Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lets play

Here is an image that really caught my interest

Thank you Raging Stallion Studios for the great image.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

playing with the author

Since I have not had a lot of time to write in the last while as I deal with a family medical issue,I thought about giving you some fun with the author of this blog So bellow is a puzzle to while away the rainy days


Just in case you have fun with the first how about playing with this one:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A reason for the lack of new items

Hello All,

As of late I have been more than a little busy dealing with a family medical issue. In the course of all this I also had to deal with a post tropical storm (Arthur). The one thing I can say is that Arthur certainly knew how to blow (139 km/h wind gust). It has not all been gloom and doom so I should share two photos that certainly have more than a bit of sexual content (or at least a hint of wanting some sexual content).

The first is my tropical storm rain kit.

industrial strength rain gear

Blow me Arthur

Sine I have had more than a few commutes to specialists this seems like the right kit to wear flying along the highway at 100 km/h.

Old style Canadian Flight suit
Just to let you know each photo is much larger than displayed so I hope that you enjoy them.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Reviewing a holiday gift - Vamp Camp

I recently got my self an early holiday gift. The audiobook version of Wynn Wagner's 2010 book Vamp Camp. This was of course after Wynn sent me a copy of the novel after I expressed an interest in his writing and the fact that in Canada the book was available as a electronic book or in hard copy (please allow several weeks for delivery).

Just to honest, I have know Wynn for a decade before he wrote this book and he does not know that I am decided to write a review of the book. And now onto the review..

Vamp Camp

Vamp camp technical details: (hard copy)
  • Paperback: 210 pages
  • Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (Jan. 3 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1615816143
  • ISBN-13: 978-1615816149
  • Product Dimensions: 1.1 x 22.6 x 15 cm
  • Shipping Weight: 181 g
This is the first in a series of four books that centers on a newly created Vampire and his journey of discovery for both his new powers and responsibilities and a new love.  This book is nothing like the writing of  either Anne Rice or like the 'Twilight' series and set the genre in a whole new vein (sorry about that). 

With a solid plot that is laced with wit and humor, it is a great read thought the well written steamy bits (sex) made reading the book on mass transit a little humorous trying to readjust discretely. Though I thought that the book was a little short at only 210 pages, I have to admit that if the book was any longer, it would have to be shipped with a complementary towel to help with the clean up (especially after the end of Chapter One).

Most recently, I saw that the book was now an Audiobook available on Itunes or audible and it is truly unabridged (cleanup in chapter One). I just might upload the book onto my roommates audio player too. That way I will not be the only one requiring readjustments on transit.

I look forward to reading the rest of the series in hard copy thank you since right now I don't need yet another electronic gadget and I do know that the continuing story will be more than worth the wait for delivery. (I wonder if they will come with a towel or two?)

For those who are not the patient type all of the books in the series are now available as E-books through Amazon (thank you for the image) and Chapters (in Canada) as well as other retailers in the US.

For more of Wynn's writing (both fiction and non) I recommend you surf on over to his website at:

For the audio books specifically:


June 2014 update:

Since I first wrote the above review I should tell you that I have purchased the next two books in the series. From discussions with the author the four book tale that originally he only plan to write three books and the forth just happened. He also told me that the series will not get a fifth volume. Then again Douglas Adams said the same thing for his series of The Hitchhikers Guide of the Galaxy".

Book two and Book Three carried on the campy prose and the very erotic sex scenes that started in book one. I just hope that the roommate finally finds the time to read the three books (with a towel handy). I guess that a some point I'll purchase the final volume to see how everything ends.

July 2014 update:

After getting the forth volume (as a birthday present for myself), I was able to find plenty of time to savoir the book with all of its twists and turns in the plot. No I am not handing out spoilers other than you will meet a rather unusual feline (displayed on the books cover). The forth and final book ties up the few loose ends that the third book left and I don't think that there will ever be another one. Thought I would not mind writing a side tale to the books (with permission of course).

I just hope that at sometime in the future I see the author so I can get the four volumes signed.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

CATANINA - PART THREE - first section

The one thing that I really dislike in the whole domination is an on-site inspection. Keith Igleson here. Newly semi-retired from the Technical Section of Directorate of War, Domination of the Draka. Service to the state. I have enough worries finishing the installations on my plantation of Caltong, the former islands of Catalina, to make the gods shiver in panic. Now they want me to inspect the work on the mass lifter on the big island of former Hawaii. Ah well what the Archon wants, the Archon gets. The directorate at least gave me a means to get back and forth from the islands.

