Saturday, March 13, 2010

A shave before dinner

We were talking about where to go to dinner when we entered his hotel room, I certainly did not expect to be an appetiser. The afternoon we had spent giving my US tourist the full tour of Toronto's sites. I cancelled the trip up the CN Tower, neither of us were the greatest at heights. The afternoon had been warmer that either of us expected and were covered in sweat and both needed a shower before going out for a night of dinner and checking out the bars.

He wanted to grab the shower first, fine by me; it gave me a chance to remove my leather jacket and knee high boots and to stretch my legs a bit. He came out of the bathroom just wearing a white towel. I had to smile when I saw where the hotel's crest seemed to conceal his semi-hard cock. I nodded at him when he announce to me that the bathroom was free, I was to busy admiring the view. Alright I admit it I like bears and he had the chest hair and a slight tummy but he certainly was good looking.

I took my time in the shower, letting the hot water loosen my shoulders and back muscles. As I turned off the water the door opened and he entered the steamy room. All he had on was a chainmaille collar I had made for him months earlier carrying my leather jacket. He placed it down on the counter next to my leather chaps, confederate style cap and boots. Silently he gently towelled me off from top to bottom. Just as silently he dressed me in my leathers; boots first, then the chaps, followed by the jacket then the cap.

He led me into the main room of his suite and back to the chair I had been relaxing. On the seat of the chair was another of the hotel's towels. With the towel in the chair I had to slouch a little with part of my ass on the cushion of the chair. The room's lighting was very subdued. On a table next to the chair sat a single lit white pillar candle, an ashtray holding an unlit cigar and an open bottle of wine with one glass next to it. Seating me in the chair, he kneeled in front of me, poured the wine and offered me the glass to savour at my pleasure before lighting the cigar for me.

As sipped the wine and enjoyed the Cuban Cigar, I felt his tongue on the underside of my ball sack and his hands caressing my leather clad thighs. I was rock hard in seconds as he slowed sucked into his hot mouth both of my balls. He took a break to refill the wineglass, then dived onto my rock hard cock. I could feel his tongue exploring the fleshy shaft embedded in his throat. I started to tense as I got close to cumming. He sensed this and slowly let my cock slip out of his mouth. I expected that he would then help me into my jeans so that we could go for dinner, then come back to this room for part two latter but that was just part one of his plan.

From below the chair he pulled a razor and shaving cream. Before I could say a word he had my hard cock and balls covered in white creamy foam. I almost added my own cream to the foam as he gently started to shave the thick bush of hair at my crotch. He started with the base of my cock then slowly, almost lovingly, worked his way lower to my ball sack. I almost came when I felt the tip of the razor clearing the hair from my ass crack.

With the shave nearing completion, he slowly rubbed a skin lotion into my balls and ass crack to help with the itch that would happen as the hair began to re- grow. My cock got his full attention, once clear of the shaving foam he began to suck it with a vengeance. The orgasm was one of the most intense I had experienced in a long time. As I recovered, he told me that this was his way of saying thank you for the tour. Before leaving to eat we finished the wine in the glass and shared a few smoke filled kisses to show my thanks for his thanks. Over dinner at my favourite restaurant I started to think about where I could show him the next day.

Note:  the image is from a free site that I do not think is still on-line called Hairtrigger If it is I would love to see what has been added but the link I have is dead
Sgt. A.