Thursday, July 30, 2009

Resistance fighters


The following tale is something different from some of my other writing since this is this is based on another persons ideas. In this case the setting is L.A. and takes place in the universe of the the TV series 'V' that was broadcast during the early 80's staring Marc Singer. To my knowledge Mr. Singer is gay and during the Series you always saw him in jeans that were so tight you could have known his religion. At the time of the series was broadcast, I was just encountering puberty and also seen Marc Singer in 'Beastmaster' so he made several great fantasies and the following is just one of them.

So with all that said here is Resistance fighters

We were both members of the resistance movement and we both knew that the information that we had discovered about the aliens had to reach the rest of the world. All we had to do first was get off the mother ship and reconnect with the other members of our cell. It seemed so easy getting here.

We had smuggled ourselves onto one of their transports to get up here but in our street clothes we both stood out among the flowing sea of red flight suits, black riding boots and silver helmets. It was Marc’s idea that we should find ourselves each a flight suit, boots and one of their helmets visitors that the vi so that we could move around the ship without having to try to hide behind cargo.

I guess that luck was with us that afternoon because Marc found several sets of their uniforms in a cargo box next to where we were hiding on board the transport. As the transport headed back to the mother ship we changed into the uniforms. That was when I got the first glimpse of his cock as he pealed out of his tight jeans. “Man” I thought, “what a piece. Sure would love to play with that” but now was not the time, nor the place for a bit of man on man action. In the semi-dark of the compartment we were in I silently changed all the while hiding my own raging piece and thought about how good Marc looked in the aliens uniform. I felt the shuttle touching down in the hanger bay as I struggled into my boots that were a shade too tight but we were all set to explore the mysteries that the mother ship contained.

We had found more than either of us had bargained for and now had to get away alive with the information. It seemed that the ship was now on some sort of alert and we were going to have to be very careful getting down. As we scanned the hanger bay I noticed a shuttle looking like it was getting to depart back to the city. I nudged Marc and pointed to the shuttle to which he nodded and we both slowly headed in its direction. We had timed it perfectly the shuttles door was slowly closing as we got next to it and ducked in quickly before they completely closed.

Marc was silent as the shuttle lifted off. It was then that I saw why, we had a lot of company. The shuttle had a shift change for the refinery below. Just a silently he headed for one of the empty seats and I followed suit we both knew that we had to act like we were part of the shift change or we were both dead. As the time went by the shuttle continued to drop back to earth and I started to feel more and more tense. Marc noticed it and just gave me a knowing look and gave me a barely noticeable smile and I started to relax.

The rest of the short trip was without incident and we quietly disembarked the shuttle with the rest of the crew and slowly drifted into the depths of the refinery before deciding on which gate to use to get away. The north gate looked like the best option since it was handling most of the traffic in and out of the refinery. That was where Marc spotted a long length of plastic conduit and motioned to it. As we both grabbed the pipe and started to head toward the gate one of the human foreman’s saw us and told us that the pipe was for a section of the intake pipe several blocks away. We just nodded and started to march out the gate and in the direction that the foreman had pointed. One thing that I was glad about was that Marc had taken the lead allowing me to watch his shapely ass in the tight confines of the flight suit. We delivered the pipe and drifted away from the site slowly before ducking into an abandoned building.

With a sigh of relief I removed my helmet and looked straight into Marc’s eyes and saw the light of lust starting to burn. He quietly walked over to me and slowly brushed his hand across my crotch before waling further into the gloom of the room. I certainly did not need a second hint for what he wanted and I followed him.

At last he stopped in what appeared to have been a stockroom before he turned to me with a big smile on his face and laughed quietly. It seems that Marc had been watching me as hard as I had been watching him but until now neither of us had an opportunity to follow through with the thoughts we both had been having. Without another thought I walked up to him and kissed his sensual lips as I pressed my body onto his. As we kissed I explored his fabric-covered body with my hands and felt his hard cock against my leg. We ended up against the wall of the storeroom before we ended the kiss.

I then took my time slowly lowering the zip on his flight suit as I explored the now exposed flesh. And just as slowly I tasted the sweet sweat on his chest and abdomen. By that time I was on my knees and Marc's steamy crotch and hard straining tool was right in front of me begging for release from the tight clinging cloth. Here I stopped. I wanted this to last and to enjoy every moment and settled instead for a quick sniff of his scent. Before returning to his lips.

Marc was not in the mood for a slow tease as he picked me up, pivoted and pressed me against the wall. Holding me I felt his tongue explore my mouth in a heated French kiss. As the kiss ended me worked the zip of my flight suit all the way down and quickly push the flight suit off my shoulders until it billowed around the top of the boots. He then shrugged off his own flight suit and peeled it off his hot body to stand before me wearing just the tall black boots. Seeing this I pulled the flight suit the rest of the way off and waited for him to make the next move.

He pressed me onto the wall as I felt his tongue start to explore my chest and nipples. He slowly sank to his knees and started to bath my balls with the tip of his tongue before swallowing my hard tool in one slow movement. I felt his nose in my crotch hair and that almost sent me over the edge but that could happen he retreated leaving me with the sense of how big the orgasms would be at the end.

Releasing my tool from the grips of his throat and mouth I joined him on the floor positioning myself so that we could take pleasure from each others attention. As we sucked I could tell that we were both close but were holding off release for as long a possible. His tool twitched before he released his explosion of seed sending me over the edge and into the most intense orgasm of my life. As I returned to earth I noticed that Marc and I were both covered in sweat and man juice but I felt that there could not have been a better reward for a task well done.

Desert Song

It was more than a little warm when we exited the cool confines of the airport terminal but at least I was truly on the ground. I really hate flying but for him I would have traveled twice as far. After getting our luggage the scene of a future festival was in the air and that relaxed me. Waiting for us was Rick and I could feel the strong stirrings in my loins that this hot man created. I just hoped that we could go for a ride on his bike at some point during the visit.

As we unpacked I could hear Rick moving things around in the house as if he was searching for something. We all gathered in the backyard where a barbecue was planned for our first night here. As the night continued Rick asked me if I wanted to go for a ride on his Bike with him to see some of the surrounding countryside. I of course said yes and we decided that the next day was good for both of us. We also decided that, if there was time afterward that we wold hit one of the bars after the ride. My David clued in then since he saw me packing my leathers that morning.

The next day dawned bright and I knew that the day was perfect for a ride on a bike with a stud like Rick. After breakfast I popped out to a local mall to pick up a few things like a bottle of wine, bottle candles and some condoms. As I approached the house I saw Rick double checking things with the bike. The tight jeans and T-shirt made me weak in the knees and he smile that he shot me was almost overpowering. Wordlessly he handed me a saddlebag telling me to store things in it for the trip it and to change for the ride. I dashed upstairs breezing past both David’s, changed into my tightest pair of jeans before putting on my leather chaps. I quickly packed my purchases in the saddlebag before grabbing my leather jacket and cycling gloves. I met Rick next to the bike and saw that the tight denim jeans were hidden within his leather chaps. He looked more and more like a god, Apollo maybe. This was going to be ride I would never forget.

I waited until he had the bike started before I nestled behind him. It was either the vibrations from the bike or its driver were going to my head but I was not going to back out now. He started slowly, making sure that I was balanced and comfortable. We drove around the city seeing the sites before we headed west and into the country. As he accelerated on the highway leading out of town I tightened my grip on his thighs ensuring I stayed put.

The feel of the wind and the power of the bike beneath me made the day perfect. We drove westward for what seemed minutes before he slowed and made a turn off the highway. When we stopped I looked at my watch and saw that four hours had passed since we left. I looked around and saw wide-open spaces that reminded me of the Canadian parries. We ate a little lunch that Rick had prepared for the trip. He suggested that we head south a bit to a small patch of desert nearby and there we would have a light supper. When we stopped we were both covered in sweat. It had been warmer that I think either of us knew. I stripped off my jacket and T-shirt and searched for a good spot to eat. When I saw the spot I knew that it was perfect. A slight hill in the west but the rest of the horizon was flat. We laid out the rest of the food and silently eat; each of us caught up in the beauty of the spot. As the sky darkened I went to the bike and pulled out the candles.

I set up the candles in the standard format and I know that my positioning did not go unnoticed. As I placed the central one in place he joked about forgetting to bring a sacrifice for the ritual. I laughed and said that I was looking for volunteers for that position. He excused himself saying that he had to take a leak and wandered over the hill to the west. I then went back to the bike and grabbed the wine and the plastic goblets from the saddlebag. While I was at the bike I striped out of my jeans and put back on my leather chaps and jacket.

It was slowly getting dark in the east and decided that if I was going through with the plan that I should get on with the show and soon. I found Rick standing almost in the center of the circle wearing only his leathers with his gaze slightly lowered. I handed him the wine and glasses. As I started to light the candles I heard him open the wine.

I could feel him breath on my neck as I lit the central white candle. As I started to cast the circle I could sense him moving with me adding his energy to the circle. With my otter sight I saw the circle blaze a brilliant blue. I knew that if the power was not within the hand casting the circle now sword no matter how big would do the job. With the circle in place I faced the east and saluted the deepening dark sky. This night it was going according the book and I think that suited both of us perfectly.

“All hale to thee oh powers of the East. Communicators of the words of love that waft through and on the air, be welcome to this our circle”. I then turned to the south.

“All hale to thee oh powers of the South. Creators the energy of love and the fiery flow of passions, be welcome to this our circle”. I then turned to the west.

“All hale to thee oh powers of the west. Mediators of love that flow through and in the water within us all, be welcome to this our circle”. I then turned to the North.

“All hale to thee oh powers of the North. Foundation of earthly loves that support us all of our live, be welcome to this our circle. I then turned back to the East.

I saluted the now dark sky that was slowly filling with stars, “ I have created this circle out of my will and my love, may it stand and contain all that transpires within.” And stomped.

I then turned back to the center of the circle and looked up to call the gods. The sky was filled with so many stars that it reminded me of my vacation to my parent’s place. “ All hale Diana, may your light guide us in this. Be welcome in this sacred space.” O.K. It was short, but it came from the heart and that is what counts in my books. Then I looked into Rick’s eyes and was not surprised by the power I saw there in the candlelight. “All hale Apollo, my your light be the guide to us all of our lives. Be welcome in this sacred place.”

