Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Roman Holiday

A Note of thanks from the author:

The inspiration for this post was found recently on one of the blogs that I follow regularly that of Guy Parade. I  have included a link to each photo set of images at the bottom of this posting so you can see the full sets for yourself. So all I can say is Thank You for the great photos and I hope that you enjoy my work based on your work,

Yours with a towel handy,

Sgt. A.

Just one word of warning kind readers, this is a longer than normal tale (8500 words or so) and
most of sexual action happens near the end so take your time and enjoy the build up. For those who just want the action, send me an email and I'll create a post  just for you. With that said sit back and enjoy...

It all started over dinner a couple of weeks ago when they suggested that I should take “A Roman Holiday” before I started my new position in the family corp. I had no idea what my parents really meant at first. The first thing that I thought they might have been talking about spending time relaxing at one of the spas in the Italian metroplex but knowing my parents I knew that it could not be that easy. In the end I decided to check the datasphere and discovered a vid stream from the twentieth century by that precise description. Now I am not one for 2D monochrome vids but after accessing it I think I understand what my parents were suggesting and I saw the wisdom of the idea. Being one of the heirs to a mega-corp like ours it would have been impossible to really see where I most probably would spend the rest of my life guarded and isolated for the most part from the rest of the planet. Yes I know, owning a large chunk of the corp that produced most of Earth’s super-luminal drive systems holo'ed a very large target on me. So after some thought, I told them that I thought the idea was a brilliant stroke of genus but I had no idea how to pull it off in the short time I had left on Earth.

They surprised me by giving me everything that I was going to need to pull it off. It turned out that they had been planning the whole thing for months. It wasn’t until the trip was fully in place and ready to go before they dropped their rather obscure hint to me. To show me how well they knew me they only thing they set in stone was my initial hotel and not some prearranged agenda of sites to see or people to meet, that could wait until I took my place as head of their new research and creation facility. I was going to get to explore Alpha Centuri and the colony of Delos under the scanners and have some fun in the process just as long as I didn’t get myself detained which wouldn’t look good on the holo microcasts.

I decided to pack light since it was a great deal cheaper and it would have been out of character for the average business traveler to be loaded down. Besides that would mean that I would have to go shopping once I got there. The one essential item that I did need was my tablet that archived most of the data streams and several others that dealt with some of the colony's culture. Of course I had decided to pack a few of items that could not be bought on Delos and I was set.

The flight was going to take a little more than 24 hours from liftoff on Earth to touchdown on Delos and that included decon and the transfer at La Grand station so I would have plenty of time to enjoy the trip and scan all of the streams is was going to need for the purchase of our production facility.

I guess that my parent's sense of humor showed its full extent when I scanned the outfit that went with my new ident. Besides the green aviation jacket that all of the corps junior execs have they included a variable Gee flight suit that look that it might be skintight and certainly would show off a number of my own attributes. I wonder if the suit was tight enough to show off my religion besides my sex. And to show to them that I could take a joke, I showed up for dinner as my new ident and thanked them for the kind invitation to dine with them on the eve of there son leaving for his new position.
The flight to La Grand station was an early one and the new ident caused not even a single flag at customs and soon strapped in for lift off. A scram jet flight is something most people don't enjoy but it reminded me of a ten minute roller coasters ride. Once out of the atmosphere, the rest of the flight was a fast zero gee coast to the station where most of the FTL ships docked. Most of the station was a micro gravity manufacturing facility and cargo depot with a rotating torus for the passenger service and the personnel of the station and in the main dock was the streamlined shape of the SS Orion that would be taking me to Delos.

The ship to ship transfer was faster than I thought I might have been but it turned out that my flight was the last to arrive and I knew that they wanted to be stationary for a brief a time as possible. No movement meant no profit for the ship and that was something I understood only too well. It was just our cargo and the few remaining passengers that they were really waiting for. since the Orion was one of the the new liners it was equipped with variable grav fields in the crew and passenger areas and the cargo area when needed. I was really traveling in style.

