Wednesday, July 22, 2009


In the past several weeks the companies under the lieutenants command had been so busy that the events of the past month seemed to have happened last year. The last assignment that command had given to the lieutenant had been the complete inventory of all of the bases store depots. This of course does sound simple but the two companies were given 48 hours to complete the entire task and that there were four additional depots across the base and none of them used anything similar to our own depot’s arrangement. To make matters worse was that command also wanted us to re-organize everything so that all of the same gear was in one location.

At the meeting that was held at the beginning of this assignment the lieutenant split the two companies into four squads with Ash, Bowesworth, Williams and myself in charge of a squad. With each squad working twelve hours, then twelve off there was always two squads moving and counting all of the amassed stores in a base warehouse that the lieutenant requested to this job. Near the end we still had a pile of gear from the four other stores that was not on any list. We had Williams to a check on gear that had been reported missing or stolen and found that most of the pile on that list. One item that did not show up was an old and rusty World War two bazooka that had to have been here since the base was founded. We jointly decided to give the old thing to the retiring Captain who always thought of himself as a big shot.

Well we did finish the mission earlier than they thought it possible and that had to show that the lieutenant knew what he was doing. I found out later that the stores assignment had been a test of the lieutenant and us. The lieutenant had bet his future on his psychology theories about team work and had paired up his companies accordingly. I think that he also paired us up by something else since I did notice near the end that most of the men that I knew that were gay were together. It seemed to also work with the rest of the men though some of the pairings seemed like fire and ice; they all worked and worked well. The companies were well oiled, or lubed, machines that surprised command and that was why we all were getting our promised promotions.

Yesterday we all watched as the lieutenant became a captain and the retiring captain got his bazooka. This morning we got our promotions and I knew that the captain was proud of what we all did. I have to admit that being assigned a desk job was different that looking after the new recruits and working them into shape but being the bases stores and security chief had its pluses and I had Williams as my chief aide. I had to admit that Williams definitely looked good with those sergeant stripes on the arm of his dress uniform. And I got to see that as often as I wanted since we were now billeted together in a bachelor quarters instead of in barracks.

As Williams and I got our promotions the Captain whispered to us that he was planning a little celebration in his quarters that evening at 2230 hours and that he wanted us to attend. I knew that what the Captain really wanted was some newly promoted butt and I was more than willing to have him fill my ass with his hot officer cock. Well with a little music. Some beer and men what else could a new lieutenant want in life.

Since I was off duty first, I had the shower all to myself, which felt a little lonely, but this day was not the norm. I took a little extra care in making sure that I was totally squeaky clean since I knew that the captain always like to inspect his troops. I was drying off when Williams entered the apartment. I saw him smile as he approached me to give my equipment a slow fondle followed by a long kiss. I felt that he had a plan in mind and I was willing to go with him on this. He told me not to hurry dressing since we had plenty of time before we would hit the mess for something to eat before the Captains party.

By the time Williams had finished his shower I had my dress leather pants on and was starting to tie up my freshly polished garrison boots. I watched as Paul walked out of the bathroom with a towel over one shoulder and his shaving kit in hand. Puzzled I watched as slowly he slipped into his dress leather pants but left the fly open showing off his still hard dick. He started to slowly walk toward the bathroom with the towel and kit when he suddenly changed direction and stopped right in front of me. With a grin he knelt between my legs and started to undo my fly. I was almost instantly hard as he started to massage the entire length of my cock with his tongue. I was ready for him to swallow my cock when he stopped and looked me right in the eye.

“Well Lieutenant, I think that you need to make a clean start of things and I know one area that after inspection needs some taking care of, ” he said, “would you like me to take care of it for you?”

Well he certainly had my interest but I did not quite get his full meaning. I thought what the hell, I certainly had taught him properly and in full military style so I told him “ All right Sergeant, if you see a problem area, clean it up and that is an order.”

His grin grew even wider and I watched as he saluted me crisply from his kneeling position before hearing “Yes Sir. As ordered sir.” With that he slowly pulled down my leather pants till they were near my ankles. Then from in front of him he pulled out his shaving kit and towel. Then it hit me my hot sergeant was going to shave his lieutenant’s crotch and I grew even harder.