I then reached down to grab the wine and one of the goblets and noticed that Rick’s cock was semi-hard. Since I did not have my blade with me I decided to improvise just a bit and have a bit of fun. I kneeled before Rick and poured the wine then look up at the beautiful sight before me. “ Within this chalice is the matter of the love and the energy of passion, separate they are barren, together they give life meaning that all mankind needs with there deepest souls. By my love do I bless this wine and all that drink it.” As I finished I dipped Rick’s cock into the goblet then licked off the wine from it. It was nice taste, a little wine with a sweat chaser.

I stood up and gave him the goblet. He poured a small libation, than drank deeply. He then saluted me with the glass and handed it to me to drink. I poured my libation than took a drink. We both slowly sank to our knees as we continued to pass the wine between us I saw that we were both hard by this point and I was willing to go where he wanted to go. I had everything I really wanted this trip, the stars, a very hot man and the gods. What else does a pagan need?

It started slowly with gentle kisses interrupted by sips of the wine. With the goblet empty things got serious as we started to explore the others chest. All we were wearing was our leathers and our boots. I started to tease his nipples before I dove in for a long licking session. When I came up for air he took over and completely explored my chest. God’s I was ready to explode at this point and pour us some more wine. As I cooled down a couple of notches he told me what he really wanted and that was for me to fuck him

We were here to celebrate his elevation and I was happy to give him what ever he wanted but first I wanted to taste his hard cock. I grabbed a pair of condoms from my inner jacket pocket and threw one to him and began to dress his hard cock. I positioned myself so that he could give my dick a thin latex covering before I started to lick my way down is cock. I teased my way back along its length before letting it slip between my lips. I could feel that I was getting the same treatment on my cock and knew that at the rate things were going I would need a second condom. We slowly teased each other to the point of no return before retreating a little then started all over.

It was Rick that broke things off and said that it was now time for him to feel my cock in his ass. We shifted around making sure that we did not knock over any of the candles. With both of us kneeling I slowly took up a position behind him. As I slowly kissed his neck I let my lubed cock slip into his hot ass. I settled in and let him relax but he wanted it rough and randy. At that point something took over and I felt as if I was being shoved aside to be a spectator to this event. I don’t know how long it lasted but I do know that we both shot our loads at the same time.

When I came to my senses I was still embedded in Rick’s ass and he looked as of he was still recovering. I got up slowly so that I did not disturb what was happening. I poured a rest of the wine and sipped it slowly as I watched a look of rapture fade from Rick’s face. I wordlessly passed the wine to him and he looked directly at me and said “well brother mine, this was more like the type of celebration I had hoped for.”

I had to laugh as we thanked the gods and the elements for their presence for this celebration and let the circle fade slowly away. As we dressed for the trip back I almost wished that those tight jeans of his had a hole in them and I could have sat behind him with my cock buried in his ass for the return journey. We did stop at one of the bars for one drink before heading home.

The rest of the weekend proceeded no where as eventfully as our ride but then again I did not think that it would.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Titan or bust

On earth, you have no idea how lonely you are going to be when you are on a long space mission. Being on a ship bound for a place further than any human has ever been with only five other humans to easily communicate with can be very lonely at times. I knew that this feeling would pass eventually but it would not make things any easier for me at this moment. I guess that all I could do is carrying on with my normal routine and that included keeping of a journal of the voyage.

[Computer begin verbal recording]

Archer, S – Personal log – August 15, 2045 – 15:30 UMT

Well our voyage to the Titan, the largest of Saturn’s moon, it truly underway. The fact that we have been in transit for the past five weeks without any significant problems is a true sign of the extensive planning that this mission went through before we even launch from the geostationary platform. Most of us have settled into our specific tasks almost too easily but then again we have had three years to prepare for this part of the mission.

The fact that we are delivering to Titan the basic components for an automated hydrocarbon refinery so insure that earth has the basic organic compounds to continue to expand military capability has a bit of a ominous overtones to the whole flight but I am just one member of this crew of six on this mission. I plan on doing my utmost to complete this task and to help in the movement of man to other exploration missions in the future

I wonder whose idea the “morning” wake up music is. Yesterday’s choice of music entitled “99 ways to leave your lover” caused a bit of a stir and a series of notes on the duty board. Most of them had to do with the title of the song:

99 ways to lever your lover
99 ways to leave your liver
99 ways to laser your lover

I think that you get the idea. Whoever chose the song was one twisted human. All the song did is remind me of pre-launch days waking up with Angelica my British Tabby and all of the attention that she gave me before her breakfast.

One interesting thing that has worked in our favor is that the ion drive is working better that the original specs. Wynn, my duty mate and ships engineer, tells me that we are further along our transit arc than originally plotted and will mean a nearly constant correction to our course and an earlier arrival in orbit of Titan.

[Pause recording]

I knew that the mission shrinks on earth had access to everyone’s journals and I knew that there were some things I definitely wanted them not to know about. Being the communications and computer specialist on the flight I knew how to keep things hidden when I wanted to and I did.

[Computer activate cipher Archer Beta]
[Create linked file]
[Resume recording]
Ah Wynn, for some reason all of my spare moments lately have been filled with pre-launch memories regarding him and a lot of thoughts and feelings about my duty mate. A lot of this I can’t fully figure out. I know that I see him for the same eight hour duty shift and will continue to work with him for the duration of the mission but some of the memories and feelings are more sexual than just working with him. It seems that my subconscious keeps dredging up things when my attention wanders just a little like the scent of his sweat when he returned to the dorm after a ride on his Harley or how the fabric of his flight suit clings to his thighs or lower back or the recurring question of whether he was wearing any underwear. Would this be the right time to use that age old line “Houston we have a problem!”

Some days recently I have wondered who set up all of this and all of these thoughts have pointed to the shrinks back in Houston that created this crew from the original twelve that started the mission training. I also wonder what they knew that we may not have figured out yet for ourselves. I still remember the final briefing before the flight into orbit and the smirk that several of the ground control crew had. It was like they were all screaming silently, “I’ve got a secret”. I guess that only time will tell.

[Pause recording]

[Computer de-activate cipher Archer Beta]
[Close linked file]
[Resume recording]

If this is true then we may be returning to Earth a lot sooner that any of us hoped for and that can only be a good thing.

[Computer end recording and file]

I silently stared at the screen as the computer stored the file and wonder what to do now. Most of the work I did daily I had nearly automated using a number of neat tricks that the international space agency did not even think of and that included a number of process that could even deal with some of the stranger things that the solar wind could throw at us. Anything that the algorithms could not fix was instantly quarantined until I could deal with them. The only problem with that is that it left me with a lot of time to think and a majority of that was spent think about my co-worker in a variety of erotic ways. I also knew in a way that the shrinks back on Earth would not be too impressed with some of the ideas that were floating through the mind. For all I knew that was one of the reasons that the alternative crew for this mission had been eliminated. The one concrete thing that I did know about the other crew was that the other communication specialist could not think his way out of a paper bag when under stress and that had been show repeatedly during the training. So I was here and he was back on Earth probably pushing information around. I guess that you could say that I was lost in space since I didn’t heard Wynn approach or him calling me just the sudden electrostatic spark that leaped between us as he touched my shoulder and I reacted by jumping.

I can tell you that this type of reaction is normal on Earth and no big thing since gravity holds you in place but in near zero gee of the command area of the ship it sent me sailing across the space quite rapidly. The next thing I knew was that I was in pain. The communication console connected with my left knee and my head with the bulkhead across the compartment.

As the pain receded I suddenly realized that I was feeling the gravity of the habitation ring and seeing a bright light being shined into my eyes by the Medical Officer Graham Stilton. From the stern look I was getting I knew that he was not impressed by this accident. “Well Captain Archer what do you have to say for yourself? I had you pegged as the last person that I would see in my office during the flight but you always seem to want to surprise people.”

I remain silent as he continued his examination and listen to him ask Wynn a couple questions about the lighting in the hydroponics area. When he got to my knee he certainly got my attention again. “ Well Steven consider yourself very lucky, you could have severed the upper connections to you knee cap if you had been traveling any faster and I certainly did not plan on doing surgery this early in the flight.” He then placed the knee in a temp cast and had me sit up.

That was when I felt something jab me in the groin and I remembered the memory crystal in a front pocket of my flight suit. I fished out the crystal and tossed it to Wynn before telling him, “Your latest video request came through last night. Something called “Fractured Spine Hillside” I think. Not sure if it’s a geology seminar or a medical thriller. As he pocketed the clouded crystal he smiled and shook his head. God the power in that smile could have made me melt then and there.

“Neither. It’s a turn of the century classic called ‘Brokeback Mountain’. I haven’t seen it since high school, I figured that it was time to watch it again.” It may have been my imagination but I think that I saw Graham raise an eyebrow at the title. “Well I still have a propulsion check to do and it won’t get done with me talking down here.” With a mischievous grin he left and I think that he knew that I was watching him glide along the ring to the centrifuge’s exit. I knew that it was time to face the lecture that I expected from Graham for not strapping in at all null grav consoles but he surprised me.

“Steve, we need to talk.” Great that meant that he something serious since for the most part he just called me ‘Archer’. It also meant that he wanted to help and not because it was his job. He quietly sealed the compartment before turning to me and leaned against the examination table. “I’ve been meaning to chat with you about your stress indicators.” What indicators was he talking about?

He looked at me for a second not sure of how to approach the issue then decided that the direct approach was the best course. “Steve, over the past few weeks Houston has noticed that parts of your journal entries are encrypted in sub files and that the general tone and stressing of the entries show that something big is eating you.” He stopped to watch my reaction to his statement and he knew that he was right. I just could not look him in the eye at that point and sat there for a minute thinking about just telling him but I was not sure of his response to the problem.

I looked up and just said, “Options?”

He seemed relieved that I was looking for the help. “You have four: medication for the remainder of the voyage, talking with the team in Houston via vid gram, talking to me or using the Elysian Fields simulation”. He could tell just from my reactions that the first and second options were non starters. The third did have its possibilities but something was holding me back. “I guess that your choice is behind door number four”. I just nodded to him as he when to get the crystal that held the simulation for me. As he unsealed the compartment after giving me the sim, he looked at me sternly and told me, “You are on half duty for the next week to give the knee time to heal and I want to have received notification from the computer that you have used the sim at least once in that time. Now get out of here so I can get back to bed.”

Since there was only an hour left before my shift ended I decided just to hobble over to the galley, grab something to eat then head to my sleeping cubicle to think things over. I found that I was not interested in food so five minutes later I was laying back on my bed and staring into the cloud of the data crystal and wondering if this was the right approach to the Wynn problem.