What really surprised me was the treatment I got from John the chief steward of the Orion. He was tall, well muscled with short cropped hair and filled out his one piece uniform in all the best ways. He personally escorted me to my first class seat before ensuring that I had everything I needed before we detached from the station. As he left he let me know that once the Orion was underway that he would be by to serve a meal and gave me a broad smile that could have melted the coldest person on the planet. The streamline “Skydrive exec caught docking with chief steward on SS Orion” flashed in my mind and I knew that I could look but not touch. Oh well I could at least dream about him during the flight.

There was a slight shudder as we detached and the captain's voice was heard overhead welcoming all of us aboard the Orion and informing us that it would take about eight hours to reach the point before we reach the edge of Sol's gravity well. For the most part I ignored the speech since I already know all of the technical details of the transit. What caught my attention was when mentioned that they had “Steven Bowman from Skydrive” on board and I realized that he was talking about me. I really had to be very careful not to slip up before I got to the planet and my trip really started.

When John stopped by latter to take my meal order I noticed that he had lowered the zip on his uniform a little to show the beginning of his chest hair and I could tell that my flight suit was about to show my religion in a very big way. Of course after my holiday was finished I could always invite him back to my new place on Delos for some fun but would he want me then, now there was an interesting question.

Most of the rest of the flight went by peacefully except for the sudden invite from the captain to witness the FTL transition from the flight deck and the occasional polite inquiry about my trip to Delos as an exec from the Skydrive corp. They also gave me a tour for the cargo and the engineering deck housing the corps handy work. It was nice to see our products in use but I was constantly being distracted my the tight form fitting uniforms of the crew. At this rate I was think of inviting the entire crew over for a party to see them all slowly remove their uniforms.

Once in Centuri space I spent my time going through the streams on the colony in a way to distract myself from thoughts of the crew and to really get up to speed on the sites I might be interested in seeing. One place that really caught my interest was located in New Venice and I wondered if this was why my hotel was also in that city.

The fact that Alpha Centuri had a habitable planet was a big surprise to most since most trinary systems rarely had planets let alone a stable habitable one. Delos was a world that contained several smaller continents and a many different archipelagos which was why the Greek captain of the exploration ship who found this world decided to name the world after his home island. As it turned out the general climate turned out to be slightly warmer that the euro-med which would be great for the colony's growing tourist industry.

New Venice was a satellite city of the planets capital city of Olympia located on a large bay similar to the islets of the old Terran city except for the soaring towers of glass-steel and very few canals. It was just a quick mag-lev trip from the spaceport complex and it was looking like an ideal spot for my future home.

I knew that I was going need some clothes since most of my wardrobe was back on Earth. Luckily my ident card had all the data that a shop would need for anything I bought to fit me perfectly. First item to get was my black leathers that I always wore in the clubs. The rest I decided that I could have my Alfred order since he knew what I really needed or wanted.

After a day of shopping and dinner at the hotel I decided that I needed to hit a clubs to see if I could find some action to help me relieve some of the sexual tension that the space flight created. The only thing I decided to do differently was wear the corp. jacket instead of the black cycle jacket I had just bought. Even though the club was crowded and there were a number of men that I thought might be interested in me but none made any attempt to even make small talk or even eye contact for that matter. Great I had run into a night when the S and M crowd was in the majority. Now normally I just ignored the stand and model types but tonight it just made me more frustrated. As I finished my drink before heading back to the hotel I suddenly heard a saying of my mothers "Sometimes you are just not made for the them."

The phrase "made for them" stuck with me over the next several days as I proceeded with the purchase of the land for my house and investigated possible locations for the corp.’s new facilities between seeing the sites and relaxing on one of the city's many beaches. By chance, I overheard a local talking about an engendering lab located in the city and suddenly it all made sense I could have someone made for me.

I checked the local datashpere about the engendering laws and the potential cost and saw that this was something that would have to be scanned by my parents for the final say. Alfred sent an encrypted stream to them and I waited for a response while I worked on some of the required details. Not all that surprising the reply was "yes" and a data-link to the new local corp. credit account.

Engendering on Earth was strictly prohibited mostly due to the planets population but on the colony's it was a different matter since they all wanted a large and stable population that would make them independent from Earth. There were of course restrictions to ensure that they didn't create super humans or a population that was out of balance but my request would not cause anything out of the human norm and I certainly could afford it. The only thing that might was the would be his age and for that I decided to book an appointment at the clinic so smooth the way.