He had me lift up so that he could put the towel on the chair under me before he grabbed a can of shaving cream and several razors. He began by clipping the longer crotch hairs before slowly and lovingly spreading the shaving cream over my balls and hard cock. I could see that he was an expert at this as well since he made sure that I stayed hard during the entire operation. When he was done there was not a single hair anywhere near my crotch which felt a little weird but watching him it was almost like him making love to me. I knew that I was going to have to see what it was like to shave someone and asked him if he wanted me to shave him in thanks for his fine job. Before standing he gave my crotch a quick coating of an after shave lotion and told me that he did want his commanding officer to give him the same treatment.

So we changed places and I slowly peeled down his leathers and gave him the tonguing of his life. Then I followed his instructions as to where to start and how to finish. It did feel like I was making love to him and I knew that this was the start of something really long term. When I finished shaving his hot and hard crotch. I wanted him more than I had in the beginning. I would have let this secession get even more serious and more physical if we did not have the Captains get together later in the evening. With a sigh I slowly lathered his crotch with the shaving lotion before I slowly zipped up his fly. With a final squeeze of his now leathered crotch I stood and readjusted myself. We both finished dressing in near silence then we walked over to our new mess hall for dinner.

For some reason I seemed to be preoccupied about tonight and I knew that if the lieutenant wanted my ass that I would give it to him thought I knew that I was more of a top than a bottom. Over desert we talked about how we might surprise the Captain by our entrance and rather whimsically we came up with something that I knew would definitely catch the Captain off guard and everyone would have a good laugh about it later.

The weather was still good enough for us to walk to the Captain’s new quarters with out any extra jackets. At 2225 we showed up at his door ready for anything and everything that might happen and I knew that we both were going to get hard and randy at the least suggestion of booze. I knocked and heard the captain in parade voice telling us to enter and make ourselves comfortable in the living room.

The only things that were in the room were a long black leather sectional, a square glass coffee table in front of the couch and a fully stocked liquor cabinet. There were pieces of art waiting to be hung in the hall showing that the Captain was still in the process of moving in. We sat at either end of the leather sectional waiting for the Captain’s entrance. When we heard his booted feet approach the room I signaled Williams to get ready. As the captain entered the room, we both rushed forward, fell to our knees and pressed our head into the tops of his freshly polished boots and bellowed at the top of our voices “We’re not worthy” before bowing once more ending up prostrated before him.

As we waited for a remark from the Captain I heard another voice from someone standing behind him. “ Who’s not worthy?” followed by a soft laugh. As the laughter subsided, the voice continued, “ Well Ken I see that you still create true loyalty in your troops.”

Finally the captain spoke, “oh will you two get off the floor, especially in front of company.” Then we heard the Captain start to laugh, “ isn’t this type of adoration reserved for private conferences?” As we rose to our feet I saw the owner of the voice, it was a major in the Air force in a tight fitting green flight suit and from all of the badges I think that he was from the Top Gun test squadron.

Handing each of us a cold beer the Major introduced himself with a smile “ So you’re Lieutenant Archer and Sergeant Williams, I’m you bosses old college roomy Major Carl Stetson.” As we all settled on the couch the Major continued, “ Ken has been telling me all about the missions that you have been on and all of your rough work your team has accomplished in such a short time. I think that is a credit to you and to the stud that is commanding you.” I had to admit that the Captain certainly looked the part with his tight dress uniform leathers and just his dress uniform jacket. I really wanted to see him out his jacket and see the expanse of his chest peeking out from the open jacket.

At that I think that Williams and I smiled a little since we heard a grunt come from the Captain. “Well considering how this base was using ancient methods for morale building I knew that I could create a better team even with all of the curves command kept tossing my way and all of the sudden transfers that came with that territory. I just looked at everybody’s psychology reports and paired them accordingly. I loved it; you should have seen commands face when I suggested it to them. In the end, I created two of the best companies of men the base had ever seen.” He paused briefly drinking some of his beer, then continued,” I don’t think that the army knows how good of a morale builder a good fuck really is.”

I looked up the Captain at this point and I saw that he had a wide grin on his face and had to laugh a little at the tough that more than of the two companies were gay. I realized that the Captain had been following my though since he nodded and said, “ a little less than half of the companies are gay but I matched everyone using the same system and got spectacular results. If I hadn’t I would not been here today, I bet command my future in the army that my system was better than theirs was. If we succeeded, then every one in the two companies would end up being promoted or receiving commendations If we didn’t succeed then I was to resign my commission and every team that I built would have been suddenly broken up and sent to the four winds. “

I was shocked that there had been so much at stake in the last few months and I knew that I had to be very grateful to the captain and I would do anything for him at this point. But he had one more thing to say before the party really got started.