At least the sim headset was the latest model that was available and was able to directly interact with the wearers neural thought patterns without having to drill any holes into the skull. The one thing that it would not win, would be a fashion award, it looked and felt like a swimmers diving cap. I guess that we can’t have everything. After slotting the crystal in a bed side reader, I laid back and waited for the sim to start. After a few seconds I hear this voice in my head asking, “Are you resting comfortably?” I nodded and the voice continued, “Then we shall begin.”

For the most part the simulated forest looked real but flowering trees had no scent and the background a little too crisp for a real horizon but it was very good. I started to wander through the forest and began noticing that I was not the only human in the forest. It seems that they were all wearing Greek togas and that there was an equal mix of men and women taking in the sights. After following a well tread path I found a cave entrance with the words “Know thyself” inscribed next to it. That sounded good and entered the cave.

I could tell you the entire tale of my adventure in the sim but that would spoil things for you when you decide to use it. What I will tell you is that when the sim finished several hours had passed and I found that I had a several spots where the groin of the flight suit were saturated and very sticky to the touch. I knew what the body wanted that much was for sure.

Over the next week I used the sim several more times with similar results and a much clearer idea what needed to be done but I was no clearer as how to achieve the end goal. That was until the follow up with the MO. The fact that he had arranged for the checkup in my time zone and not his was certainly significant.

“Two things, “he said as he packed up hit medical kit, “First your neurochemistry is back to normal and that is good but the knee is still need another week to heal completely.” In a way I wanted to get back to work fully but in this cast he word was law and there was nothing I could do about it. “Since you have some time on your hands”, he said, “I think that you could use this” tossing me a data crystal.

“What’s this, another sim?” I asked gazing into the crystal.

“No a movie, something tells me you need to watch this one” I looked at him a little mystified with more than a few questions in my gaze. “No I have not taken up being a psychic as a side hobby since there are no tea leaves on board but I think that you need to return to a younger you.” And with that he glided out of the exam room leaving me looking into the crystal.

It was several days before I remembered the movie by which time I really needed something to take my mind off all of the day dreams that I had been having and thought what the hell. Relaxed in my cabin, I slotted the crystal and waited for the movie to start. With a start, I realized that this was the movie that Wynn had ordered, it was then I started to wonder how Graham had gotten a hold of it. I almost stopped the movie seeing it was a western. I was never a fan of westerns but something told me that I needed to see this. As the end credit scrolled past I saw why Graham had given me the film and I started to see that all of the dreams I had been having lately had a very good chance of becoming reality. I needed a plan and I started to laugh when an idea hit me, it couldn’t be that easy.

I once heard that the way to a man’s heart was his stomach, I decided to get him through his email. I created a simple little program that would make subtle and random changes to his personal mail and let it loose. In a way I was just recreating some of the mail that we all had gotten over the past weeks. The best of them we posted on the mission whiteboard like the mission control request for fuel usage that was displayed in flaming red gothic script on a black background. So I waited until he could not stand it any longer and called me for help. It took a week until one very personal message was really altered.

We were on the control deck and everything seemed normal and about to make a small correction in our course. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Wynn had started to call up his mail and waited for some reaction. The first few appeared normal before he was staring at one that was lime green and black and in Greek. That one created a subtle growl in his throat before he clicked for the next one. The next one was a birthday video gram from his grandmother. I had to restrain laughing out loud at how the program had changed the message. The saintly image on the screen kept changing colour. One second she was green, then purple, then yellow then a shade I could not even describe and with every change in her coloring the background changed too. Well that did it and I knew that it was my chance when he screamed, “Archer get over here and fix this”.

I gingerly walked over to his console and innocently ask him what was wrong. Standing behind him I watched the image turn blue and yellow. He just pointed at the screen and growled. I rested my hands on his shoulders gently and told him that I could fix the message for him. I slowly leaned closer to him till I could whisper in his ear and let my hands ghost there way down his muscular chest and brush his nipples. I could feel the electricity building until a spark could have leaped across and gap separating us before I moved my hands to tap a short command on keyboard in front of him. In the silence that followed the messages abrupt redirection I breathed in his scent and let it carry me the next step of slowly kissing his neck.

It was at this point that the course correction began causing the control deck to slowly loss gravity and we floated free of the floor. In mid air Wynn did a slow turn until he was facing me and gave me a slow and very passionate kiss on my lips as he wrapped his arms around me. We kissed until we bumped into the cabin’s ceiling and both laughed at the thought of floating around the room in each others arms. I knew that I could spend the rest of the time we were weightless just kissing him but Wynn had other ideas by the way he slowly started to grind his body against mine and the heated look of lust in his eyes.

Silently he drew down the zip on my flight suit till he reached my navel before letting his tongue taste the sweat on my skin and tease each of my nipples. By this time I was rock hard and I wanted to sample his erotic musk for myself. As I kissed him I followed his lead going that one extra step till his own hard shaft was out in the open and begging to be pleasured. With a deft hand I set his body rotating before me till his crotch was at eye level and I could enjoy the scent of his groin.

As much as I wanted to swallow him whole at the first whiff of his sweat I decided to bath the length of his cock slowly and teasingly with the tip of my tongue till it glistened with my spit. I lapped up the beads of savory dew that started to form at the tip of his shaft before giving his two heavily laden balls a similar treatment. Wynn decided that the direct approach was more to his liking and he allowed the entire length of my shaft to be swallowed between his warm lips. With a final lick of my tongue I released his balls and began to let the velvety skin of his shaft pass my lips and began to massage its entire length with my mouth. And so cart-wheeled around the control deck giving and receiving pleasure till the warning klaxon sounded and we sank back to the deck. It was then that we separated before touching the deck. As he came to rest on top of me I could feel that the jar of his landing caused him to climax. I felt splash after splash of his seed land on my chest and I could no longer hold back. I coated his face and hair in my own explosions of pleasure.

As the glow receded we looked at each other and had to smile at the happy mess that we had made of each other. Resting in each others arms on the deck we hugged and kissed again. It was then that Wynn let me in a little secret. The reason that our team had been selected was due to two things. Our individual skills and that we all were gay. Houston had then ensured that we had a partner that we could love. OK. It took a bit of time but I knew that the rest of the mission was good to go and “Houston we don’t have a problem.”

The shaft

It was a hot muggy Friday afternoon in august and I was ready for some serious relaxing during the weekend. I would not have come in to the office today if I did not have to finish a report for Monday morning. Now I am glad that I had to. The dress code that day was casual and I worn my favorite pair of faded blue jeans, a tight white T-shirt and my leather jacket just in case it decided to rain.

At lunch the humidity was even worse than the weather reports predicted and my T-shirt started to stick to my chest. In the elevator core waiting for the express up to my floor, I noticed a pair of repairmen working on another of the cars. They were both wearing dark blue coveralls but one of them caused me to take serious notice. He must have stood six feet and very well muscled. He filled his coveralls so well that they seemed to have been painted on his well-built frame. The zip was partially down revealing his pecs and a light layer of chest hair. At that point my cock took notice and started to harden in my jeans. The elevator finally came and I had to go brush past him to get into the car. As the doors started to close I saw him looking directly at me and smiling.
By three o'clock I was hot and horny as hell. The air conditioning for the building had failed around 1:30 and there were reports of brown outs happening all over of the city. Since I did not feel like walking down 25 floors I decided to file the report in my bosses in tray for Monday and get out while the going was good. When the elevator finally arrived, the interior lighting seemed to be darker than normal and I took it as a good sign for leaving and I hoped that I could get out of the building before something happened

My luck did not last, as the elevator past 15 and enter the express section of the shaft the car slowed, then stopped and the lights went out. Great, I was a fourteen and a half floor above ground, in the dark and horny. I found the emergency phone and called down to the security desk only to find that the entire building was blacked out and they would be sending someone to get me out of the elevator.

I did not have to wait long. Fifteen minutes later I heard someone land on the roof of the elevator car. I figured that it was one of the security guys for the building. Light began to pour in when the roof hatch open spotlighting me in one of the corners of the car. "Are you O.K." a shadowed form called down to me.

"I'm fine, any idea how long this is going to last." I said, trying to place the voice of the hidden man above me.

"Don't know, heard that the whole city is dark." The beams of light shifted to outside the car. Who ever he was he seemed to be checking something around the elevator shaft. I heard a locking click as he secured himself the elevator cables. The voice brought me back to reality as he called down to me "Hey, catch the flashlight" as he tossed down into the car then followed it down into the car. I barely was able to hold in my grasp as I saw who it was; it was the hunky repairman.
He looked even better close up. I could catch a scent of his after-shave mixed with the musky scent of his sweat as my mind began to race with different thoughts. With my how my luck had been running this week, I figured that he was straight and married with three kids. Rubbing a bit of cable grease off his hands and onto his meaty thighs,

"Well you will not be going anywhere soon, the blackout seems to have locked the brakes on the car and it can not be fixed until we have power back" As he stood directly under the elevator car hatch, I could see that his coverall zipper was down further than I had seen it at lunch. I could start to see his tight stomach muscles and a trail of dark hair leading down to his crotch.

Then I saw that he had nothing on underneath the coveralls as his semi hard cock snaked down one pant leg. I looked up suddenly as I felt his gaze on me and saw an even bigger smile than before. "Hope you like the view," he said in a quite non-threatening way as I blushed and felt my cock grow harder.
The erotic heat in the car grew hotter when he reached into a chest pocket and pulled out a cigarette, light it and blew a smoke ring out the hatch. He reached up extending his whole frame and placed his smoke on the lip of the hatch of the car. The light from the hatch illuminated every one of his chest hairs and I wanted in the worse way to run my hands through it. Getting closer to him I light up my own cigarette and tried to match his feat but did not come anywhere close. I wanted him in the worst way.

His hand brush against my thighs as he reached up to grab his smoke, that brief contact sent sparks throughout me and ignited the flames of lust within me. I leaned against the side of the elevator car finishing my smoke and let my other hand fall to rest on his right thigh. He finished his smoke and threw the butt through the ceiling hatch and looked me right in the eye, " No need to be shy," he said, " I know what you have wanted since lunch". I took one last drag on my smoke and threw it out the hatch as he pressed his hard body onto mine. We started to explore each other's bodies.

He reached inside my jacket and slowly pushed it from my shoulders, I let it slip off my arms to land in a pile next to my feet. Next the T-shirt was peeled off my sweaty body allowing access to my pecs and nipples. He began to slowly lick a circle around my left nipple them before starting to suck on it. As he licked his way to the other nipple I slipped my hands under his coveralls and forced them from his shoulders and peeled them down to knees. I finally caught sight of what he had packed in those coveralls. His dick had to be seven inches semi hard with a pair of large low hanging balls surrounded by a heavy thatch of fine blond hairs.