The ship that they gave me for this was a sleek and a hundred meters long with luxurious accommodations onboard for more than a hundred people. It also had three holds, one for rudimentary sleeping quarters for several hundred serfs on two separate decks. The second I had them convert into a serfs’ kitchen and gym. The third hold was for all the technical materials we would need to inspect and possibly get the Loki driven mass driver. The ships propulsion system used magnetic hydro-dynamics, which meant no moving parts and almost no maintenance. Crewed by a dozen retired janissaries, the crossing would take two or three days depending on the weather. Fine by me, but I really needed to relax this trip since I knew the condition of the installation on Hawaii. I was going to take more than half of the engineering team that I had under my command and a hundred of the plantations planters for the replanting of the islands lush forest or other labours and my own personal staff and their personal serfs.

The engineering team really needed to see the state of the project with all of its cursed delays and cock-ups. The planters were going to see this as a vacation since they really did not have any real quotes to fill and only the very best of them had been selected for their good service to me and the Race.

I was looking forward to the crossing since I had plans for some enjoyment for myself during the crossings. I was going to supervise a wrestling competition of my serfs using their gym space and I would be getting to be able to ride a buck or two as either a reward or as a punishment for not competing hard enough. Either way I would get what was mine.

We were getting ready to leave when the Technical section threw a Thor sized hammer into the works, they wanted a larger planting crew. Since it was not wise to depopulate the island that meant that I was going to have to see what Security had collected from the ruins of California again. That would add to our travel time and mean a stop at the ruins of San Francisco this time to see what was available.

My suite of rooms on the ship had been furnished in similar fashion as the main house. A very large bed for multiple partners in the centre and an assortment of play equipment for riding my handsome and muscled bucks scattered around the sleeping cabin. I saw that Francis and his apprentice Michael had already been here to stow what I might desire to wear during the extended voyage and my uniforms for the inspection tour. I also decided to inspect the serfs quarters and mess to see that all was in readiness for the trip including a large view screen that I had installed. The techs thought that I was crazy but when I told him how I intended to use it they relented. Just the thought of seeing my bucks all oiled and wrestling and fucking on it caused my cock to twitch.

The mess area was large enough to accommodate everyone I was happy that the ship could carry all the planters without having to double bunk them. I was hoping to give the bucks a space to play on their own but with all of the new ones I would need the second deck would have to be for them until they learned their place in this world. Maybe on the way back I might allow the two groups to mix and allow them some play time.

Now it was time to get everyone on board and give them the news about our little side trip. Having the serfs see the ruins would also give them something to consider since they could still be among the rubble and starving instead of my property and cared for. I heard a few grumbling about the delay of the contest but they were short lived by the hard looks the foremen gave them and they boarded without another word.

As we sailed by the still smoking ruins of southern California I had the feed displayed on the serfs view screen just to drive home that they were much better off than other survivors and I heard that they were very quiet, some in tears, from the foremen and crew.

The former capital of the alliance had been hit using a kinetic launcher from space. The space rock had hit in the centre of the bay and most of the city had been just washed away by the giant wall of water the impact had created and the earthquake that followed days later. That is what you got when you hit an active fault with a very big rock.

It was nearly mid afternoon by the time we anchored in the bay and was met by a vessel from Security. I went ashore with just a few of the foremen and a couple of the technical crew just in case we might get lucky. We knew the odds were long but they still were finding military techs coming out of surviving deep bunkers.

As I expected, most of the new ones were shell shocked starving civilians and in rough shape. With food and a firm hand they would adjust well. That added seventy four more men to my plantation even though they had said they wanted a hundred. You take what you are given. Along with the new bucks I was able to get some black security batons that had a side handle and holster belts that had been discovered in a police warehouse in the outskirts of the city. I could use them as rewards for the foremen and the boss boys making them in a way a status symbol.
As we finished up in the signing their ownership papers my eye was drawn to a video monitor displaying a sole male in a holding cell. He was wearing a camouflaged jumpsuit of some type, very interesting. I waved at the monitor and asked, “what about him, how much”

With a shrug the security officer replied, “Newly caught in the last hour, we were going to hold him till we had more to process. Clear of radiation or biological contamination. Want to have a look?” I nodded and we headed to the holding cell to inspect the really fresh meat.

As we approached the cell he looked up, in a way assessing the situation without nervousness or anger, very interesting indeed. I stood close to the bars with several of the guards close behind me but he did not move an inch.

“What’s your name meat?” I yelled at him and banged the bars with one of the new batons. I want to see if I could get a reaction.