I watched as he stood up before Williams and I with a very serous look on his face. Standing a parade rest with his beer behind his back he addressed us, I just hoped that this was not going to be a long speech. “ If anyone here should be grateful it should be me.” I think that he sensed a protesting view coming since he held up his hand stopping me in my verbal tracks. “Hear me out first then you can decide who should be grateful. What I did was allow you all to work at their very best. Well I also let you play at your very best to and I think that helped cement the teams together but it is you two that helped pull it off since they saw how you two operated together and by shear peer pressure they all followed suit. For that I should be the one that salutes you every time you enter my office and not the other way around.” With that he shot both of us a crisp salute then toasted us with his beer. I think that the Major, who had been watching all of this happen, decided that he had seen enough serous moments for one evening when he remarked, “So Ken where is this APC you wanted me to try out this night. Times a wasting and I am hornier than I was in college right now.”

Now I was confused, what APC? I didn’t see one parked out front. The captain started to laugh as he put on some music on the stereo and got everyone another beer. I gave the Captain a questioning look when he handed me my beer “He means Army Personnel Cock and if you interested Steve you and the major can get it on later.”

Now that got my interest since I had rarely gotten the chance to be with an airman of any rank and if major wanted to ride my cock I knew that we both would enjoy the ride. I also knew that I would enjoy being the Majors landing strip as well if he wanted a piece of ass. At the Captain’s suggestion we both removed our shirts and ties so that the three of us were on the same level. The major did make a flashy show of slowly unzipping his flight suit to just below his navel and displayed a hint of what was hidden under the nylon of the suit. It definitely looked like it was going to be one hot night.

At Carl’s suggestion, the coffee table was moved into one of the rooms corners leaving the front of the couch free and a wider section of the carpet for action. Then the lights dimmed slowly and I watched as the Captain knelt in front of Paul and Carl in front of me. I had a ringside seat as the Captain started to use his tongue on Paul, starting right at the tip of his right boot and slowly worked his way toward the growing expanse of his crotch. Carl on the other hand was being more direct as I started to feel his hands caress my inner thighs. As much as I wanted to watch Paul get the tonguing of his life I was drawn to watch the hot-to-trot major between my legs.

Carl certainly must have been really horny. It seems that he was in no mood for making slow passionate love but wanted hard cock in the worst way. I watched as he open my fly with his teeth and peeled back the leather with his tongue. By the time my fly was fully open, my cock was hard as a rock and begging for attention. As I started to ooze pre-cum Carl lapped it up with the tip of his long tongue before swallowing my entire prick in one quick move. I almost shot at that point but my attention was drawn away from my crotch by a gasp from Paul as the Captain started to lick the entire length of his straining dick. If this is how they wanted to show their thanks I was all for it. I think that the major realized how close I was to blowing my load because he came up for air and started to work my tits with his hands giving my dick a break. To allow him better access to my chest I removed my jacket and threw it behind the couch.

I saw that Paul and the Captain had already removed their jackets and was squirming under the loving attention that the captain was giving to his loaded ball sack and was groaning loudly in pleasure. As much as I wanted to watch the Captain blow Paul I wanted to see what the major had hidden in his flight suit. I figured that it was time for the two of us to get more comfortable on the floor and leaned forward so that I could slide down next to him. He knew what I wanted and as he continued to suck on my right ball he arranged it so that I had a crotch eye view of him. I saw that his dick was long and straining against the fabric of the flight suit. I noticed that the suit had a double zipper and decided that his cock needed air. With my teeth I pulled the zipper up till it bumped into the other zipper end and allowed me a perfect view of his sweaty crotch.

Dam if the man was not completely shaved as well. I wondered if the Captain was shaved as well and I guess that I would find out in time. As I started to spit coat this airman’s hard flight stick I noticed that Paul and the captain had followed our lead and were now next to us on the carpet. There we were in the living room floor in a sixty-nine with our partners and loving it.

Then I felt another mouth on my cock and looked down to see the Captain slurping on my cock like a hungry man. I was still sucking Carl’s cock, the major was licking Paul’s crotch and Paul was savoring the captain’s long piece of meat. Then we changed partners again; I started to suck on Paul’s now spit covered crotch and he on mine. I looked over as the Captain and the major began licking each other intensely. Then we changed cocks again. This time I got the captains rod and Paul got the Major’s. And so it continued, like a cock suckers ballet, for quite some time slowly switching partners until we were all had saliva covered crotches and were ready for the next act to begin.

