Wednesday, July 22, 2009


One of the things that I hate about the army was doing a "recy". Reconnaissance missions are long and very tiring but this one mission, I would not have missed for the world. With most of the unit on training or leave there were only six of us that had to do the reconnaissance. This day I was feeling really horny and the last thing that I wanted was to be trapped in the bush around the base no matter how good looking my companions were.

The briefing that the lieutenant gave us was simple, go out and cover an area that was marked on the map that he gave each of us Ash took the right part of the grid, Bowesworth took the left leaving me in the middle. He also said that if we found the three flags that had been hidden in the search area, that we would each get a weekend pass. Ash and Bowesworth both grinned at this and nodded to the Lieutenant. He grinned and nodded back to them, something was up and I wondered what the plan was. For the mission they both were wearing tighter than normal fatigues and they showed every muscle and that really got me started thinking. Come to think about it, the Lieutenant's uniform seemed more form fitting as well.

The section that I had was mostly heavy bush with a stream running straight through it. I figured that the best way to cover the entire area was to search the streams banks then go inland to the boundary of the grid. With in minutes of entering the grid I had lost sight of Ash and Bowesworth among the trees. The only sound in the woods was the sound of my booted feet, the stream and the call of birds. As I headed further into the bush I could feel the heat of the day and a layer of sweat building up on my chest and in my crotch. I wandered further into the bush and near the grid boundary I saw the flag. The flag was near the end of the stream in a clearing in a thickly forested area.

Partially hidden near the flag was Ash. He looked like he was taking a leak with his fatigues down around his ankles. Then I noticed that he was not wearing the regulation underwear, in fact any underwear at all. He was standing with his back to me and I almost stopped breathing at the site of his tight well-muscled ass. He turned around and scanned the woods as if looking for something or someone. I watched rock still as he started to play with his hardening cock. I was rock hard at this point and was about to pull my cock out when a hand grabbed my crotch and pulled me backward into some brush. I landed hard and looked up to see Bowesworth standing over me, rubbing his well-filled crotch. He gave me this vicious grin and said, " the Lieutenant did say that this was a training exercise and you’re to be trained." He then hauled me roughly to my feet by my belt and began to march me over to Ash under the trees.

I could see Ash watching me as we marched across the field. He had stopped his stroking as we approached and grabbed a smoke from his jacket that was slung over a near by branch. When we reached the tree Bowesworth forced me to my knees and shared the smoke with ash. They looked down at me on my knees and started laughing. I could tell that they were deciding who would get me first.

I almost could not stand it, Ash's long hard dick was inches from my face and Bowesworth's was starting to make a very large tent in his tight fatigues. I quickly looked up to see Bowesworth start to lick Ash's chest and nipples. Wanted to grab that tent in the fatigues and start to chew on it but I wanted them to decide who got serviced first.

Ash flung the butt of his smoke into the woods and kissed Bowesworth. Then Bowesworth stepped in front of me and ground his hard crotch into my face. I could almost taste the sweat embedded in the cloth and started to chew my way toward his cock. I think that I surprised Bowesworth, I think that he was thinking that I was a virgin or something but I knew exactly what I wanted and how to get it. Ash pulled me from Bowesworth's crotch so that I could start to suck on his already hard and exposed prick. I heard a low whistle from one of them as I went down on Ash to the base of his long cock in one slow movement until it was embedded in my throat.

Ash's dick was covered in his spit, which lent a slightly salty tang to the sweet and sweaty flesh. I could tell that Ash was getting close to the edge from all of the loving attention his dick was getting and I slowed down and withdrew his cock from my throat until on the head of his cock was at my moist lips. By this time Bowesworth had exposed his hard cock to the air and I could tell be that he wanted some of the attention that Ash was getting.

I let Ash's quivering cock slip from my lips and dove for Bowesworth’s dick. Bowesworth had placed both his hands on the back of my head and was trying to force his cock further down my throat. It is hard to push something further in when I had already sucked in his dick to its base. It was then that I felt Ash's hands on my crotch as he forced open the zipper on my fatigues and hauled out my rock hard cock.