His replay was crisp and without any emotion “Greg Kepler, Captain, CT20130715.” Well this was an Odin sized surprise, a British or Yank military officer. Now I could have fun training this one. It was obvious from the Security officer’s reaction that this was not something he was expecting since any military dirt side had been routinely sent to one of the destructive labour camps or if their speciality was need to one of Security's conditioning camps. Making him a very rare buck indeed.

Well I wanted to see what I had to work with and ordered him to strip. He paused and saw that one of the guards was getting ready to enter the cell to force him to comply before he drew the zip fully down and let the jumpsuit drop too his ankles. No underwear, interesting, just a chain probably from his dog tags. There was a lot of potential from what I saw. Time for a more physical inspection and I pulled out my leather gloves before the guards and I entered the cell.

He stood in the centre of the cell watching me and the two guards approach him but did not react. Good I like it when they are not totally broken. I got no reaction when I lifted the chain over his head putting it in pouch on my belt or when I looked him directly in the eye. He did react as I ran a gloved hand down his back and grabbed an ass cheek. I then gave his semi-hard cock and balls a good squeeze and really got a reaction but not one I was expecting he seemed to enjoy it.

I could see that the Security tech sneer at me, well Hel take him. It was time for you to make a choice fresh meat. “Well meat you have only two choices, the first is a long and painful death in a labour camp, the second is this.” At which point I unbuttoned my leather pants and pulled out my semi hard cock and balls. “Your choices, death or to serve me in any way I wish”. He took a few seconds before sinking to his knees in front of me, eyes down, hands behind his back and his mouth slightly open. I waved back the guards and stood directly in front of him close enough that I could feel his breath on my cock then the tip of his tongue on its head. Slowly almost if he was worshipping it he tongued my cock head till I was semi hard before sucking it into his mouth. The heat of his mouth drew me erect quickly and he started to lick its full length not missing a single spot. I could have grabbed his head and rammed it into his throat till I blew but I wanted to see how well he was willing to serve.

He seemed to know he was getting me close when he let my hard cock slip out of his mouth and started to bath and tease my balls with his tongue and mouth slowly sucking on one the then other. My hard cock left trails of saliva and pre cum on his cheeks.

When he returned to servicing my dick I saw that he had brought his hands forward and was starting to stroke his hard cock. I tapped the baton against my leg and told him, “Not yet meat” and he pulled his arms back quickly. As much as I wanted this to last I had to get back to the ship I would give him a ride or two later on. With my dick now covered in his spit again I let it slip from his mouth and began stroking it furiously.

The first part of my load landed on his face and chest, the rest landed on his hard cock and balls. His cock was straining and I gave him permission to relieve the pressure. He quickly grabbed his balls and started stroking his cock rapidly. Till his large load was mixed with mine on his chest.

As he regained his breath I left the cell and told the Security tech, “I'll take him as well.” I could see him start to protest this but I added “who knows I could use him on this project. If not, I'll feed him to the sharks.” That at least got a grin from him. As one of the guards led him away to be cleaned up and processed I told the other one to stuff him back into the jumpsuit when they were done. He looked at me wondering why. “Simple,” I told him, “easier target acquisition” and we all laughed at that.

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I have to reblog this

Normally I am not one to re-post items from other blogs but I have to tell you that I fell really hard for two recent posts from my reading list. There posts got my attention in all the right ways. I have included links to each post so that you can see all of the images but I have included just a few that I really had to adjust for.

First there was:
(Thank you, The Men of Colt)

Then there was:
(Thank you Furboi's Hot Men)

Bob Hager 1

Bob Hager 2

What really caught my attention other than the steam coming out of my pants was that Bob Hager is in blue Leather coveralls and that just added to the heat.

Now for a bit of fun. I have turned one of the images into a jigsaw puzzle using an addon for Firefox called

Jigsaw Puzzle Maker 2.3.3

 in just seven minutes I can make you a man (needing a towel)

Please note the images are copyrighted by the Colt Studio Group (Thank you for releasing them)

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Walk in the park

A quick note from your host: This is one chunk of a much larger tale that at some point I might publish in its entirety. For the moment, this is what has been written about Jake and Steven journey. Also if the images included in this post are violating anyone's copyright, let me know and I will delete them at your request or cite ownership.

The rain had stopped but the remaining moisture had begun building thick banks of fog around the quickly maturing trees of the city's parks as the air cooled and the first moon begun its climb. After nearly a week of rain I was definitely feeling restless and in need of some serious relaxation. Even with the thickening fog a quiet walk would help clear my head and ease many of the tense muscles that running this colony created so quickly. I really need to get outside even if it meant getting soaking wet in the process. The shipboard doc's called it port fever and I had it bad.