The clinics outer office in New Venice was stark in its white décore with only a single door leading to the inner offices and a comm screen to access the clinics booking stream. At the appointment time the inner door opened and I meet the gene coder who would be responsible for my engendering procedure. His inner office was crowded with furniture. A large holo screen on one wall, a large leather couch and his copy filled desk. Before we started he served me a locally grown coffee and motioned me to the couch. I could see that he had a number of issues with this and I was more than prepared for them.

After a sip of coffee he started, “ Mr. Bowman, I looked over you request and I need some reassurances from you before we start.” I relaxed further on the other end of the couch and nodded for him to continue. “Well for the most part your request is well within the proscribed norms but I have to ask about the orientation, disposition and the requested final delivery age which is most unusual.” I nodded it was indeed unusual. “Mr. Bowman I must be frank with you this facility is not to be used for creating human toys.”

“Dr. Stein, that is why I asked for this meeting in the first place. I knew that some of my request is not normal but then again neither am I your average client. As to your last point, if I wanted sex, I'd use VR gear. He is going to be a partner and not a toy.” It might have been the shades I was wearing but I don't think that he really recognized me. Taking them off I looked straight at him before adding, “ I am fully aware of all that this request entails.”

He seemed more than a little shocked by my response but I had more than a few aces up my sleeve. “You are aware then that he will have be listed as EN-CIT due to his final age and all of the additional costs of this engenderment.” This too I foresaw and was more than ready.

I motioned toward his data terminal, “May I?” he nodded his assent as I walked over and slotted my ident card in the port, accessed the datasphere and called up Alfred. “Alfred show him the Drake file.” the first thing that he saw was the Corp's logo. Well it was one way to really show him who he was dealing with before the holo started to fill with all of the data that we had created to give Drake a real life. The holo filled slowly with each social and educational file that we thought he might need until an the entire holo field was filled before the content shrink in size and began adding more content. When the file finished displaying the field had reduced three times more and the holo field was a solid block. Now to drive the point home.

“Alfred, could you comm Mr. Kenneth Greer of the colonial advisory council.” As quietly and pleasant a manner that I could manage I still got a rather shocked look of horror from Dr. Stein. I guess that he thought that this was not the way things were done on Delos which was fine by me. Luckily he had a number of seconds to regain his composure before the connection completed.

The holo filled with the vid image of the adviser, “Greer on-line. How can I help you Mr. Bowman?” He was just as I remember him from his last visit to the family. It wasn't until he looked directly into the vid that he recognized me and smiled. “Well Steven you certainly get around. I thought you were not scheduled to get here till later this month. And what is with the Mr. Bowman ident, afraid that they will recognize you here?”

I returned the smile and laughed, “well uncle Ken it was moms idea, she called it a roman holiday for some reason.”

“It figures,” he admitted, “she pulled the same thing just after marring your father. She figured that it was easier going places as a Greer than as an Archer. So your behind the Drake Bowman request. Now I comp the way the request hit my tray being delivered by human courier and encrypted just for me. Just give the overscan and I'll see what I can do.”

I nodded to him and thought about the best way to get this through. “right, Drake Bowman, CIT of Delos. Trained in architecture planetary and micro grav and the partner of one Steven Archer, CEO of Sky AG Delos Division. The file contains a full personal and psych history making him as human as humanly possible and if the partnership does not work he will still have the full backing of me, the family and the corp on the basis that what ever he gets caught up in is not illicit.” that way they both knew that this was not just to create a sex toy for my use but to create a useful member of the colony.

I could see that they both saw the merit in this but he had one final question and I all ready knew the answer. “Steven what do your parents think of all this?” in a way we both knew the answer.

“Uncle Ken they sent the file to you not me. The courier is mom's style for very important matters. I'd say they just want me to be happy.” after that we chatted about other matters and I accepted an invitation for dinner with his family latter in the month before signing off.

Dr. Stein who had nervously sat in the background during the comm was looking a lot more relaxed about the request and I knew that I would have Drake in my life soon. As we finished our coffees we covered a few other necessary issues and I knew that I would be very well informed about progress.

