Tuesday, May 24, 2011

There is a reson why Church and State are seperate

I recently ran across the following article:

In Canada there is a definite division between the Church (Christianity) and the State and it has been there since before founding of our country. In fact the only real Theocracy on the planet is Vatican City and frankly it should stay that way. Religion and politics do not mix and both should be distinct and separate for a great many reasons. Using any belief system and this planet has many is not the best way to rule a civil society.

Calling for someones death based on a narrow view of the world is just morally wrong. This stance has nothing to do with the religion I follow, for those who are dying to know is non-Christian, but on the fact that I believe that humanity is better than this and the Eye for an eyes approach is showing me that this member of the human species has at lease one foot still in the cave.
It turns out that being moral goes a lot deeper than the human construct caller religion and may in fact be part of the brain that separates humans from other species. We are moral because we are wired that way and all this about various religious moral systems just screw things up

So Rapture did not happen. Big deal. Let it go, move forward and work on making yourself a better human than wasting your time calling for support on a really stupid action because the completing the action is not going to make the planet a better place.

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