So before it got too late I had the manor create me a set of rain gear in dark green and a single cigar. I know even in this day and age smoking was still frowned upon but modern science had deleted all of the truly harmful bits and the Li-Shira saw it as a status symbol of one’s power. Especially at this delicate point in our creation of the colony one still had a role to play in public and I found that the occasional cigar to be very relaxing. Since the night air was still very warm all I really needed was the rain jacket, pants and my black flight boots, there was no point in over dressing and start sweating five minutes after I left

As soon as I stepped outdoors I knew that I had made the right choice, the fog and low level clouds shrouded the garden and adjoining parkland in a glowing mist. The surrounding towers of the city lent there light to the night but the fog deadened all the usual noise to near silence. Before walking further I decided to place my comm on standby so that I could enjoy this private silence.

I randomly followed one of the paths deeper into the park with the crunch of the newly laid crushed gravel under my boots as the only sound I could hear. I saw how much of the park was still being created and the zones for the next several stages for planting and sculpting including the grand Zen garden site I had just finished designing to show our partners the great diversity of humanity. After about an hour I found myself in one of the oldest sections of the city park which had been created for quiet and secluded meeting for couples. Heavily forested with benches scattered in the well hidden glens it was a perfect setting for everything from a brief chaste kiss to intimate meals with your love. It also seemed to me as the perfect spot to stop and enjoy my cigar.

The glen I chose had a Roman style lounge bench in a luminescent marble surrounded by pale orchids hanging from the trees and I felt the calm of the place wash over me. I knew that all the hard work was finally starting to show and all of this was worth the time and sacrifice of a great many. Now all I needed was the gift of being loved and happy. As I took a drag on my cigar I knew that only time would reveal the truth and it was quickly reaching the time to accept the role as ambassador and governor of the colony but I still needed a partner to meet the Li-Shiran demand or hope the family would set up a branch of the family firm of creating hyperspace jump drives for me to control. All of these dark thought were not really helping my mood but I had to face them. At some point and none of the decisions were mine to make.

My head snapped up at the sound of a branch breaking and for a brief second I almost told my unseen intruder to leave but something told me not to. The fog suddenly separated and I saw another man in light green rain gear and black military hat at the entrance of the glen.  The dim light filtering into the glade shaded him so I could not see his face but I felt if I knew him and had for a great number of years. But that seemed impossible since there were very few men who fitted that possibility and they were light years away or dead.

“So, you're now one of the gardeners I see.” His voice sent a chill through me and I nearly dropped my cigar into the wet grass before placing it on the ledge of the lounge to go out on its own. I knew it but it was vastly different in some way that I could not place. I really needed to see his face to know for sure but he seemed to want to stay in the shadows even as he took another step toward me. Before I could reply he spoke again, “You know you are really looking well, all things considering.”

It was then that he moved into the light and I say that it was Jake. Then it hit me, they had told me that the regeneration process might not be able to completely restore him after the accident and when I had got to see him he had not regain his voice. It was a lot lower than I remembered and still rough from disuse but it still had the old warmth.

I quickly reached out to him and embraced him in a tight hug almost afraid to let him go but I wanted to see his face and looking into his eyes. I could see that he had been aged by the accident and some of his short hair was turning grey but his eyes still had the sparkle I remembered. I had a great many questions for him but I felt that he would answer them in his own time. We silently walked back to sit on the bench.  Before I could even speak the foremost question to him, he kissed me on the lips with passion and a fire of a love rekindled. I suddenly felt like I was back at the academy just before graduation and our forced separation.

I straddled the bench so that I could face him better and slowly began to gently stroke his shoulders and back through his rain gear before kissing him back to show him of my love for him was undiminished after all these year.  With Jake sitting beside me, I felt complete and ready for the job of creating a new world for the many races that soon would be visiting. It seemed that the Li-Shira had known this and had hinted to it with many of their rather cryptic comments. As to how they knew that Jake was my soul mate or that he would be alive and well enough to be here was I could not answer with any certainty but I was over joyed that it had happened. We kissed slowly and with tenderness as we caressed each other until it started raining heavily forcing us to seek better shelter.