"He's wearing a steel cock ring", exclaimed Ash as he felt around the base of my cock. "I thought you said we were to train him, looks like he could train us." He continued to feel around my shaved crotch and squeezed my full balls .I had to smile at that maybe I could get to be the top of one of them and I hoped that it was Ash's ass that I got to explore. If Bowesworth wanted to plow my ass, then by all means I had not had a good fuck in a long time.

I pulled off of Bowesworth’s hard cock long enough for Ash to lie on the ground and for me to straddle his muscled chest and wave my hard cock in front of him. As Ash started to slurp on my straining prick I dove back onto Bowesworth’s dick and started to work my throat muscles on that length of hard meat. Bowesworth started to tense up and quickly withdrew his cock from my mouth and pulled me off of Ash. As he roughly grabbed the fabric of my jacket and hauled me to my feet I could see him thinking who was going to fuck whom. I could see that he really wanted my tight ass and I think he could tell that Ash wanted to feel my hard cock in his ass.

As I stood up I watched Bowesworth dig into his fatigues for a pair of condoms. I almost laughed when I saw the colour of them camouflage green. He ripped open one and passed the other to me for me to slip on my cock. Ash watched both of us as we suited up then walked over to the trees and positioned himself for the up coming invasion of his ass. I knew that he would be happy with either of us fucking him but I knew who was going to do the amphibious assault on his ass. Bowesworth motioned me to mount Ash and he walked up behind me and started to massage my ass muscles through the fatigues.

Bowesworth reached around to the front of my fatigues found the top button holding them up and yanked them down to my ankles. The cool air against my ass cheeks felt great but Bowesworth’s hands felt even better. Ash had grabbed a large branch and was doing chin-ups while we got ready for the main session of the training exercise. When I positioned my self behind him he slowly finished a chin up and lowered him self on to my waiting cock. When he touched ground I was fully embedded in his hot tight ass and enjoyed every moment.

I expected to feel Bowesworth’s steamy cock next but he surprised me. First he explored the length of my ass crack with his hands, and then I felt his moist tongue on my ass pucker. His raspy tongue sent electric jolts up my spine as he dug deeper into my hole. I almost forgot Ash and his hot ass but every time Bowesworth speared his tongue further in it caused me to twitch my cock in Ash’s ass. I could tell that Ass was enjoying this hot reaming as I was. Bowesworth gave my ass a final spearing with his tongue that almost sent me over the edge but I think that he knew that my shooting would disappoint Ash. I started to back away from the edge and started to give Ash the loving attention that his hot ass rightly deserved. It was then I felt Bowesworth’s hot tube of meat invading my ass and I knew that I was in for one hell of a ride.

It did not take us long to get a hot, steamy rhythm going. I watched Ass tighten his grip on the tree branch as I plunged the depths of his hot tight hole. Bowesworth grabbed ash’s hips and pulled him closer onto me and I felt his straining cock go deeper into me. I lost track of time as we fuck in the woods that afternoon and I know that they might have.

It seemed that the sun was starting to set and deepen the shadows that we were in when we all started to shoot. I felt Ash’s ass tighten around my cock as he started to spray the tree in front of him with shot after shot of white creamy load. The sight sent me finally over the edge as I speared his ass for the last time and blasted his ass with my load. I expected to feel Bowesworth blow his load up my well used ass but he surprised both of us. As I slipped out of Ash’s hole and peeled off the condom that looked like it had been filled past capacity I felt him shoot his load all over me. I felt him shoot his load onto my body and Ash’s body with marksmen precision. By the time he was fully spent we all were covered in sweat and each other’s cum and did not mind one bit. By the time that we got back to base it was almost completely dark and I expected a royal chewing out by the Lieutenant. He was watching for us it seemed and I saw that he expected for us to report late. We saluted him smartly and handed over the maps and the three flags showing that we had in fact completed the mission as ordered. I think that he noticed that we were a bit of a mess and sent us to the showers to clean up were he said that he would personally inspect and debrief us on how the mission went. I saw Ash and Bowesworth smile at that and knew that round two would be happening very shortly under the streaming jets of the showers and this time it would be the four of us exploring each others territory. But that is another story for another time.

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