The car was definitely heating up when he began to open my button fly with his teeth and I started to pinch both of his nipples softly. With the last button he reached up and yanked my jeans down to my ankles and buried his nose in my crotch inhaling the scent of my sweaty groin. With long slow licks he began to bath my now rock hard cock as I began to twist one then the other of his erect nipples. He let out a groan and began to suck my cock like a wild man while he began to massage my ass with his hands.

I then lost my balance and fell forward on to him. He did not miss a stroke but broke off when I suggested another position; I wanted a taste of his sweaty piece of meat. With his cock inches away from my face I could see pearls of precum forming in his piss slit. I gently lick these gems from the head and savored the mixture of sweet precum and his sweat. I then dove in for a real taste. I let my lips slowly slide down the meaty shaft until I had my nose in his golden crotch hair. I could tell that he was getting close when the trickle of precum became a flood and I pulled up for air. I knew where I wanted his cock and it was not down my throat. I think he could scene it to, as he suck my cock his hands had been exploring my ass crack and my hole.

I reach over to my jacket and pulled out a condom and a pack of lube and threw them to him. As he geared up I positioned myself in one of the corners of the elevator. A cool lube covered finger probed my hole and signaled the beginning of a ride that I will never forget. He plunged into my ass with a single stroke and held it there for several seconds then he began to fuck me hard and well. As wave after wave of heat rose up from my ass I could feel his sweat drip onto my back. I leaned further into his stoke so he could push that shaft of meat further into me. As he strokes became harder I could feel the car around us begin to shake. The only sounds in the cars were the slap of his heavy balls against my ass and our mutual groans of pleasure.

His breaths became shorter and shorter and he wrapped his arms around me. I knew that he was close and I tightened my ass muscles around his cock with a final hard stroke and a groan that seemed to shake the car, I could feel him cum deep within me. Instead of pulling out of me he began stroking my hard cock. With both hands on my dick he yanked my large load out onto the floor of the elevator.

We both had just enough time to pull on our clothes when the lights came back on and the car started to descend toward the lobby. I offered to buy him a beer at a bar next door so that we could get more acquainted with each other. He accepted and we spent the rest of the afternoon making plans for the next time that he would be inspecting the building's shafts.

The underground

It was a Friday night and I was looking for some action. I decided to go all out and dressed in full leathers, then added my new navy and light blue hankies to my right pocket. I decided that my black leather wallet would show as my black hanky in the subdued light of the bar. As a final touch I added a pair of handcuffs to the right epaulette of my favourite motorcycle jacket and a chainmaiile collar to an inside pocket. In a backpack that I always take to the bars I threw a pair of grey coveralls for the way home if I needed to change after the bar and take public transit.

An hour latter, I was in my favourite spot, next to one of the bar's pinball machines, sipping a beer in one hand and smoking with the other, watching the crowd swirl in front of me and looking for action with the right man. Then I saw him. He was slightly shorter in height that I am, a little over weight and dressed in a leather bomber jacket and biker chaps. I saw him stop, look at the pinball machine, then at me. I could feel his gaze rake down me from my confederate style cap to my tight leather pants and knee high boots. I could see that he was getting hot from what he saw as he raised an eyebrow at the handcuffs. I smiled and nodded at him, then turned to have a game or two of pinball. I wanted him to come to me and submit to what I had planned. I could see him stand there as I played, losing the first game then winning the second and matching as well. I now had two extra credits.

I paused as he approached me with a pint of draught in one hand and his own beer in the other. He placed the pint in front of me saying; "to the victor goes the spoils". I thanked him for the drink and introduced myself. "Please to meet you sir, my name is Duane". I could tell from his accent that he was a visitor to Toronto.

I led him outside to one of the free tables on the bar's patio so that we could talk and explore the possibilities of getting into some action together. It was a warm night and I watched as he unzipped his jacket revealing a relatively thick pelt of hair. I could see his nipples nesting in the chest hair and started to wonder how that would taste. He beat me to it. When I removed my jacket I felt his hand on my right thigh as he reached over the table to caress my nearly hairless chest under my leather vest and harness. He slowly played with my nipples until they were hard, then got up and licked each one till they glistened in the patio's soft light. We both knew that things could not go further than this, the bars really frowned upon patrons have sex on their patios.

We both shared our experiences about work and family but in the backs of our minds we were thinking of where to go that was close and private. His place was out, he was sharing a hotel room with a travelling companion and I have a lover at home that might not appreciate me bring home a plaything. When he excused himself to hit the can I checked out to see if he had and hankies in his back pockets, nope. That left me wondering if he was looking for a top of a bottom to play with this night. He returned with another beer for each of us, when I offered to pay for mine he just smiled and said that it was a pleasure to serving me. Now I really wondered if he might be looking to a master to give him some hot orders to reveal his hot ass and beg to get it plowed by a hard saliva covered cock in some dark alley. I had to smile at that possibility.

We stayed until the bar closed, drinking our beers slowly and talked about everything except what was really on our minds. When the house lights came up I got my first good look at him and knew that I really wanted him in the worst way. I knew that I had to find somewhere to hot and hard with him. Then I was hit with a possible location and knew that I would do almost anything to get us there. He seemed torn between heading back to the hotel or following me. I helped him decide by telling I would walk him part of the way back to his hotel and that we would see what would happen along the way.

Heading back into the downtown core, we passed through one of the cities many parks and I saw a very shadowed group of trees and decided to see how willing he was to some action. As we passed the spot I pulled him quickly into the trees and planted a long and passionate kiss on him forcing my tongue into his mouth. I guess that I shocked him by my sudden actions but I had to find out if what I felt earlier was a passing flame of interest or the full force blaze of lust. I had to give him credit, one he figured out what was happening, and he acted very quickly and with force. We embraced each other tightly and started to explore each other as we continued to kiss. When we came up for air I unzipped his jacket and ran my hand across his chest stopping to tweak his nipples. They were hardened instantly as he let out a groan of pleasure.

I felt his hand slip between us as he unzipped my jacked and started to caress my chest. He started to lick my exposed nipples until they were hard. I let my jacket slip to the ground so that he would have full access to my chest and let myself to cool off a little. He then surprised me as he dove for my left armpit. First sniffing, then lapping up the accumulated sweat that had built up over the night. The smell and taste seem to drive him crazy. He licked and sucked the pit till it dripped with his saliva before he licked clean the right one. The feeling of this hot man worshipping my body like this made my cock so hard it started to ache and started to demand release. I started to groan loudly as he continued to worship my pits and nipples. He seemed to know this was happening for he suddenly dropped to his knees and started to lick at the button fly of my leather jeans.

Just then we both heard a loud snap of wood being broken and knew that this was not the place to get too serious. I could tell that this frustrated him but I knew of a better place and it was two lights away from here. We both straightened up and quietly left the trees. Without a word I lead him to an entrance to one of the city owned parking garages under one of the major office buildings. The good thing about this was that it was open 24 hours and we could enter and exit through the same door without being seen. We headed to the bottom level where I knew we would be completely alone and could do as we please. At the door to the bottom level, he slipped me a quick kiss and a long squeeze of my crotch.

The parking level was completely deserted and with luck would have it one corner of the level was completely dark. I had to thank the universe for this good turn that maintenance had not replaced the light yet. I lit a smoke as we walked across the parking level to the unlit corner and there in the darkness he picked a spot where we could get completely naked if we chose to. On a ledge nearby I threw the backpack and finished my smoke I watched as he stripped off his jeans and put back on his chaps. I hungered for the feel of that ass wrapped around my cock and gently let my leather gloves brush across his ass. But first I wanted a taste of the hairy man.

I gently ran my gloved hands over his chest to feel the coarseness of his chest hair and to waken his nipples. I then held him tightly as is nibbled on his neck and right ear before starting to work my way down his body. I stopped at his right armpit and tonguing it clean and tasting his salty sweat. I knew that I got his attention when my teeth ran across his right nipple roughly before licking it hard. As I played with his right I pinched his left nipple till it was as hard as his right, then gave it the same treatment that the right one got. Trailing further down I cleaned out his belly button and was surprised to find it scrupulously clean.

When I passed the buckle for his chaps I felt his hands on the back my head. I knew what he wanted but he would have to wait. I started to lick his cock in long strokes. It was rock hard at this point and wanted release in the worst way, but not in my mouth and not this night. I worked lower and started to lick his balls. When his sack was coated in spit I suck one then the other of his balls into my mouth and let my tongue tease them. I then took just the head of his cock into my mouth. I could feel the pressure he was applying to me to take his entire cock but I wanted to tongue just the tip. I heard him groan loudly in pleasure and saw his ball sack draw closer to his body in anticipation of cumming and I let his cock slip out of my mouth.

When I stood I saw how close he had gotten and he had to take a few moments before we continued. He was covered in sweat the shone in the shadows of out location and noted again how hot this man was. He took a step closer to me pressing me against the ledge and proceeded to give my body the same treatment that I had just given him. When he got to my leather jeans he gently opened them with his teeth. With opening the last button, he yanked down the jeans to the tops of my boots and started to lick my sweaty balls I spread my legs to give him better access to my crotch and leaned back groaning in pleasure. I felt his lips tease the tip of my cock and his hands grabbed my ass checks before he slowly sucked the entire length of my cock down his throat. As he sucked my cock I felt his hands explore my ass crack and start to rub my hole. I then felt one of his fingers invade my hole and he set up a rhythm with his mouth. On another night wee could have fucked each other in this quiet location but the universe had other plans for this night.

I suddenly head one of the garage's doors close followed by booted footsteps. Coming from the same entrance that we had used was one of the site's security guards doing his rounds. I had to smile, I knew him, his long hard cock and knew what he would want if he found us. He really looked hot in his tailored police style pants and leather jacket that they had for cool nights. As Duanne's suction increased I groaned loudly and the guard heard me and headed directly for us. When he entered the darkened are I heard him say, "Hello Keith, I knew that I would find you here tonight. I even switched shifts with a buddy just to be here. I hope that you like the setting, I arranged very carefully for you"

Duane suddenly stopped in mid stroke and pulled away from me quickly. He was probably afraid that he was going to be arrested for having sex in a public place but I did not move a muscle, which really must have confused him. Duane looked at me and said, "you know him?"