Over then next few weeks I had to put aside the Bowman ident and start with the creation of the corp new headquarters in Olympia and I had very little time to think about Drake. Once the swarm of streams about the corp reduced to the occasional tag I had time on my hands and I spent it wondering how my life would change. One thing that I had promised the clinic was that I would not interfere with the process in any way. I did have one visit to the clinic a week before Drake was to come out of the regen tank he occupied to take part in a VR stream with Drake.

The clear plex tank filled the lab room I was escorted to and I could see Drake in most of his full glory. He was tall well muscled and I started imagining running my hands through his chest hair. Then I noticed that he had several tattoos. I definitely approved and it was one of the ways we knew that the psych files were working. What I could not see was his face since it was cover by a VR helm and the breathing gear. He was also wearing tight black swimming trunks. I guess that it was best to wait and see.

Once in the VR realm that Drake lived in I could see his strong face and I had to admit that I was very distracted as we interacted. The main goal was to see some of the potential designs for my home in New Venice. The designs were very creative, organic in nature, even a little quirky, and would fit into the general plan of the city and looked like the house grew out of the islet I had bought. The one thing that I could not be sure of was his voice. I hoped that it would be as rich and deep as it was in the VR.

The next several weeks seem to drag for me as the day that I would meet Drake finally in person approached. I was relieved when Dr. Stein finally commed to say that drake was awake and seeking answers. I grabbed a bag that I had packed for this day and headed to the clinic on the next train.

Dr. Stein was waiting for me and escorted me into the medical section of the clinic where Drake was resting, if a little anxiously for someone to explain things to him. He was reclining in a bed still hooked you to various monitors to insure that everything was stabilizing. As I sat on the corner of his bed his eyes popped open and I could see all of his questions lying there. His voice was weak and hoarse, “Mr. Archer, you're the last person I thought that would show up to see me. Are you here to give some answers?”

I nodded and smiled warmly before joking, “Me Steven, You Drake. I told you that at our last meeting.” At least that got a laugh from him, a very good sign. I could see that all of his questions were about to erupt from him and I held up my hand to stop him. “First you are in a med clinic in New Venice. I'm sure that you figured most of that point.” he nodded slowly, now for the hard part. “your here because you and your friends were caught in a rock slide caused by an earthquake during your camping trip to the Whispering Cliffs. You were the only survivor, I'm afraid to say, and the clinic was not even sure that you would make it, you were that badly injured. You have been in a regen tank healing for the past three months.” I watch shock, horror, loss and sadness wash across his face as he took all of that in. Then I watched his eyes widen in panic as he realized the cost of his treatment, regen tech was still new to the colony and still very, very expensive.

I could hear the heart rate monitor chiming faster as he started to panic a little as I put my hand on his hairy chest and told him, “Relax, its covered.” I waited until started to breath more normally so that I could explain. “You told me that you were interested in my project and during you camping trip you would create some possible designs for me to look at when you got back. From that second I had you listed on the Corp's med plan.”

For a time he lay their in silence before asking “Why?” I could feel his eyes boring into me and was more than willing to wait for an answer.

“O.K. You want the full stream. That's fair. Get comfortable this is going to take some time. One of the major things that the Corp believes in is using local talent and you are very talented. You were recommended by your college based on you work which lead to our meeting in your loft. What I saw there showed that you were the person I wanted to design my home. The designs we were able to recover from your mangled tablet confirms that. Which reminds me.“ From the bag I brought I pulled a new tablet and placed it on his lap. “luckily the data core wasn't too badly corrupted and I think we recovered everything you had stored. If not let me know and I'll fix it.”

He seemed torn between my tale and the tablet on his lap so I decided to continue. “ As I told you, when you agreed to do some concept drawings of my home, I considered you on contract with the Corp and that meant you got full med coverage and an installment to your credit account. Since the accident, I have been in constant comm link with this clinic hoping that you would pull through and at the request of your college I have made sure that the contents of the loft has been securely stored. It will available to you once you have been discharged.”

At this point I decided to make my offer to him. “I have to admit to you that I feel more than a bit responsible for your accident and I have an offer for you. I would like you to live with me until you feel up to finding a place of yourself and if you want finish the design of my home.” I knew I could not force him into this decision but at least the offer was out in the open and I hoped that he would take it.

