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Military Men 4: Unusual Interigation

As you requested earlier sir, here is a full and honest account of the incident on the third night of our mission at the job fair. I have also talked with Corporal William's about this night and have included his insights into this report as well. First I should start with the note that was left for us at the hotel front desk.

“Observed military maneuvers in abandoned building at 2330 hours, would like to join your next operation deployment. Off duty tomorrow night at 2200 hours, your room or in the park”

PC Gibson

William’s and I discussed the possibilities about the note during our lunch break on the third day and decided to follow up on the Constable’s offer. I therefore phoned him during a smoke break later and got his personal voice mail. I left a message stating that we would expect him in our room at 2230 hours that night and return to the convention floor for the rest of that afternoon not thinking any more about the note or our invitation.

During a private dinner in our room we discussed the necessary protocol of the impending visit and decided to give the Constable a good show before the good times to follow. One thing that we did decide was not to have our showers together, thereby insuring that our sexual juices were at their peak. There is nothing like having a hot shower with a hot to trot corporal

We then dressed in part of our dress uniforms. I do know that William’s and I looked set for action wearing his dress leather pants, freshly polished garrison boots and the dress jacket and hat. What I think really set it all off was the fact that we were sitting in matching chairs drinking beers with our flies full open and our semi-hard cocks on full display.

At 2145 we noticed that the city was being engulfed by a large thunderstorm and wondered if the Constable would be able to make the appointment. We figured that if he did not that we could always give each other a full military inspection without him. I do know that William’s was getting nervous about this and really wanted for the constable not to show. At the time I was not feeling any apprehension and really wanted to see what type of small arms the constable had in those tight riding pants of his and whether his ass would be suitable for an amphibious assault by army personnel.

By 2225 the storm had dissipated enough that the rain was much less intense and we were now on our third beers. Corporal Williams was in the john when there was a knock at the room door. I bellowed from my chair that the door was open and return to my beer. As the door closed quietly, I looked up to see PC Gibson standing near the entrance of the suite’s main room with a black rain slicker over his uniform. With his motorcycle helmet in his right hand he scanned the room seeing if I was the only occupant. He seemed to be thinking about something to say when William’s left the john behind him. Shifting slightly the Constable looked behind him to see William’s sauntering back into the main room with his fly fully open showing that his cock was fully erect. He waited at the entrance of the room until William’s had taken his seat before he said anything. That was then when I sensed the first feeling that something was wrong but I did not know how wrong.

I could not shake the feeling, I was not sure if it was just that he was wearing the rain slicker of his general body language but he seemed tense, almost angry for some reason. I know that Williams picking up feeling the same thing that I was. By this point we both knew that it was too late to back out of the whole thing and had to go through what was to come.

“Ah Corporal Williams its nice to see that you could make it; and Sergeant Archer I see that you arranged things as I figured you would. “Gibson said to us quietly. He had a bit of an evil grin on his face as he looked at the two of us. What the Hell was this cop up to? “Now, I have arranged it so that we will not be disturbed during our meeting. I think that it will be much more fun that way. I could feel William’s eyes on me at that point but I decided that I would keep this weird Constable right in my sights.

As Constable Gibson laid his helmet on an end table and removed the rain slicker he said, “ Before we get to the main event I do have to ask you a few official questions. Since just before you entered the park there had been a break and enter near the park, I need to know if you saw anything unusual on your walk to the park?” I looked at the Constable and noticed a number of things; firstly he seemed to have changed his regular uniform slightly, no tie and a black short sleeved leather shirt; then I saw that his boots were also not regulation, they looked taller.

I looked at William’s and saw that he was shaking he head. As senior member of this mission I also had the responsibility as spokesman. “No Constable we did not see anyone during our walk from the hotel. Now that you are off duty can I offer you a beer?” At this point the constable pulled out of a back pocket a notebook and wrote down our joint answer and ignored my polite question. For the next twenty minutes he questioned us about our whereabouts for the entire evening from the time that the carrier fair closed until he saw us in the park. We answered each question honestly since we did not have anything to hide about that part of the night. As we our recounting of dinner with the lieutenant and I saw that the Constable had two pairs of handcuffs hanging from his belt and though that it more than a little strange. As we finished our story I noticed that the cop had not even bothered to write any of this down.

