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Note from your editor:
As noted with the first part of this tale, this is based on the work of S.M. Stirling. With that said I hope you enjoy this installment.


As the master rode off with his play sack to oversee the vineyards I allowed myself a brief moment to check my list of chores left for the day. With a sigh I head back up to the master’s chambers to see if those lazy bucks who's job is the cleaning of the manor have done things right. The master, he O.K. for a non born citizen, he a thinker, a planner and very inwardly closed. Once he gets to know you, you do get some respect from him but you have to work for it constantly.

As his serf, he owns me completely to do with as it pleases him, but he does not control how I think and he knows it. The citizens have been raised, educated and trained to control those around them for centuries. With the war for the earth is over and they were the victors all of humanity left on earth are now their serfs and that is how it will probably be at the end of time. On the whole, Master Steven is good to us, he makes sure that were are happy and doing something useful for the state, the estate and for ourselves. I for one am glad that he bought me, I can be who I really am by serving the master and by helping him run the estate. This did not happen overnight; I’ve been his serf for ten years being bought directly from the crèche in Alexandria and seen much of the Earth, and the moon during his different postings. He now trusts me, as much a citizen can trust a serf and that is enough for me. And he does take pleasure from me and that also suits me. The master must’ve known that when he bought me, as I’ve said he a planner.

The master’s suite was at the top of the manor’s only tower and was designed to be as open and airy as could be in spite of the shape of the tower. Expect for all of the masters play equipment taking up one corner of the open concept space, it was. Windows enclosed the master’s bedroom so that you could see the entire island from the center of the room. The room was reached by a spiral staircase in the exact center of the tower and ran the height of the tower. The play area of the room took up more than a third of the floor space and was filled with sling and restraints over a large wrestling mat where the master would watch us compete for favors or pleasures. The looser of the matches would usually have to service the whims of the victor or the pleasures of the master or on rare occasions both.

The current looser was still chained to a post in the play area after loosing the wrestling matches continuously for two weeks. For the master, this showed that this serf still was not taking his duties seriously and had been lax about his exercising. I was to release him today to see if he would work hard to regain his status in our tight nit community, if not he was destined to spend the next year on the fishing boats and have to really work for his supper.

But before I decided to release him I wanted to have him pleasure me to show me that he was serious about what the master had told him last night as he was fucked by the current wrestling winner and orally servicing the Master.

The buck was still asleep in a tight ball around his restraints on the wresting mat. I gave his bear ass a hard slap to get his attention. With a jerk, he woke and stared at me from his twisted position. "Well buck are you ready to earn your supper?" He looked at me and nodded silently before casting his eyes to the floor. "You are going to prove it to me, I want you to give me the same attention that you gave the Master last night or by the gods I will see you on the fishing boats for the rest of your miserable life." I grabbed his leather collar and raised his eyes to mine. I saw fear, submission and acceptance.

I stood before him and waited as he adjusted his position until he was kneeling in front of me with his hands covering his crotch. I had to smile; this buck had truly learned his lesson of the previous night. I could almost feel his breath on my crotch as he waited for the signal for his task to start. I took pity and told him to begin his servicing.

With great care he used his tongue to begin to explore the crotch of my shorts. As he continued I grew hard and he took this as a sign to begin the next stage of my servicing. Using his teeth he open my shorts to expose the hardening tool buried under the leather and started to lick the length of my dick with slow sensual passes. I began to ooze pre-cum and he lapped that up like it was honey. I was getting close and wanted this to last a little longer, I yanked my shorts down to my knees and gave him access to my sweaty balls.

He started to lick then suck my swollen balls into his hot mouth. Waves of pleasure washed over me when he took my hard dick into his mouth and buried his face in the dark thatch of hair at its base. I grabbed the back of his head with my right hand and began to fuck his hot mouth and throat with my tool. With my left hand I began to play with his nipples. He was now fully hard and I could see that he wanted to play with himself in the worst way. I was getting real close and with a final lunge buried my cock down his throat to send blast after blast of cum into him. With this he started to pump his own tool with all of his might. With me still impaled in his throat, he groaned heavily and let fly a large load of pearly cum onto the wresting mat before him. I pulled out and nodded with satisfaction that this buck would now start to pull his weight on the island.

As I readjusted my cock back into my tight leather shorts, the buck cleaned up his own mess on the mat with a nearby towel then waited to be released. I unchained him and escorted him out of the Master's room and to the exercise yard next to the house.

The yard had every piece of exercise equipment ever invented and was supervised by a retired Janissary officer. I gave him the Masters orders for the buck and left to complete my rounds of the house. By the time I finished my tour of the estate house I saw the Master leading one of the new bucks down the hill to the village he had created for the house staff. The buck was naked and his hands had been tied behind his back with his white shorts. The buck was not bad looking, good chest and a nice ass, and I felt something for him.

The village consisted of a dozen small barracks buildings, a refractory building containing the showers and cooking facilities and a small shrine or chapel for those religious bucks. In the center of the village was a grassy common used for sports, the weekly meeting, the harvest festivals or for handing out punishment. He took the buck to the whipping post near the end of the common and chained him I met him at the post, bowing deeply and took from him his saddlebags. I heard the master telling the headman to call a meeting of all of the buck to witness the new ones punishment.