It was then that Dr. Stein appeared and told me that the visit was over. Before I left I had a few more things to give Drake. The college had given me his grad certification to deliver and I placed that on the tablet, then I gave him a emerald green Corp Flack jacket. As I left I handed him my comm stripe so that he could comm me at anytime if he had any other questions until his discharge. Just before I left Dr. Stein informed me that they would hold Drake a few more days just to make sure that everything was fine and that I should have bring a change of clothes for him. He then gave me a link containing his measurements.

I was just settling into my hotel suite with a glass of wine when my link rang and it was Drake. He was asking for a number of vids missing from his tablet and for a topographic plan of the island to help him with his sketches. Before he linked off he told me that he was giving my offer serious consideration. I had Alfred stream him the files with a personal note from me.

Two days latter Drake was released from the clinic and he had decided to live with me for the time being and I was glad to have him living with me. Once we got use to each other, he might decide to make it permanent. Not sure what clothing of his to bring I brought a flight suit that would fit him with boots to match. As I waited in the clinics waiting room I could hear Dr. Stein voice carry through the door stressing exercise.

Drake and Dr. Stein entered together ending their conversation at the same time. Drake had the flight suit partially unzipped exposing his upper chest giving a hint of what was hidden behind the cloth. It was hard to ignore the sexual overtones that he was projecting and I had to work hard to listen to what Dr. Stein was telling me. What I did remember was his parting remark about a three month followup scan to ensure that the healing was complete.

The hotel suite was certainly big enough for the two of us without causing either of us feeling cramped. I showed him the room large sunlight room that I set aside for him and told him to make himself comfortable as he could among all of the storage boxes from his loft. I also introduced him to Alfred. I am not sure how he felt interacting with the AI but I was sure that it would become second nature after a while. Or first dinner together was certainly unsettling since he had decided to unzip the flight suit down to his navel exposing more of his muscled chest causing me to be very distracted between mouthfuls of a chicken Caesar salad.

Over the next week Drake unpacked all of his stored gear and began to enjoy living with me. There were occasions where timing got the better of me. Once I ran into him rushing out of the bathroom with a towel loosely wrapped his waist saying he had a new idea for the house. Then he discovered that the hotel had an outdoor exercise area next to a coffee bar I used each morning to go thorough the text streams that had piled up over night. I was just glad that I had my tablet on my lap when he walked by in tight black jogging shorts and shirt. Each contour and curve of his body lovingly on display for all to see.

It soon became a morning ritual for us to walk together to the outdoor terrace; him for exercise and orange juice and me, coffee and an early chunk of the daily workload. During the short walk he soon began asking me design questions, colors that I liked, styles I might want, uses for some of the planned rooms even architects I liked. A few of the names he brought up I had to stream to understand his question. He was taking this very seriously indeed.

Five weeks later he suddenly announced one morning that he was done. Not his first draft of a plan mind you he said that the entire design was done and I could look at it over dinner that night and not before. I could tell from the smirk he gave me that there was no way I would be able to sneak an early look. I was surprised since it had been more that three months since I had hired another architect for the corp facilities and I had not even seen a concept image yet.

The office was a storm of problems that day. With people leaving suddenly, unexpected delays in the purchase of the facility lands and numerous comm failures from a patch glitch left me stressed and tired by the time I got home. I really needed some good news. Entering the suite I found myself in an area of calm solitude with subdued lighting, scented candles strewn around the rooms and a soft keyboard song adding to the environment. Drake was in the living room lighting the last of the candles when he saw me. His single glance told him everything that he needed to know about my day. Nodding he briskly told me, “ shower and change. I have wine chilling and dinner is already ordered.” it was then that I noticed that he was wearing tight gray leather jeans and matching leather vest over his bare chest.

The hot water of the shower helped to un-knot my shoulder muscles and in way help to wash the days chaos from me. It took me a while to find my black leather jeans and a shirt that I thought would match. Finally entering the living room Drake handed me a large glass of white wine and motioned me to have a seat on the sofa. After a sip of wine he asked me, “comfortable, relax?” I nodded to him and wondered what he had planned next. There were a number of things that instantly came to mind but I figured that they were not among them, at least not yet. I could feel his eyes on me when he asked “ready?” He paused dramaticly then with a smile he told Alfred to start the show.