At this point I asked him pointedly getting a little angry, “So why the third degree, you seem to know all of this already don’t you?” He looked up from his notebook and stared at me.

“Yes I do.” He told me darkly. ”Your commanding officer seemed a little shocked when I told him about two of his soldiers being caught in a park breaking the state’s Sodomy law. Now you have two choices either I can charge you for that act in public which would mean expulsion from the military or, “ he paused looking at me with that evil grin of his, “we can handle this quietly and with no state charges. As to what your commander is going to do to you is his business and non of my concern.” I could also see the thought “perverts” flash through his mind at this instant.

I know Williams read it too since he surged out of his chair and lunged at the cop. It seemed that PC Gibson had anticipated this and in a fluid motion he snapped a pair of his handcuffs off his belt and onto William’s right wrist. Then twisting the right arm with enough force to cause William’s to pivot, he was able to grab the left and secure both of William’s arms behind his back. He then pushed William’s onto the bed and looked at me “Now would you like your turn at try that?

I looked at the cop then at William’s as he tried to regain his feet and shock my head. “Wise move faggot cause I could cuff you both, do what ever I want then leave here without giving you the key and the housekeeping staff will find you in the morning battered and bruised, still in handcuffs and covered in cop cum.” He paused so that I could see that he meant business and for the next while we were his to control utterly. I didn’t say anything just nodded my acceptance. He grinned at that and started to remove his gun belt placing it on the bed next to William’s now still form. What I could not understand was if this cop was such a homophobe then why the boots and leather shirt, it just did not make sense; or was he just power hungry top?

He slowly opened his shirt to show the wide expanse of his muscled chest before pulling it free of his riding pants. I saw above his left nipple a small blue tattoo. It looked like a regiment insignia of some kind but nothing that I recognize. “Now Sergeant your first assignment is to stand next to your corporal and lick my chest clean of all of the sweat that I have built up today and you better be through or you know the consequences.”

Silently I walked over to where William’s lay on the bed and took up a position of parade rest with my hand behind my back. The cop approached and slowly removed his shirt and pressed his chest into my face. I started slowly to clean the upper portions of his chest to his occasional moans of pleasure interspersed with soft laughter. As I worked my way down his stomach I had to flex at the waist and the bastard had been waiting for that too. With both of my hands behind my back he snapped the second pair of handcuffs in place. As the steel of the handcuffs bit into my wrists I flinched upward and saw him start to laugh at us.

“Well Sergeant, what you going to do now. Call those a little bit of insurance to make sure that you will do exactly as you are told. Since I know that you like sucking cock, why don’t we warm you up by having you suck on my tits before I shove my cock down your faggy throat.” With that he grabbed my head savagely and aimed it for his left nipple. It was then that I got a really good look at his tattoo. Well I thought this confused boy is a reservist and with the unit that might have to report to our base in case that they were ever called up. That started to give me several nasty ideas for future retribution if the chance ever became possible. I figured that if there might be a big payback in the future, I might as well as enjoy this and look forward to the next time that we meet.

I guess that I lingered a little too long on his left nipple for his liking because he yanked me over to his right tit with a curse about my mother. Deciding that I needed to be shown who was the man around here he then had me eat out each of his sweaty armpits. I had to admit that he tasted good even if the man was a real useless asshole. With both of his pits sopping with my spit he forced me to my knees for what he considered part of the main event.

I could see that his cock was already rock hard and a stain of pre-cum had appeared in the fabric of his pants. He had stuffed his cock down one of the pant legs and was now straining to be released in the worst ways. I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine by starting to lap on the fabric where the head of his cock was. I think that I caught him unawares by this approach but he soon got what he wanted. The harder I sucked on the fabric of his crotch the harder he got until I caused him to cum within his pants. I watch with a slight smile as his load of cum spread down the pant leg making a very large stain that I knew would be a bitch to get out properly.