I nodded and said, "Duane please meet David". David smiled at me and I knew what he wanted and what he would get. Fine by me I would get Duane's sweat ass and David would get mine. I saw that David's cock was already semi hard in his pants. Silently he unzipped the jacket to show his bare chest. Then unzipped his pants and hauled out his cock giving it a slow stroke. I reached over to my jacket and grabbed two condoms from one of the pockets I knew that both might get used tonight.

As David got closer to the two of us I could see Duane thinking in flight or fight mode. I reached over to him and pinched his left nipple to reassure him. He drew closer to me still not sure what was going on. I think he realised how things were going to be played out when David grabbed my ass and gave it a hard squeeze.

I did not have time to tell Duane about David nor the hot scene that happened between us a month earlier but I knew that he would witness at least part of it. Briskly David ordered me to lean against the ledge in a frisking position and for Duane be start to rim my ass for all its worth. I saw that Duane started to get hard again at the order. He started to tongue my ass with hot little strokes and let the tip of his tongue enter my hole. When my ass was completely cover in spit under his watchful eye, David then ordered Duane to suck him hard slip one of my condoms onto his salvia-coated cock. He then order Duane do the same to me with the same tender care.

With his flash light David then arranged us against the wall, Duane first, then me right behind him and ordered me to mount Duane. Duane's ass was tight and warm package that seemed to enclose my cock like a glove. I reached around Duane to pinching his nipples as I steadied myself for the next act in this scene. I felt David's tip of his hard cock slither down my ass crack before he entered my hole. With the tip within me he plunged the entire length into my ass. It’s a weird feeling being fucked as you fuck someone else but it can be very erotic if the ultimate top knows what he is doing and David does. As David pulled his cock out of my ass slowly I felt my own cock pull out of Duane hot ass. On the return stoke we refilled each ass. David moved back a few inches giving me some room to swing my torso.

As I pulled out of Duane's ass, David's hard cock fuck me. As the tempo of my own fucking increased so did David's. As the heat increased I reached down to Duane's hard cock and started to stoke him. I felt that Duane was getting close and tried to time my climax with his, I knew that even after I came that David would still a while before he shot his own hot load into my ass. Duane's breathing got shorter and shorter as we continued, then with a heavy groan he shot several long strings of pearly cum on the concrete in front of him. The clenching of his ass muscles sent me over the edge and I filled his ass with my own equally large load of cream. By this time, everyone was covered in sweat but we were not finished.

As Duane and I slowly recovered, David closed the distance between us and continued to fuck my ass in long hard strokes. With me still impaling Duane on my still hard cock the fuck got hotter and harder until David let out a shout of pleasure and plunged his cock fully into my ass and began to fill it with cream. David allowed his cock to get soft before he withdrew it from my ass. I then slowly slip out of Duane and allowed him to move from the cramped position he ended up in.

David was smiling as he rearranged his clothing and I lit a smoke to watch Duane put back on his pants. David then told me with a laugh that he wanted to repeat the action that had happen the month before and that he would be very happy to repeat all of this again. He then gave me his home number and told me to call ahead a week in advance to be able to have some more fun. I think that Duane looked at me then at David as we both laughed at the tough of more hot action in the underground.


I have to admit that it has been one hell of a week. I have to tell you about this since no one else will and it is an example of military payback in its fullest. It all started last Monday when I was felling out of sorts. It may have been due to the fact that my bunk mate Sergeant Williamson was working the graveyard shift and I missed his hot body next to mine in the showers but, I still had a feeling of the other boot to drop and it would be from a great height.

After breakfast at the mess I wandered over to my office only to be meet by the smiling face of my administrative assistant Rose Schwarts. Rose was one of those that the army did not seem to be the ideal job but it suited her. She was attractive and in her mid twenties but she as tough as nails and did not put up with any foolishness from anyone regardless of rack. The fact that she was also in the top five personnel at precision grenade throwing also seem to put off the guys which was fine by her since she was also a lesbian. Now you know why her army nickname is Steel.

Entering the office, I noticed that she was hard at work on something and did not immediately look up. When she heard the close she looked up, ”Morning Lieutenant the captain stopped by and dropped off the personnel files for the reservist that will be assigned to our unit and he wants you to give them their partners and positions.” O.K. that did not sound so bad duties for the first task on a Monday morning, Now for the bad news.

“How many are we getting?” I asked.

“A total of twenty, ten this week and ten the week following. I placed the urgent ones on the top of the pile on you desk, oh the Captain also said that he will be able to see you about the reservist this morning if there is any problems.”

I thanked her and headed for the task that might take me most of the day. The pile of files was not a thick as I had feared but there was still a lot of work ahead fitting them into our unit without causing a pile of trouble. The first few were relatively easy since they would fit in perfectly in the motor pool with Ash and Bowesworth. The next one could be fitted into Paul’s unit with his accounting knowledge. The next five, I assigned to security since they were really short on staff and it looked like first ten would be integrated with no real problems.

The final file was thicker than the rest. It had several notes attached to the file about the fact that this reservist was seeking full active service in the Army. That meant that several of the medical and psyche reports had been updated. Normally I don’t look at the name of the reservist but this time I wanted to see who was that gung ho about joining at this time with everybody hyped up about the was rumors.

Gibbson, Andrew - He was a motorcycle constable in a police force in a nearby city. I knew that Gibbson was a real common name in the state but I started to wonder. The file also contained an updated copy of his police personnel file since we needed it for our files. He was married five years but no children. Now that was odd since most policemen are always horny and wanted children. Assigned to highway patrol after a charge of abusing prisoners while during the vice unit, but charge was never proven and his brass though it best to remove him just in case. I scanned the police psyche report and noticed that their shrink thought that Gibbson was a closet case that hated him self for it and may have taken his aggression out on suspects. I then looked at the army’s shrink report and saw the same options were being mentioned with a postscript stating that he could be a loose cannon in the wrong unit and recommended that his application for army services be denied.

Near the bottom of the file were the police file photos. These were used for the ID badges. Time seemed to stop for a while when I realized who it was. It was HIM, the one that roughed up Paul and myself during the job fair that we did months ago. I guess that I saw red for a while before I started to think straight and knew that this was something I had to talk with the captain about.

I grabbed the file and headed out of the office telling Rose where I was going. Normally it takes men close to ten minutes to reach the captain’s office but that day I covered the distance in less than half that time. It looked like the Captain had known about this because the Captain’s new assistant Carl saw me storming up the hall and stated, “ He’s expecting you.” before waving me into the Captain’s office. My boss was standing looking out his office window when I came in. when he heard the door slam behind me he turned, took one look at the look on my face and said “I know”

Wearily I slumped into one of the chairs in front of his desk. Several things went through my head while I sat there but all I said was “now what do we do about it?”

The Captain walked back to his desk before answering, “several things,” he said, ” Firstly, it is in your right to refuse him in any capacity, the grounds are plainly stated in the medical reports.” I was about to comment when the Captain raised his hand stopping me. “ The way I read him is this, if he is rejected for permanent service in the army his police carrier will also be finished. I talked with his unit commander before I gave you the file and from what I gather from that talk the police force is about ready to wash their hands of him.”

That caused me to sit up and raise an eyebrow in surprise. All I had to comment was “Oh” and started to wonder what else this constable did that might cause that type of move.

“It seems that the revered constable is suspected to a number of severe beatings reported along the city’s waterfront, all of the victims were gay and they reported to the police that it was someone in the city’s police uniform. The only officer that does not have an iron clad alibi for all of the beatings are our man. Then there are also a rather large number of police handcuffs also missing and this also fits the beating reports. I am sure that you are fully of aware of that fact, you have two of the missing handcuffs in your possession, I think. From what his superiors underlying tone about Mr. Gibbson, I think that they hoped that the army would take him off their hands and that would be the end of it from their point.”

I let all of information sink in and started to think. “O.K., so he is in a no win situation and he does not know that yet. I gather that you have a few ideas how we can get past this and make a real man out of him.” At this the Captain nodded and briefly laid out his idea of how PC Gibbson’s conversion could and would take place. I had to admit that when the Captain lets his vicious side out he lets it have full reign and to hell with the consequences. By the time the Captain finished explaining his plan I knew that this was going to be one hell of an initiation into the army mixed with a fair bit of brutal retribution for his past actions. I won’t explain the plan here you will just have to continue reading.

I slowly walked back to my office, thinking about the events of the up coming weekend and started to grin. My smile must have been blazing by the time I reached the office because Rose suspected something immediately and had to know what caused my sudden change in mental states. Since I thought that this information was not suited for the office I told her that I would explain it over lunch and that I was buying. And since it was just short of noon we closed up shop a little early and started to walk over to the junior ranks club for lunch, I felt like celebrating today.

She noticed almost immediately that we were not heading for the mess for lunch and looked me squarely in the face and said “O.K. out with it.” This was what I loved about Rose; she did not beat about the bush and always wanted the straight truth.

We continued walking as I said, “Do you remember the job fair?”

“Of course, all those resumes from kids that could not tell me the pointy end of a gun from the flat end. That was the first assignment where I really felt like I was part of a team and that was all Paul and your doing. I also know that something happened to you and Sergeant Williamson on the last night their. I have never seen you so protective of anyone than you were of Paul during the last day of the fair. It seems to me that the two of you could not wait to put the city and the whole experience behind you. Hell we broke down the booth and bugged out of town like the city was on fire or something.”

As she was talking I remembered the aftermath of that night with Paul crying himself to sleep in my arms. I don’t think that we both got much sleep that night but I think that it helped that we had each other and just the comfort of another person helped make it somewhat bearable. I really had to control myself before speaking but I think that the sequence of emotions that must have gone over my face confirmed several things to her.

When I really did not respond other than to grunt she stopped and turned to me and said, “Right, I’m in. Who is the bastard that did worked you two over, one of the new postings. “ All I could do was nod. We started again to walk silently as she seemed to think about something. “On a not so wild guess I figure that it has to be PC Gibson who did it.” I said nothing to that but kept on walking. “It has to be him, he had the opportunity and quite possible the motive. I did read his file, that was why he was no the very bottom of the pile for this week. I figured that you were going to reject him right then and there. Instead you head to the Captain’s office. So am I right?”

I almost felt resigned to this fate, “All right Mrs. Holmes, you are correct on all counts. So what do you think that we should do about him?” I said in a low voice. I could see that several ideas came to her, each nastier than the last.

“I gather that turfing his sorry ass out of the army is not an option right.”

“That’s right Rose, the Captain told me that this guy is also a suspect in a number of sexual assaults, other than our two.”

