Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some of my Favorite Things: Pre Internet

These are some of my favorite things ....

Being the Porn collector that I am, I thought that I should give you an idea of some of the images that gave me the inspiration to start writing. Since I started writing before the creation of the World Wide Web I used the only available source, magazines. All of the images below have been personally scanned in using my home system. I have done my best to create the highest quality images possible. The file name of each image contains the name of the model or photo shoot, the magazine and the when it was published. If any of this material is under copyright and you wish it to be removed let me know

One of my first  is Gunner - I loved his boots

Then there was Monty -  Save a horse and ride this cowboy

Of course we all like construction men - I wonder what there is doing after this erection?

   Then there are the men I lusted after

 Skying anyone?
Cyndi Lauper eat your heart out 
(...In a Blueboy magazine ...) Shebop 

Then there were all those hot men in leathers

And finally men in uniforms

And Since I am Canadian I decided that I should have some Canadian content of a sort

 The Royal Canadian Mounting Police

And Blade Thompson wearing a Canadian Armed Forces Flight-suit

 I hope you enjoyed this walk through Memory Lane. Till next time 
Sgt Archer


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