The rooms lights dimmed even further and the music changed to Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries. On the coffee table in front of me an tri-vid of the planet started to form. Like a bird of prey we plunged from orbit to the area around New Venice, then closer till we were just above the island that was going to be my home. As the music closed in on it climax the island started to transform and a house took shape. It was blended into the natural rock of the island and it was hard to tell where the house ended after all of the trees that he had planned reach full size.

The image changed and so did the music, now I was inside the design seeing a large spacious living and dinning room with an outside terrace. Then I saw the kitchen, small but very well equipped. What followed was a wood paneled den/home office, a media room designed as a classical cinema. Then two rooms marked as spare or secondary bedrooms. Then a series of bathrooms of various size ending with a massive spa like en suite bath. The final room was called the 'Wright' room with numerous floor the ceiling windows accented with stained glass inserts patterned after Frank Loyd Wright's designs. I guess that the room was going to be my bedroom.
The vid showed an incredible amount of detail for each room and I started to wonder at the amount of time he spent working on this. As the file ended and the light returned to there previous levels he turned to me with a broad smile and asked, “What do you think?”

I took a sip of wine and sat there stunned by the scope of the design, its simple elligence and the shear beauty that he had wrought and tried to put into word what I felt about it and ended up with just “Wow.” Then the rational part of me kicked in and I had to know the answer and I knew who to ask for the truth. “Alfred just out of curiosity, how many hours did he put into this?”

At which point Alfred asked, “Total number of hours or the daily average?

Taking another sip, “The average will do.” I could see Drake sitting there nervously but he kept his silence not knowing where I was heading.

It took Alfred a second to scan the records before replying, “After the initial three day it took him to settle in, he averaged twelve to fourteen hours per day of design time. Thought he did ask me for help with the presentation. The final total of hours is available if you want it.” I was shocked, he had clocked more hours on this than I had on the entire operation and all I could do was shake my head in disbelief.

Drake had refilled his wine glass and set the bottle on the coffee table. Standing next to me he asked again, “So. What do you think?” What did I think? Well I decided to give him a very direct answer.

I stood, hugged him tightly before giving him a long passionate kiss on the lips. As I let him go I said, “ I love it and thank you for all of your hard work.” as I grabbed the wine bottle I could see that my hug and kiss certainly effected him by the sudden bulge in his crotch. After a sip of wine I had to ask, “ So, what's next, Will you need Alfred's help to find a place?” I really did not want him to go but I promised that he would have his freedom, if that was what he wanted. Normally my voice gave very little away about my feelings but I did this time.

With a smile he replied, “ I'm afraid, “he paused for some wine, “that you are stuck with me until this project is complete.” he then kissed me. Not as long or as passionately as mine but I was very happy that he decided to stay, even if it was only until the house was finished. We toasted to a successful build. Grabbing me by the hand he pulled me into the dinning room, “ Come on, dinners getting cold.”

Once the construction started, our morning routine change a little, with Drake spending a bit of time after his workout to deal with streams from the contractors and me still dealing with the growing number streams from the office. This was time that we spent together and I loved every minute even if nothing was ever said.

Thought he seemed satisfied with the reports he wanted to see the house for himself and wanted me to come with him. So we rented a speeder and went to the site for a hands on inspection. That showed us both that everything was going to plan and he was more than satisfied with the progress. Over dinner that night he made a suggestion that we both should get our flight licenses since it would be easier for us to get places off the transit net. So we did. I know that the examiner for our solo flight was a little distracted by Drake showing up for the test in his near skintight flight suit. but then again so was I.. after the test Drake added an addition to the house for a two speeder hanger and linking tunnel using a design style called 'Star Wars'.
We were closing on the mid point in the house construction when the next event brought Drake and I closer together. It was a Monday morning with all of its usual load of problem streams. In there midst was a text from the architect Corp dealing with the final designs for the research facility. The head of the design team had suddenly quit and already was on his way back to Earth. It was the first time Drake heard me swear with anger in my tone and decided to take a cautious approach. Before asking me anything he ordered more coffee for the both of us. Once the waiter left the table he looked at me, “Alright whats happened, your parents fire you or something?” he joked with a broad grin.