“Oh he’s a precious little weasel. Well you could always cover him in honey and give him us girls on base and we’ll solve your problem for you.” Now having PC Gibson ripped apart by Rose and her compatriots were a very tempting idea but not what was planned for him. I laughed at the idea and shook my head negatively. “ O.K. how about this him stacked to the bulls eye of the grenade zone and Paul gets to shove a live grenade where the sun does not shine and then pull the pin.”

Now there was an idea that only a really vicious mind could come up with. “You could call the Captains plan sex, lies and video tape.” I told her. “Let me explain exactly what is in store for PC Gibson, I am sure that you will enjoy every detail of the plan.” And that is exact what I did over an extended lunch.

The next several days seem to flow by with out any real notice as the various parts of the plan were quietly and secretly put into place. I felt relaxed that he would be getting just exactly what he deserved and certainly planned to have one hell of a party after. Rose did her part in the plan so expertly that I think that no one noticed that she had helped in placing our prospective victim in the right place at the right time.

On Wednesday PC Gibson arrived on base and was sent to my office for assignment. I hopped that he did not recognise my last name on the door and as luck would have it he didn’t. At the time of his arrival I was in a meeting with the captain and several others officers talking about the placement of future surveillance cameras around the outer perimeter of the base. The new one that we were talking about using were specially designed for low light conditions and I knew that the captain had plans for one of them during the weekend exercise.

By Friday morning everything was in place and I must admit I was feeling both nervous and excited about the upcoming event. It had been decided that there were going six of us teaching this cop the facts of military life myself, the captain, Ash, Bowesworth, Paul and the Captain’s aide Carl. Each one of us had a role to play in this little bit of training and since there would be not a lot of talking during this other than to issue specific orders to the trainee, we had to know exactly what we were doing. That afternoon several batches of our units were sent out on training missions and most of the balance were given weekend passes leaving the base manned by the reservists on base. It was released that the six of us were going to be away most of the weekend dealing with placement of the new cameras.

Packed in our two vehicles were all the gear for the mission and the necessary items for the constables training session hidden amongst it all. The six of us joked about how he might be walking the next day; that was if he could. With quick efficiency we made camp at the first of the locations for the cameras Not much was done after dinner except watch the stars and talk quietly about how our respective sections were doing. We all knew that tomorrow was going to be a very busy day.

We all set out at dawn scouting for the perfect spot to place the first of the half-dozen cameras that we were thinking of placing on this section of the base’s outer perimeter. Since all of them were going to be motion sensitive it really did not matter if there were trees in the way. By lunch we had three of the cameras in place and operational. Their signals would be transmitted to an office next to mine and recorded on DVD’s for permanent storage. Since operation Gibson was not going take place until nearly midnight we had plenty of time to place the other three cameras, have a nap, and suit up for the fun.

At 23:00 hours we started to suit up for our next mission. We were all decked out in black night assault gear, vision goggles and darkened faces just to ensure that no one would be able to identify us on the off chance that anyone saw us. I must admit that we were really charged up as we slowly drove back to the base, I think that it had to with the fact that we were going to get a virgin piece of ass tonight and have it all recorded on a DVD for future enjoyment. PC or Private Gibson was stationed inside the stores warehouse on this night, partially to familiarise himself with the organisation of the stores area. This allowed us unlimited time to train this one properly.

The six of us quietly entered the warehouse and passed almost in front of Private Gibson without his noticing. As we got into position for the initial takedown I almost started to laugh since our student had decided that the exact spot that we were going to use for his training was a good spot for a smoke and a stroke of his dick. I could see the Captain signalling the others that we should wait until he was fully engaged with his cock before we were to grab him.

The look on his face was almost priceless as the six of us appeared out of the gloom and grabbed him. He uttered a sound of stunned shock as we dragged him onto the camouflage netting and started to bind his arms. Next we expertly removed his boots and fatigues and flipped him onto his stomach. Finally we bound each of his feet to a nearby post. By the time he was fully secured his brain had made the vital connection to his mouth and a series of threats and condemnations sprang forth. We watched as he tried to loosen the bonds around his wrists and to regain some form of movement. We he finally realised that neither was possible the threats turned into pleas and ended up with him begging us to leave him alone. During all of this the six of us stood silently in a circle around him and watched his vain attempts at freedom.

Eventually he grew quiet and started to think and we still waited silently around him. We were waiting until he asked what we wanted and what he was supposed to do to satisfy our needs. I noticed the that tears were starting to stream down his face as he begged the Captain who was standing right in front of him what we wanted of him.

Silently the captain unzipped his black assault fatigues and hauled out his hardening cock and waved it in his face. Our captive started to protest that he was no cocksucker and that he was straight but the Captain still stood in front of him in silence wearing him down until sobbing Private Gibson started to lick the Captain’s now hard cock. At this point Ash, who was between Private Gibson’s legs, pulled out a dildo and a tube of water-soluble lubricant for future use in the training exercise before starting to give the Private’s ass crack a good tonguing.

Gibson started to moan as Ash hit several sensitive areas with the tip of his tongue. I know that we all wanted what the Captain and Ash was experiencing before the night was out. I watched as Gibson started to suck on the captains cock with a fervour that I had never seen before in someone who was supposed to be straight and knew from the look on the captains face that he was getting close to climaxing. Suddenly the captain pulled out of Gibson’s mouth and motioned Bowesworth to take his position. Ash moved over to let Carl have a go at Gibson’s ass and we all watched as Carl slowly lubed up the dildo and slowly ran it along the now moist ass crack before slowly inserting it into the pink pucker of Gibson’s hole. As the head of the dildo disappeared inside Gibson jerked a little in pain. Bowesworth noticing this grabbed Gibson’s head and started force feeding his cock into the waiting mouth. This suck was rough and powerful, as Bowesworth was not willing to take any protest from our captive prisoner.

Before this scene got too far, the captain motioned us to change places. Now it was my turn at his mouth and I thought that I would give him time to savour my hard cock while Paul had a go at his ass. I think that all of this may have unhinged Paul a little because as Gibson started to slurp on my rod Paul undid his belt and started to slap Gibson’s ass with all of his energy. Thought Paul did not raise and welts on the ass he was punishing I could see the captain watching closely to ensure that Paul did not do any permanent damage.

I signalled to the captain that I was close to blowing my load and he gently nudged Paul to move. We all watched as the Captain suited up his hard dick and plunged it into Gibson’s ass in a single forceful lunge. Ash just stood in front of Gibson taunting him with his long piece of meat and waited for him to try to suck it.

When the captain suddenly pulled out of Gibson’s ass we all moved again. And so it went, each of us had him suck on our cocks and had a piece of his ass but none of us had had our release yet. As Paul pulled out of his ass the rest of us unchained Gibson and flipped him over onto his back before reattaching the chains. Under the dim light I could see the light sheen of sweat covering his body that we had caused to happen. Then encircling him we all started jerking our cocks to climax. As each of us, released our loads of cum onto his body I watched the expression on Gibson’s face and thought that he looked like he was enjoying himself immensely. The Captain was the last to shoot and he covered Gibson’s face with his sticky load. I could see that Gibson dick was growing harder and harder as each of us shoot and wondered what he would do after we released him.

Silently the Captain motioned us back toward the door before he unchain one of Gibson’s arms and placed the key for the padlock for his feet on his cum covered stomach before following us into the gloom. Silently we headed up a flight of stairs to the walkway that lead to the second floor offices and from there we watched as Gibson slowly unchained himself. Instead of grabbing for his uniform and heading out the door to find the nearest MP we all watched and Gibson slowed started to stroke is hard cock and added his load to ours. He then ran his hand up his sticky chest and licked the mixed cum off of his hand before slowly getting dressed and returned back to his duty station. At that point we all crept out of the warehouse and back to the camp in the woods for tomorrows emplacement of cameras.

The rest of the weekend passed quickly and quietly and in a way I could not wait for the final act in our plan. At my office Rose wished me a good morning and asked about my weekend. I just smiled mischievously and saw her laugh at that before handing me my morning reports and appointment list.

“Any problems?” I asked as I leafed through the folders seeing only routine reports and requisitions.

I saw her frown a little before she answered “Well your appointment at 11:30 hours might be, its Private Gibson, he almost begged to see you today as soon as you got in but I pushed him to that slot so that you could get all of that done first. Should I have the MPs on standby?”

I snapped the report folder I was reading closed and shook my head. “I think that I can handle the Private in private. Oh can you call Sargent Williamson and see if the recordings of the weekend surveillance test are ready, I want to see them before I see the Private.” At that point all I had to do was wade through all this paper and see the test footage before I could make any decisions and I really wanted to know how well a porn star I was.

The paper work really did not take all that long and most of it was done before Rose returned with two DVD recordings of the test that Paul had set up. I scanned the disk quickly and found our scene with the private very easily. Thought the lighting left much to be desired the camera angle was perfect, the only thing that I thought should be added was a soundtrack and I could flog the DVD on ebay. Near the end of the scene I stopped the recording and backed it up a bit and called Rose into my office.

I had her sit in front of the monitor, started the recording and asked her if this was what she though was a good definition for military retribution. For several minutes she was silent then started to laugh. She stopped the recording and continued to laugh even harder. When she regained her normal composure she nodded and said that I had just made her week before returning to her desk and started to laugh some more.

I decided at that point to check the other recording and found that Private Gibson had return the next night to the very spot where we had worked him over to jack off repeatedly throughout his shift each time with a look ecstasy on his face. Well now wasn’t that an interesting highlight for the weekend

As things would have it, just before the Private was to arrive I had to deal with something away from the office so I missed anything could have happened between him and Rose. When I got back I looked at Rose and she just motioned toward the office and said, “He in their.” I nodded and told her to take and extended lunch since I was not sure how long this was going to take. At that she smiled and grabbed her purse and told me to enjoy myself. I smiled at that and nodded before heading into my office.

I found him standing in front of my desk at parade rest. When he heard the door close I think I saw him flinch a little but he didn’t turn around. When I got behind my desk I told him to take a seat and tell me had been so important that he had to see me. He just stood there and looked down at his feet, I guess that he was trying to gather the strength to speak. At this point I threw my sunglasses onto the desk and stood up to walk behind him and asked again why he was here. Still not looking up, I barely heard him speak. “Sir I thought that I should report about the duty shifts on the weekend at the stores depot.”

I grunted at that before adding, “Private I have seen the security recordings already, what about them?” at that his head snapped up and he turned to look at me. I saw a look of all consuming fear but I don’t think that he had recognised me yet which seemed to make things even sweeter.

