you, The Men of Colt)

Then there was:
(Thank you Furboi's Hot Men)

Bob Hager 1

Bob Hager 2

What really caught my attention other than the steam coming out of my pants was that Bob Hager is in blue Leather coveralls and that just added to the heat.

Now for a bit of fun. I have turned one of the images into a jigsaw puzzle using an addon for Firefox called

Jigsaw Puzzle Maker 2.3.3

 in just seven minutes I can make you a man (needing a towel)

Please note the images are copyrighted by the Colt Studio Group (Thank you for releasing them)