With that one line he stopped completely me in my track of thought and I had to laugh about it. What better person to discuss design issues with than Drake so we spent the rest of the day talking about the problem from sides including the idea of scrapping all the work that had been done and starting fresh with a new Corp. After dinner I had Alfred give him access to the plans as they stood and I when for a walk to think.

It was very late when I got home to find Drake still awake and reclining on the sofa intently viewing data on his tablet. When he saw me he asked Alfred to make coffee then said, I'll do it.” Do what? I was not sure what he was talking about so I waited for him to finish. “ I'll finish the project for you Steven, I really want to do this.”

I could tell that he was serious and my initial response was to say no but the more I thought about it the more that it made sense and in the end I agreed. I did however had one restriction,”I don't want you working yourself to death, eight hours a day max or I'll have Alfred lock you out of the system.” In the end he agreed and I had a chief designer.

His first day at the office was more of a tour and a series of meetings. I knew that the first meeting of the design team was going to be difficult for him as the new leader but for me to really know if he could handle it I quietly slipped in just before the meeting started and sat at the back of the room and watched. He was good at handling people and with the problems that he encountered. I really liked his policy of having an open door during work hours. At the end he thanked them for their hard work then added,” is there anything else you would like to add Mr. Archer?” as he pointed me out to the team.

Since I hadn't hired the team very few of them had ever meet me so my being there was a bit of a shock to them. I guess they thought I had bigger issues to deal with but my being there also signaled that I wanted this transition to be as smooth as possible. “Thank you Mr. Bowman all I would like to add is my thanks to your team for their hard work. And Mr. Bowman I would like to formally welcome you to Sky AB.”

'AB' not 'AG'. Drake looked at me rather amused but his team missed the slip since the Corp was called by a number of different names and it took me a few seconds to realize what I had said then I had to smile as well. Over dinner that night he remarked, “Sky AB. As in Archer-Bowman, should I consider that a proposal for a long term partnership?”

“Did you want it to be one?” I knew that I really wanted it to be true but the decision was his to make.
He flashed me one of his smiles before replying, “let me think about it.”

Drake's transition from Personal Architect to Corp Architect was a smooth one and the designs were completed with very little delay. He did surprise me once when he added a major addition to the plan by adding the Corp head office space to the facility and a larger transit station. What he did was use one of his college projects as a template for the addition and it worked beautifully. He figured that one larger building was cheaper that having two separated ones and Alfred agreed with him so the modified designs were shipped to the contractors for the construction to begin.

I could finally see things coming together and I felt that I could finally relax a little. With more time free Drake and I started to enjoy the what the city could offer. I also took up the hobby of 2D imaging in a way to give Drake time for himself. Spending time apart also allowed or relationship to mature and I felt that Drake might accept my proposal as my partner.

As the house neared completion I asked Drake if we could go to see it. He said no. He wanted me to see the house for the first time after all of the work was done and it had been fully decorated. I may not have like his answer but in the end I guessed that he was right.

It was a Friday morning that he commed me that the house was finally ready for a viewing and that he had made all of the arrangements he thought necessary for us to see my new home. He wanted me to finish up what I was doing and meet him at the speeder garage in twenty minutes. I rushed thought the last few streams then told Alfred to cancel everything until Monday unless it was a dire emergency then headed to change. I almost choose the flight suit but decided against it and went with my black leathers instead. I arrived in the speeder lot on time, if a little out of breath. To see Drake waiting for me.

Standing next to a two seat speeder. I saw that he was wearing his tight green flight suit and Corp jacket that I always a real turn on. I wondered if this was a sign that he would say yes. He motioned me to the passenger seat. Behind the seats was a large basket which I figured was lunch. Thought the flight to the island was a short one he took his time. Once there he circled the island slowly so I could see the house from every angle and I had to admit his planning was perfect.

He landed the speeder on a temp landing pad next to the patio silently. The basket we moved onto a large table on the patio before he lead me on a full tour of the exterior gardens. During the tour we had brushed hands together several times and it had felt very right. The garden tour took most of the morning so we decided to have lunch on the patio before we saw the interior.