“Sir, did the recording from Saturday show anything unusual?” I think he started shaking a little as he asked that question.

I returned to my desk and looked him in the eye and said, “are you referring to the encounter you had at 0030 hours with a number of service personnel or your performances the following night at the exact same spot?” I could see that the fear of discovery had locked him in place like a trapped animal. “I am sure you are aware of what this could do to your record with the services Private or should I say Constable Gibson?” I watched as his eyes narrowed slightly and I thing for the first time he looked directly at me.

“You!” was all he said as he started to approach the desk in anger. I stood up and looked at him waiting for him to strike me but something inside him stopped him before things got that far.

“Nice to see you again Constable. I am surprised that you did not recognise the name on my door or when you begged for this appointment this morning. Now then, you are on my turf and things are different than the last encounter. What do have to say for yourself?” I watched as he worked things over in his mind but he remained silent. At this point I looked at him again before speaking “ I see, well then I have several options for you to consider. I can give a copy of the security tapes and the hard evidence that I have with me over to the MPs and let them deal with you before they hand the matter over to your own police department or.” I paused so that the implications of that sank into him. It would mean a really big scandal for him with military disgrace, a possible divorce and some nasty criminal charges “Or, you can convince me to forget everything”

At this point he thought that he had an out as he snarled at me “What evidence could you possibly have.” He stopped short of saying the word “fag” since I could have brought him on charges for it. At this I walked back to my desk and pulled out a folder that I had made weeks earlier. I placed the folder directly in front of him and opened it. He saw within it a medical report and a pair of police handcuffs attached to a lost statement from his department.

As he silently stared at the folder’s contents I told that he forgot to dispose of evidence properly. He had dropped his filled condom into the trash instead of flushing it and I had had the semen checked. He knew that a simple test would prove that it was his. I almost heard something in him snap as his shoulders slumped and he looked at me almost begging me not to destroy everything.

At this point I leaned against my desk directly in front of him and looked directly into his eyes before asking. “Well Private, what course do you want me to take and how will I know that this type of abuse will never happen to another service personnel under my care?” I watched as his eyes dropped to the floor and the silence grew. Then without a word he slowly dropped to his knees and pressed his right cheek in my crotch and sighed deeply.

I knew that at this point I could have bent him over my desk and given him a fucking that he would not of forgotten but I knew that he was still coming to terms with who he was and all that decision entailed. Instead I choose a gentler approach to see him through this. In a voice as gentle as I could make it I told him to get to his feet and gave him a long slow kiss on the lips while I gathered him in a strong hug. As our crotches rubbed against each other I could tell that we both needed relief in the worst way.

As I ended the kiss I reached down and slowly open his fly and fished out his hard cock slick with his pre-cum. I heard a groan escape from his throat as I started massaging his hard meat. I then quickly picked him up, spun 180 degrees and placed him on top of my desk before I slowly swallowed the entire length of his prick. I knew that he was close but I was not expecting him to shoot the instant that the head of his cock brushed the back of my throat. Instinctively he grabbed my head and held me in place as shot after shot blasted into me. As he returned to earth I was allowed to slowly let his softening cock out of my mouth. I looked up at him and saw a wide joyful smile with tears streaming down his face.

Silently he stood up then dropped to his knees and started to massage my crotch with both hands. I stood quietly at parade rest and let him explore at his own pace. It was not long before he had extracted my straining cock and was licking its entire length. When my meat was covered with his spit he started to lick my balls which sent me over the edge faster than I had ever experienced before. The first shot landed on my desk, the remainder of my load he caught on his hand and used to polish his garrison boots with.

Still silent we both looked at each other and smiled. Before he left I told him that if he needed advice that I was always available. As he saluted me smartly I added “ Private, know thyself and you shall go far” I knew that I was going to see a lot more of this Private in private but that is another story.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


In the past several weeks the companies under the lieutenants command had been so busy that the events of the past month seemed to have happened last year. The last assignment that command had given to the lieutenant had been the complete inventory of all of the bases store depots. This of course does sound simple but the two companies were given 48 hours to complete the entire task and that there were four additional depots across the base and none of them used anything similar to our own depot’s arrangement. To make matters worse was that command also wanted us to re-organize everything so that all of the same gear was in one location.

At the meeting that was held at the beginning of this assignment the lieutenant split the two companies into four squads with Ash, Bowesworth, Williams and myself in charge of a squad. With each squad working twelve hours, then twelve off there was always two squads moving and counting all of the amassed stores in a base warehouse that the lieutenant requested to this job. Near the end we still had a pile of gear from the four other stores that was not on any list. We had Williams to a check on gear that had been reported missing or stolen and found that most of the pile on that list. One item that did not show up was an old and rusty World War two bazooka that had to have been here since the base was founded. We jointly decided to give the old thing to the retiring Captain who always thought of himself as a big shot.

Well we did finish the mission earlier than they thought it possible and that had to show that the lieutenant knew what he was doing. I found out later that the stores assignment had been a test of the lieutenant and us. The lieutenant had bet his future on his psychology theories about team work and had paired up his companies accordingly. I think that he also paired us up by something else since I did notice near the end that most of the men that I knew that were gay were together. It seemed to also work with the rest of the men though some of the pairings seemed like fire and ice; they all worked and worked well. The companies were well oiled, or lubed, machines that surprised command and that was why we all were getting our promised promotions.

Yesterday we all watched as the lieutenant became a captain and the retiring captain got his bazooka. This morning we got our promotions and I knew that the captain was proud of what we all did. I have to admit that being assigned a desk job was different that looking after the new recruits and working them into shape but being the bases stores and security chief had its pluses and I had Williams as my chief aide. I had to admit that Williams definitely looked good with those sergeant stripes on the arm of his dress uniform. And I got to see that as often as I wanted since we were now billeted together in a bachelor quarters instead of in barracks.

As Williams and I got our promotions the Captain whispered to us that he was planning a little celebration in his quarters that evening at 2230 hours and that he wanted us to attend. I knew that what the Captain really wanted was some newly promoted butt and I was more than willing to have him fill my ass with his hot officer cock. Well with a little music. Some beer and men what else could a new lieutenant want in life.

Since I was off duty first, I had the shower all to myself, which felt a little lonely, but this day was not the norm. I took a little extra care in making sure that I was totally squeaky clean since I knew that the captain always like to inspect his troops. I was drying off when Williams entered the apartment. I saw him smile as he approached me to give my equipment a slow fondle followed by a long kiss. I felt that he had a plan in mind and I was willing to go with him on this. He told me not to hurry dressing since we had plenty of time before we would hit the mess for something to eat before the Captains party.

By the time Williams had finished his shower I had my dress leather pants on and was starting to tie up my freshly polished garrison boots. I watched as Paul walked out of the bathroom with a towel over one shoulder and his shaving kit in hand. Puzzled I watched as slowly he slipped into his dress leather pants but left the fly open showing off his still hard dick. He started to slowly walk toward the bathroom with the towel and kit when he suddenly changed direction and stopped right in front of me. With a grin he knelt between my legs and started to undo my fly. I was almost instantly hard as he started to massage the entire length of my cock with his tongue. I was ready for him to swallow my cock when he stopped and looked me right in the eye.

“Well Lieutenant, I think that you need to make a clean start of things and I know one area that after inspection needs some taking care of, ” he said, “would you like me to take care of it for you?”

Well he certainly had my interest but I did not quite get his full meaning. I thought what the hell, I certainly had taught him properly and in full military style so I told him “ All right Sergeant, if you see a problem area, clean it up and that is an order.”

His grin grew even wider and I watched as he saluted me crisply from his kneeling position before hearing “Yes Sir. As ordered sir.” With that he slowly pulled down my leather pants till they were near my ankles. Then from in front of him he pulled out his shaving kit and towel. Then it hit me my hot sergeant was going to shave his lieutenant’s crotch and I grew even harder.

He had me lift up so that he could put the towel on the chair under me before he grabbed a can of shaving cream and several razors. He began by clipping the longer crotch hairs before slowly and lovingly spreading the shaving cream over my balls and hard cock. I could see that he was an expert at this as well since he made sure that I stayed hard during the entire operation. When he was done there was not a single hair anywhere near my crotch which felt a little weird but watching him it was almost like him making love to me. I knew that I was going to have to see what it was like to shave someone and asked him if he wanted me to shave him in thanks for his fine job. Before standing he gave my crotch a quick coating of an after shave lotion and told me that he did want his commanding officer to give him the same treatment.

So we changed places and I slowly peeled down his leathers and gave him the tonguing of his life. Then I followed his instructions as to where to start and how to finish. It did feel like I was making love to him and I knew that this was the start of something really long term. When I finished shaving his hot and hard crotch. I wanted him more than I had in the beginning. I would have let this secession get even more serious and more physical if we did not have the Captains get together later in the evening. With a sigh I slowly lathered his crotch with the shaving lotion before I slowly zipped up his fly. With a final squeeze of his now leathered crotch I stood and readjusted myself. We both finished dressing in near silence then we walked over to our new mess hall for dinner.

For some reason I seemed to be preoccupied about tonight and I knew that if the lieutenant wanted my ass that I would give it to him thought I knew that I was more of a top than a bottom. Over desert we talked about how we might surprise the Captain by our entrance and rather whimsically we came up with something that I knew would definitely catch the Captain off guard and everyone would have a good laugh about it later.

The weather was still good enough for us to walk to the Captain’s new quarters with out any extra jackets. At 2225 we showed up at his door ready for anything and everything that might happen and I knew that we both were going to get hard and randy at the least suggestion of booze. I knocked and heard the captain in parade voice telling us to enter and make ourselves comfortable in the living room.

The only things that were in the room were a long black leather sectional, a square glass coffee table in front of the couch and a fully stocked liquor cabinet. There were pieces of art waiting to be hung in the hall showing that the Captain was still in the process of moving in. We sat at either end of the leather sectional waiting for the Captain’s entrance. When we heard his booted feet approach the room I signaled Williams to get ready. As the captain entered the room, we both rushed forward, fell to our knees and pressed our head into the tops of his freshly polished boots and bellowed at the top of our voices “We’re not worthy” before bowing once more ending up prostrated before him.

As we waited for a remark from the Captain I heard another voice from someone standing behind him. “ Who’s not worthy?” followed by a soft laugh. As the laughter subsided, the voice continued, “ Well Ken I see that you still create true loyalty in your troops.”