Almost on cue the music changed to something more aggressive and I knew that the next act was about to begin. We separated slowly from the cock we were licking at the time and decided to get more of our clothes off. As the Captain, Paul and I rushed to remove our boots and leather pants I saw the Major start to wave his tight, nylon covered ass in my direction and knew what he wanted from me.

As I tried to figure out how he wanted me to shag his ass, the Major reached behind his back and showed me a little secret about his flight suite. Slowly almost in a stripe tease like fashion he undid a Velcro hidden zipper in the seat in the flight suit creating an entrance to reveal his well muscled ass cheeks and the gateway to pleasure for my personal inspection. I had to admit that this airman was full of surprises and all of them good.

As I admired the Major asset in front of me I caught sight of the Captain suiting up Paul’s hard cock with a green condom and some lube for the passage into the Captain’s hole of delight. Then I felt the major back on my cock making it slick with his spit. I watched him as he suited me up with a navy blue condom before he smeared the lube on my latex encased member.

Paul and I kissed each other quickly as we watch the Major and the Captain kneel on the carpet in front of us. They both wanted it dogie style and I knew that this was not going to be a night to forget. I would have gone and had a taste of the Majors assets but I knew that this was not the time of the place for me to sample the musky scented tang of his man sweat covered hole. Once in position I heard the Captain order Paul to mount him and to give him every thing that Paul could give him. I think that this opened something inside of Paul’s mind because he seemed to attack the Captains ass like it was an amphibious landing and started to give it a ramming it may have never seen. Since I could not be outdone by my aide performance, I launched my own assault on the Major’s ass and started to match Paul stroke for stroke.

As we rammed our cocks into officer ass we could see the Captain and the Major start French kissing and nibbling on each other’s necks. Could see that Paul was having a grand time filling the Captain’s hole and wondered how it felt to have your boss on the end of your primed pole. I can tell you that the Major certainly had a very tight ass and knew how to use it to his full advantage. At one point I reach around the major’s muscled body and gave his hard pecs a gentle squeeze much to his enjoyment.

For their part the Captain and the major looked like they were both enjoying the rides they were getting and were now both covered in sweat. The major’s flight suit had started to stick to his firm body in several places and I knew that this fuck secession could not last forever. By the time that I was ready to fill the Major’s butt with my creamy payload I noticed that Paul was also ready to fire into the Captain. I signaled him that we should fire at the same time and I could see that he was almost there.

With a pair of loud groans Paul and I released our payloads at the same time in to our respective targets. For my part I felt that I had achieved escape velocity and had the best experience in a very long time. Paul might have been a little surprised when the Captain and the Major both reared back onto us for support before they started to play with their hard dicks. They were still impaled on our dicks as they stroked their dicks faster and harder. This of course gave me a chance to lick the back of the Major’s neck and his ears with seemed to drive him over the edge.

I felt the Major cum before I saw the creamy explosion appear. With each shot the Major tightened his ass muscled around my dick as if he was trying to milk more seed out of my tool. I was not sure which of them fired first but both of them were under so much pressure that they both shot far enough that they were both coated with the others load.

When we all regained earth Paul and I slowly slipped out of our partners and slipped off the condoms and threw them onto the coffee table so that our seed could intermingle together. Quietly the captain pulled out a towel and started to dry the pools of sweat and cum on his chest before handing the towel to the major. Carl’s flight suit had absorbed most of the sweat and was now soaking up the load of cum so he just tossed the towel to Paul. By the time I was toweled off the Captain had returned with fresh beers.

We all sat slightly exhausted on the couch, savoring the cold bee when Carl spoke up,” Dam Ken you certainly know how to teach the troops, he certainly a drill sergeant all right.” Before laughing. The Captain had to agree and said that he should see what type of training I had been teaching.

Well from that point I knew that the night was just getting started. I will tell you this, I did have a chance to sample the Captains ass and Paul’s near the end and I had been fucked by each of them in turn. I don’t think that any of us got much sleep that night but that really did not matter when you were in such hot company. Over breakfast the next morning, I was awarded the Major’s cum encrusted flight suit as a reward for a job well done and I have it in a place of honor, just in case the Major stops by for a visit. In the end I have to admit one thing above all, it was certainly the hard way to earn a promotion but the easy way would not have been so much fun.

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