We didn't rush lunch I think he was enjoying the day as much as I was. Before we entered, he took me by the hand then lead me into the house. On the first floor was the dinning room, kitchen and living/media room all done in rich wood tones with numerous windows showing off the gardens. The second floor had my home office and a couple of spare rooms for visitors. I had to laugh when I realized that there was very little difference between my home office and my Corp office. The only thing that separated them was the expansive view of the island and surrounding lake. At the landing leading to the master suite on the third floor he told me to wait while he grabbed a few things from the speeder. I certainly did not want to spoil this for him so I waited as he wanted.
He returned a couple of minutes latter with a large bottle of champagne and a pair of glasses. Taking me by the hand he lead me up stairs to the 'Wright' room.

The view was what hit me first, it was breath taking and the entire room had a feeling of calm. I fell in love with it instantly. He even decided to add a fireplace to the room to give the room a touch of romance and warmth. I stood in the center of the room looking at the subtle details he included and knew that even if he decided not to be my partner I would always have this to remember him by. He brought me back to the present by handing me a glass and poured me some champagne We toasted his incredible achievement and I wanted to kiss him in the worst way but I was still not sure.

He stood next to me as I looked out the window and said, “Steven.” in a soft voice. I turned to him and with a smile he added, “The answer is yes.”. I guess he thought that I did not understand because he added, “Sky AB, I hope your parents will think its OK.” He then slowly kissed me on the lips and I knew that everything was right with the world. We alternated kisses and sips of wine with increasing passion.

In front of the fireplace was a large sheepskin on which we knelt facing each other and we started to explore each other with out hands. I tenderly eased off his flack jacket letting it fall to the floor and began stroking his back. As he unbuttoned my shirt shirt and he caressed my chest muscles. I felt a spark of electricity every time he touched my nipples and I wanted to do the same for him. Pushing him back a little I used my teeth to pull the zip of the flight suit down his navel. I then helped him out of the upper part of the suit allowing a view of the hair on his muscled chest and torso. I wanted to examine each and every hair and I started to bath his chest with my tongue. I worked my way down to his navel when I saw that his cock was rock hard. It was straining against the suits fabric with its head just poking above the zip and it had started to ooze pre-cum. I gave the head a quick lick causing him to moan deeply.

I wanted this to last so I poured us more wine as he striped out of his boots and flight suit. He pulled me onto the sheepskin and started to remove my boots and leather jeans then started his own exploration with his tongue. when he finished I was as hard as he was and we let our cocks rub against each other briefly before he started to suck my hard shaft to its roots and I almost came at that instant. He wanted this to last as well so he relented a little so I could reposition myself and we began to suck each others hard members. I also gave his perfectly shaped balls the attention that they deserved and I received a moan of pleasure with each pass of my tongue. I also started to run my hands along the sweet contours of his ass. He seemed to jump a little whenever I ran my hand along his ass crack and by his hole.

I decided to see his reaction if I ran my tongue along his ass crack. He moaned louder with each flick of my tongue across his hole. I came up for some air and a bit more wine when he handed me a condom and some lube. He wanted to have me fuck him and I was more than happy to help him. He stood before the fireplace and spread his ass so that I could lube his ass with loving care. I took it easy and slowly so that we could both enjoy the experience. As the head of my cock entered him he gasped a little in pain but I waited for it to subside before I entered him further. By the time I was fully in he was squiring in pleasure and moaning loudly and I could feel the heat radiating from his body.

Animal passion took over at that point and I started to stroke the inside of his ass with my hard cock. At the end of each stroke I left the head of my cock inside him. Gripping the mantle he started to push back and started yelling that he wanted me to fuck him harder and faster. I soon reach the point where I could no longer hold it in and I started to fill his ass with a series of powerful blasts of my cum. I felt his ass tighten around my cock as he shot his own cum across the fireplace.

After that we relaxed and rested on the sheepskin and finished the wine. I could see the streaks of his cum on the glass of the fireplace and told him that I thought that the bedroom had gotten its proper christening causing him to laugh.

So as the twin suns started to set over the horizon we fell asleep in each others arms and I knew then that my Roman holiday was over but the best was yet to come.

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