Finally the captain spoke, “oh will you two get off the floor, especially in front of company.” Then we heard the Captain start to laugh, “ isn’t this type of adoration reserved for private conferences?” As we rose to our feet I saw the owner of the voice, it was a major in the Air force in a tight fitting green flight suit and from all of the badges I think that he was from the Top Gun test squadron.

Handing each of us a cold beer the Major introduced himself with a smile “ So you’re Lieutenant Archer and Sergeant Williams, I’m you bosses old college roomy Major Carl Stetson.” As we all settled on the couch the Major continued, “ Ken has been telling me all about the missions that you have been on and all of your rough work your team has accomplished in such a short time. I think that is a credit to you and to the stud that is commanding you.” I had to admit that the Captain certainly looked the part with his tight dress uniform leathers and just his dress uniform jacket. I really wanted to see him out his jacket and see the expanse of his chest peeking out from the open jacket.

At that I think that Williams and I smiled a little since we heard a grunt come from the Captain. “Well considering how this base was using ancient methods for morale building I knew that I could create a better team even with all of the curves command kept tossing my way and all of the sudden transfers that came with that territory. I just looked at everybody’s psychology reports and paired them accordingly. I loved it; you should have seen commands face when I suggested it to them. In the end, I created two of the best companies of men the base had ever seen.” He paused briefly drinking some of his beer, then continued,” I don’t think that the army knows how good of a morale builder a good fuck really is.”

I looked up the Captain at this point and I saw that he had a wide grin on his face and had to laugh a little at the tough that more than of the two companies were gay. I realized that the Captain had been following my though since he nodded and said, “ a little less than half of the companies are gay but I matched everyone using the same system and got spectacular results. If I hadn’t I would not been here today, I bet command my future in the army that my system was better than theirs was. If we succeeded, then every one in the two companies would end up being promoted or receiving commendations If we didn’t succeed then I was to resign my commission and every team that I built would have been suddenly broken up and sent to the four winds. “

I was shocked that there had been so much at stake in the last few months and I knew that I had to be very grateful to the captain and I would do anything for him at this point. But he had one more thing to say before the party really got started.

I watched as he stood up before Williams and I with a very serous look on his face. Standing a parade rest with his beer behind his back he addressed us, I just hoped that this was not going to be a long speech. “ If anyone here should be grateful it should be me.” I think that he sensed a protesting view coming since he held up his hand stopping me in my verbal tracks. “Hear me out first then you can decide who should be grateful. What I did was allow you all to work at their very best. Well I also let you play at your very best to and I think that helped cement the teams together but it is you two that helped pull it off since they saw how you two operated together and by shear peer pressure they all followed suit. For that I should be the one that salutes you every time you enter my office and not the other way around.” With that he shot both of us a crisp salute then toasted us with his beer. I think that the Major, who had been watching all of this happen, decided that he had seen enough serous moments for one evening when he remarked, “So Ken where is this APC you wanted me to try out this night. Times a wasting and I am hornier than I was in college right now.”

Now I was confused, what APC? I didn’t see one parked out front. The captain started to laugh as he put on some music on the stereo and got everyone another beer. I gave the Captain a questioning look when he handed me my beer “He means Army Personnel Cock and if you interested Steve you and the major can get it on later.”

Now that got my interest since I had rarely gotten the chance to be with an airman of any rank and if major wanted to ride my cock I knew that we both would enjoy the ride. I also knew that I would enjoy being the Majors landing strip as well if he wanted a piece of ass. At the Captain’s suggestion we both removed our shirts and ties so that the three of us were on the same level. The major did make a flashy show of slowly unzipping his flight suit to just below his navel and displayed a hint of what was hidden under the nylon of the suit. It definitely looked like it was going to be one hot night.

At Carl’s suggestion, the coffee table was moved into one of the rooms corners leaving the front of the couch free and a wider section of the carpet for action. Then the lights dimmed slowly and I watched as the Captain knelt in front of Paul and Carl in front of me. I had a ringside seat as the Captain started to use his tongue on Paul, starting right at the tip of his right boot and slowly worked his way toward the growing expanse of his crotch. Carl on the other hand was being more direct as I started to feel his hands caress my inner thighs. As much as I wanted to watch Paul get the tonguing of his life I was drawn to watch the hot-to-trot major between my legs.

Carl certainly must have been really horny. It seems that he was in no mood for making slow passionate love but wanted hard cock in the worst way. I watched as he open my fly with his teeth and peeled back the leather with his tongue. By the time my fly was fully open, my cock was hard as a rock and begging for attention. As I started to ooze pre-cum Carl lapped it up with the tip of his long tongue before swallowing my entire prick in one quick move. I almost shot at that point but my attention was drawn away from my crotch by a gasp from Paul as the Captain started to lick the entire length of his straining dick. If this is how they wanted to show their thanks I was all for it. I think that the major realized how close I was to blowing my load because he came up for air and started to work my tits with his hands giving my dick a break. To allow him better access to my chest I removed my jacket and threw it behind the couch.

I saw that Paul and the Captain had already removed their jackets and was squirming under the loving attention that the captain was giving to his loaded ball sack and was groaning loudly in pleasure. As much as I wanted to watch the Captain blow Paul I wanted to see what the major had hidden in his flight suit. I figured that it was time for the two of us to get more comfortable on the floor and leaned forward so that I could slide down next to him. He knew what I wanted and as he continued to suck on my right ball he arranged it so that I had a crotch eye view of him. I saw that his dick was long and straining against the fabric of the flight suit. I noticed that the suit had a double zipper and decided that his cock needed air. With my teeth I pulled the zipper up till it bumped into the other zipper end and allowed me a perfect view of his sweaty crotch.

Dam if the man was not completely shaved as well. I wondered if the Captain was shaved as well and I guess that I would find out in time. As I started to spit coat this airman’s hard flight stick I noticed that Paul and the captain had followed our lead and were now next to us on the carpet. There we were in the living room floor in a sixty-nine with our partners and loving it.

Then I felt another mouth on my cock and looked down to see the Captain slurping on my cock like a hungry man. I was still sucking Carl’s cock, the major was licking Paul’s crotch and Paul was savoring the captain’s long piece of meat. Then we changed partners again; I started to suck on Paul’s now spit covered crotch and he on mine. I looked over as the Captain and the major began licking each other intensely. Then we changed cocks again. This time I got the captains rod and Paul got the Major’s. And so it continued, like a cock suckers ballet, for quite some time slowly switching partners until we were all had saliva covered crotches and were ready for the next act to begin.

Almost on cue the music changed to something more aggressive and I knew that the next act was about to begin. We separated slowly from the cock we were licking at the time and decided to get more of our clothes off. As the Captain, Paul and I rushed to remove our boots and leather pants I saw the Major start to wave his tight, nylon covered ass in my direction and knew what he wanted from me.

As I tried to figure out how he wanted me to shag his ass, the Major reached behind his back and showed me a little secret about his flight suite. Slowly almost in a stripe tease like fashion he undid a Velcro hidden zipper in the seat in the flight suit creating an entrance to reveal his well muscled ass cheeks and the gateway to pleasure for my personal inspection. I had to admit that this airman was full of surprises and all of them good.

As I admired the Major asset in front of me I caught sight of the Captain suiting up Paul’s hard cock with a green condom and some lube for the passage into the Captain’s hole of delight. Then I felt the major back on my cock making it slick with his spit. I watched him as he suited me up with a navy blue condom before he smeared the lube on my latex encased member.

Paul and I kissed each other quickly as we watch the Major and the Captain kneel on the carpet in front of us. They both wanted it dogie style and I knew that this was not going to be a night to forget. I would have gone and had a taste of the Majors assets but I knew that this was not the time of the place for me to sample the musky scented tang of his man sweat covered hole. Once in position I heard the Captain order Paul to mount him and to give him every thing that Paul could give him. I think that this opened something inside of Paul’s mind because he seemed to attack the Captains ass like it was an amphibious landing and started to give it a ramming it may have never seen. Since I could not be outdone by my aide performance, I launched my own assault on the Major’s ass and started to match Paul stroke for stroke.

As we rammed our cocks into officer ass we could see the Captain and the Major start French kissing and nibbling on each other’s necks. Could see that Paul was having a grand time filling the Captain’s hole and wondered how it felt to have your boss on the end of your primed pole. I can tell you that the Major certainly had a very tight ass and knew how to use it to his full advantage. At one point I reach around the major’s muscled body and gave his hard pecs a gentle squeeze much to his enjoyment.

For their part the Captain and the major looked like they were both enjoying the rides they were getting and were now both covered in sweat. The major’s flight suit had started to stick to his firm body in several places and I knew that this fuck secession could not last forever. By the time that I was ready to fill the Major’s butt with my creamy payload I noticed that Paul was also ready to fire into the Captain. I signaled him that we should fire at the same time and I could see that he was almost there.

With a pair of loud groans Paul and I released our payloads at the same time in to our respective targets. For my part I felt that I had achieved escape velocity and had the best experience in a very long time. Paul might have been a little surprised when the Captain and the Major both reared back onto us for support before they started to play with their hard dicks. They were still impaled on our dicks as they stroked their dicks faster and harder. This of course gave me a chance to lick the back of the Major’s neck and his ears with seemed to drive him over the edge.

I felt the Major cum before I saw the creamy explosion appear. With each shot the Major tightened his ass muscled around my dick as if he was trying to milk more seed out of my tool. I was not sure which of them fired first but both of them were under so much pressure that they both shot far enough that they were both coated with the others load.

When we all regained earth Paul and I slowly slipped out of our partners and slipped off the condoms and threw them onto the coffee table so that our seed could intermingle together. Quietly the captain pulled out a towel and started to dry the pools of sweat and cum on his chest before handing the towel to the major. Carl’s flight suit had absorbed most of the sweat and was now soaking up the load of cum so he just tossed the towel to Paul. By the time I was toweled off the Captain had returned with fresh beers.

We all sat slightly exhausted on the couch, savoring the cold bee when Carl spoke up,” Dam Ken you certainly know how to teach the troops, he certainly a drill sergeant all right.” Before laughing. The Captain had to agree and said that he should see what type of training I had been teaching.

Well from that point I knew that the night was just getting started. I will tell you this, I did have a chance to sample the Captains ass and Paul’s near the end and I had been fucked by each of them in turn. I don’t think that any of us got much sleep that night but that really did not matter when you were in such hot company. Over breakfast the next morning, I was awarded the Major’s cum encrusted flight suit as a reward for a job well done and I have it in a place of honor, just in case the Major stops by for a visit. In the end I have to admit one thing above all, it was certainly the hard way to earn a promotion but the easy way would not have been so much fun.