When he realized what I had caused to happen he pushed me away from him roughly until I lost my balance and landed on the carpet on my back and started to curse me out violently. By the time he had regained some of his temper I had regained my balance still kneeling in front of him and waited to the next round. As it turned out it was William’s turn for some torment.

Through out the time that I bathed and licked the cops chest and crotch Paul had remained motionless hoping that I was the only target for his rages. I had to watch helplessly as Gibson slowly peeled the leather pants away from Paul’s tight ass. I watched as he reached for his gun belt and expected to have to watch as Paul was given a score of lashes with the belt. But I did not expect to have to watch as the cop slowly forced his large nightstick into Paul’s butt. When he had shoved about half of the nightstick up Paul’s hole he started to slap the handle in random directions and intensities. I could see that Paul did not enjoy being ridden in this manner from the pained expression on his face. This continued for some time before Gibson got bored and thought of another idea that was more to his liking.

He turned to me and I knew that it was my turn for my ass to be abused and to do as violently as possible. From a pocket in his discarded shirt he pulled out a condom before slowly opening his fly and had me suck his cock until it was completely hard again. Its entire length was shiny from his first load of cum and partially erect when he hauled it out into the air. I looked at it expertly and soon saw that Ash had a bigger caliber weapon than our power hungry cop and I almost laughed out load. I watched as he inexpertly took a couple of jerking strokes on it before he forced feed me his sticky tool. In one slow suck I had the entire length in my mouth and down my throat before he knew it. As he tried to force it further down my throat I started to tongue the lower half of his cock in my mouth.

I started to enjoy toying with this cop with my cock sucking techniques. I had him close to climax several times and I could have had him shoot his load in my mouth but I knew where he wanted to bury his cock for the pay shoot. I could see that he figured that only by having him pull his straining tool from my mouth was the only way that he could accomplish what he considered to be a dirty deed.

I relented and let him draw his tool from my mouth before he roughly pulled me to my feet so that he could position me for his entry. I landed next to Paul so hard that it almost knocked the air out of my lungs. I had a chance of looking in his direction to see that he was all right before I had to return my attention back to Gibson’s entry of my ass.

I heard him add his spit to mine on his dick before he started to force his cock into my ass. I had to admit that after having Ash explore my ass with his large weapon I almost did not feel the cops cock invade my ass. With a few ragged pushes he was fully embedded in my ass. That was when I started to flex my ass and leg muscles and made sure that this homophobic cop knew what he was in for.

His fuck was over almost before it began. By using my ass, I milked his load out of him. I guess that he came since he started to yell the name of the Virgin Mary and several saints. I barley felt anything. Boy this cop really needed some training in man sex and I just hoped that I was the one who might give it to him. I heard the slick snap of a condom being pulled off before he said anything. I heard him behind me saying “Well boys I think you have learned your lesion for now, but if I ever catch you doing it in the parks again I will run you in so fast that you will not know what hit you. “

I rolled over in time to watch him pull his nightstick out Paul’s ass and wipe in on the tail of Paul’s dress jacket before re-holstering it on his gun belt. Silently he finished dressing and almost as an after thought he threw the handcuff key onto the floor near my feet. Before he left he headed to our bar fridge and grabbed one of the cold beer six packs and remarked as he left “thanks for the beer”.

It took me fifteen minutes to find the handcuff keys that had fallen under one edge of the bed and another ten to get Paul unlocked since I had to use my teeth to turn the key once I got it into the lock. When we were both free we hugged each other tenderly. As we relaxed with another beer we both wondered if we would ever run into that wacko bastard again and what type of military training that we would give him in retribution for his treatment.

On a personal note I would like to thank you sir for the additional days of leave you gave us after the mission debriefing. I look forward to the celebration of all of our promotions and to hear what you find in PC Gibson reserve file.

Sergeant Archer

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