Dinner passed quietly and quickly and soon I was kneeling on a cushion next to the master's chair on the platform next to the whipping post awaiting him to come from the manor house. In the gathering darkness I saw him approach the platform in full black leathers. This was not a good sign for the new one and I knew that I would have to do something to lessen the punishment. As the master prepared to sit all of those gathered bowed to him in a single wave.

Before things got started, I motioned to the master that I wished to speak with him. He looked at me sternly but spoke softly. "Yes Francis what is it?"

I willed up my courage and spoke "Master, I wish this one to be mine." He was silent for a moment with a look of mild surprise mixed with amusement.

After a moment he spoke, "you know what you are asking I see and accept the consequences of this request. Very well after his punishment he will be yours but see to it that he learns and learns good or your ass will be next after his in his next punishment."

I bowed to him and knew that he was being fair to me and to this new buck. Before I could think any more on this the headman rang the village bell and we all settled down to hear the masters pronouncement on this bucks fate.

In the silence that followed we all heard the master announce the bucks fate. We all knew that the master had caught him breaking one of the rules that made life here. We were to all draw lots to assist in his punishment. He was to made a whore for the villager's use this night and depending on the master's mind he would be used by one or by the entire village. In the end there were to be six of us to use him this night. We all lined up; those that drew a white stone from the pot were to be the one's who would take pleasure from this buck.

The six winners lined up next to the buck as he was lead to the center of the green and chained to a stake in the ground. They could use him singly or as a group depending on their minds. The one thing that the buck could not do is make himself come. If one of them pleasured him then that was allowed

The first one wanted a slow prolonged suck with the buck on his knees as he spit on him then covered his face with his thick creamy load that shined in torchlight. I saw that the buck was now crying and wishing for this to end but this was just starting.

The next two decided to team up on the buck. One of them rolled the buck onto his back and fuck his now raw ass in long rough lunges. The other one squirmed into a position on the buck's stomach and began to suck the buck's now hard pole while forcing his own pole down the bucks throat. I watched the crowd watching all of this and could see that many more were getting hotter and very horny but they knew that as long as the Master was in attendance they could do nothing about it. This pair finished this act of the punishment with loud grunts and yells as they pulled out of the buck just before they came covering the prone buck with more cum.

The next buck used as boot toe to roll the scared buck back onto his stomach and began to spank the buck's slick ass until it was red and stinging while yelling obscenities at the kid. He then pulled out his hard cock and jacked a large load onto the beaten ass and back

The final two where a pair of bucks that spent most of their time on the fishing boats that the Master owned and I feared the worst for the buck. The smaller of the two grabbed the buck's hair and jerked him to his knees as the other forced the buck mouth open and began to piss into the buck's mouth. I could see that the buck was trying not to swallow but he was having his throat massaged by the other buck. When that buck had finished with his secession on water sports he feed his hard cock down the buck's throat. The smaller buck was watching this action and pulled his dick out of his coveralls and began to piss on the poor buck's back.

I looked up at the master and saw rage mixed with lust. The master wanted the bucks to have fun but he drew a strong line on forms of humiliation like water sports and having to eat someone's shit. I knew that these two buck were going to get some lessons on limits and what was and was not acceptable for forms of public punishment. I missed the end of this scene as I watched the master control his anger. With a shock I saw him nod at me and smile. I knew exactly what I was to do and bowed to him then walked over to the now fully punished buck. I gathered him in my arms and slowly walked over to the communal showers to wash all of this away.

I could hear the master tell them again the rules and then start on a lecture of what he did not considered proper acts to perform as punishment. I had to smile because I knew that the last two bucks were going to face their own punishments at the hands of the headman, he put up with no lying and knew that we would never see another scene like that, at least publicly. I wished them luck and knew that they may be able to walk back to the ships after the headman was finished with them. I now had my own problems.

The poor buck started to come back to life as he clutched my shoulder and began to cry in long wails. By the time we were in the showers the crying had stopped but the buck would not let go. I talked to him in a soothing tone, telling him that I was to get him cleaned up and into new clothes.

I slipped out of my shorts and walked him into the showers. The water was warm against my skin. I slowly caressed the buck washing the grime and piss that was glued on him. I loved this buck's muscled chest and back and was more than happy that the master had allowed me to teach this one. With the buck now clean I slowly kissed him and saw that the buck needed love and tender care to make him a valuable member of the household. With him clean I could read his ID his name was Michael.

I lowered Michael to the floor of the shower letting the water to continue to run. I saw fear in his eyes as he realized what could happen to him. I smiled at him softly then slowly swallowed his long hard cock. He flexed his back trying to force his cock further into my throat. It did not last long, he needed release so badly that I barely got started when he groaned loudly and filled my mouth with a load of sweet tasting cum. I watched Michael relax and fall into a light sleep that was when I heard someone behind me.

The master was standing behind me. His cock was straining against the leather of his pants as he looked down at the two of us. Smiling he told me that he had enjoyed the show and knew that the new buck was in the right hands. I bowed to him as he left the shower room to educate the two who had crossed his line this night with the assistance of the headman. I just hoped that they would not need any medical help in the morning.

I quickly woke Michael, dressed him, then lead him to the manor house and into my room. As we walked I told him that the master had gone easy on him and had given him to me to train to assist me. Then I told him that if he broke any of the masters rules during his training that he would be punished and then I would follow him to the whipping post for the same punishment. He looked shocked but nodded to me. I was given the next two days to get the buck back onto his feet and begin his training as my assistant. That night, Michael quietly slept in my arms as I worked out a plan to train him and keep him from harm

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