Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A reason for the lack of new items

Hello All,

As of late I have been more than a little busy dealing with a family medical issue. In the course of all this I also had to deal with a post tropical storm (Arthur). The one thing I can say is that Arthur certainly knew how to blow (139 km/h wind gust). It has not all been gloom and doom so I should share two photos that certainly have more than a bit of sexual content (or at least a hint of wanting some sexual content).

The first is my tropical storm rain kit.

industrial strength rain gear

Blow me Arthur

Sine I have had more than a few commutes to specialists this seems like the right kit to wear flying along the highway at 100 km/h.

Old style Canadian Flight suit
Just to let you know each photo is much larger than displayed so I hope that you enjoy them.