In a nearby gazebo we waited for the rain to lessen and it gave us a chance to kiss in a tight embrace. I could feel the heat of his torso seeping through his jacket as I hugged him tighter.  The sound of the rain on the roof made speak nearly impossible but we did not need words for the passion we felt. Our caressing became groping as he pressed me onto one of the support columns and our kissing reached a frenzied pace. I watched him slowly unzip his jacket exposing his bare chest before he unzipped mine. The cool air quickly caused my sweat to bead on my skin that he slowly licked it off. As much as I wanted this happy encounter to last I knew that this was not quite the right place and I think he also sensed it too. We both knew we should have a slightly more private place to make love even if it was in the pouring rain.

The rain slowly lessened and we decided to slowly walk back to the mansion hand in hand silently enjoying the cool air on our bare chests and laughing and the strange looks of the rare solitaire passerby gave us. It also gave me a chance to finish my cigar thought I don't think that Jake was all that impressed with this habit and something I was willing to partake in much more rarely.
The route we took back to the mansion also allowed me to show off the parkland attached to the mansion grounds including some of the more secluded spots that I had built into the garden levels allowing for the occasional brief kiss. We stopped at a grassed patio that overlooked one of the many bays that the city's location had so that I could show him one of the numerous statues that the league of worlds had commissioned. I guess that the mind had other ideas because as I turned to show him the site for the next sculpture I tripped. As I tried to regain my balance I grabbed for Jake's jacket but we both ended up on the wet grass.

As he propped himself up on his elbows Jake grinned at me, “ So, does this mean that you want to have a roll in the hay?” he already knew the answer to that since his legs were slightly splayed so I slowly rolled a couple of times till I was near him before crawling between his legs. With his jacket being open it allowed me to start licking the sweat from his chest and neck before I worked my way up to his lips and things really started happening.

As we kissed I ran my hands through his chest hair and found that his nipples were a lot more sensitive than before causing him to shiver a little. I treated them to some extra attention till they were hard and he was squirming under me. Jake decided to take control at that point by suddenly arching his back flipping me off of him.

As I regained my footing He was in front of me slightly crouched almost in a wrestling pose. I guess that it was time to see who was going to be dominate tonight and I met is pose and waited for his first attempt. At first we, circled each other looking for an advantage and not finding one. Then I decided to try something unusual. I waited till his back close to the statue before I quickly rushed him pinning him between the statue and myself. Instead of attempting an arm hold I kissed him and started to grind my crotch into his. He could have pushed me off easily but he wrapped his arms around me and returned my kiss passionately.  As we continued to kiss I could feel his hands worked their way down till he gripped my ass and pulled me closer to him grinding our hard cocks together. This was love not just lust he was expressing to me and he already knew how I felt for him. Tonight was just physical confirmation

When he released me I reached out and pulled the zip of his tight rain pants down allowing his hard cock and balls to spring out into the night air. I then had a brief memory flash of our first encounter at the Academy. This time I did not hesitate, I slowly and lovingly swallowed his shaft in one smooth motion causing him to moan in pleasure. I then gave his ball sack the same loving attention with my tongue tip and gave his muscled ass a nice squeeze. When I resumed sucking his cock I heard him pop the snap on his rain pants letting them fall to his ankles. This allowed me to run my fingers along his crack and rub his rosebud with my thumbs causing him to moan loudly in pleasure.

He pulled me up so that we could kiss again and I could feel his hard cock slick with dew saliva and sweat slowly thrusting along the inseam of my rain pants making my cock rock hard. With each stroke, I could feel myself getting closer to Cumming inside my pants. I almost expected my rain pants to rip from the pressure my cock was putting on the thin fabric but he relieved it by popping the snap and pulling down my zip. He then kissed his way down my chest and stomach and pulling my rain pants down as he went. I guess that he sensed how close I was since he just gave my dick a quick lick before working his way back up to nibble on my neck.

Our skin was now slick from the thickening fog and our sweat as we began to gyrate our hips together and continue to kiss. Our hard cocks grinding together heightened our pleasure and brought us both closer to Cumming. I felt myself on the edge and I quickly grabbed Jake’s ass bringing him closer to me and blew several thick shots onto his abs. My climax triggered his and he then grabbed my ass added his load to mine.

As we regained our composure we laughed at our sticky condition and continued our walk hand in hand back to the mansion that was going to be home to both of us. In the short time to enter the mansion I had the answers to most of my questions except one. I turned to him and had to ask, “Just tell me one thing I still don't know, how did you find me tonight?”

After a long smouldering kiss from him he began to laugh. “You should know Steve-e that your comm was transmitting your GPS location. The Admiral gave me your sec code as a going away gift. I guess he wanted me to make and honest man of you.” We both laughed at that and I knew that this was the start of something really wonderful.